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EXO is very well know K-POP STAR!! MEMBERS ARE 12.




(Preview of EXO on Show Champion, 2013. Pic rights: MBC Network)

Since they returned to the music scene with “Wolf” and the new albums “XOXO [Kiss and Hug],” the guys of EXO have been all over the place: constant fan-sign events, Sukira Kiss the Radio and Simsimtapa spots, the Tencent Interview in China, and many other events. They’ve also been interacting and snapping photos with fellow musicians such as 2PM, SNSD, Henry Lau, Taemin and Minho of Shinee, and VIXX, to name a few.



(Suho reading his heart-felt letter to EXO. Pic rights: Sukira Kiss the Radio, 2013)

In addition to that, they have to either love or cope with some of the stage outfits their stylists are choosing. We loved the all-white outfits, we loved the all-black outfits, we can even learn to love the reddish orange — but we’re still dealing with the coordi-noonas’ vision of “EXO as World Wrestling Champions” theme that we witnessed for the SBS Inkigayo performance. Apparently, Kai is the Intercontinental Champion — we definitely saw a big, golden belt around his waist.

Let’s. Not. Even. Talk. About. That. Though.

This Week is Guaranteed to be Another Big One for EXO.





(Chanyeol of EXO calls a fan. Pic rights: Youngstreet Radio, 2013)

They are currently filming their first appearance on Weekly Idol. The fact that all twelve members of EXO would appear was announced on Weekly Idol’s Official Twitter page on June 4th (cr. @bestidolone).

Can we just talk about this for a second? We hope you’ve seen Weekly Idol because it’s not like any other interview/guest show.

This is the show where Dongwoo of Infinite was asked to touch and judge the butts of his fellow band mates (which he did, and it was hilarious). This is also the show where Illhoon of BTOB made Gwiyomi Player popular (in fact, Illhoon created Gwiyomi Player on the show MTV Diary and he perfected it on Weekly Idol). This is the show where Jonghyun of Shinee was asked by a fan if he’d ever gotten plastic surgery. This is the show where shy Bang Yong Guk of B.A.P showed his abs.





(First photo: D.O. of EXO dancing to Psy’s “Gentleman.” Second photo: Kris and Lay performing “Call You Mine.” Pic rights: Simsimtapa, 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbUDzQVMErQ for official video of “Call You Mine”)

The hosts of Weekly Idol, Hyung Don and Defcon, love to tease their guests (it’s all in fun, though). Almost nothing is off-limits for discussion. Don and Con always focus on making the show interesting and memorable. They also love to mess with the shy members, and they love verbal-jostling with the chatty ones.

The games, though — how will EXO fare with the games? Guests on Weekly Idol usually participate in silly games where they compete against the hosts. Let’s also not forget that the show just started a new segment called “Idol Call Center.” This is where fans can call Weekly Idol’s phone and leave voice mail messages for their favorite singers. They can say anything they want to the bands — anything from just declaring love to even asking personal questions that the singers have to answer.




(EXO’s Kris and Chanyeol during Tencent Interview. Pic rights: Tencent)

Now, as well as filming a spot on Arirang T.V., EXO will also be one of the bands on Show Champion, which is set to air on June 12th. Show Champion is basically a music ranking show like Music Core or MCountdown: the best of the best are chosen and rewarded based on fan votes, album sales, and the opinion of judges.


More about EXO : please visit the link blog.





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서울에어쇼 2011에 처음으로 다녀왔어요.
2년마다 열리는 에어쇼인데, 늘 뉴스에서만 봐오다가 울 아들 비행기 너무 좋아해서 함께 다녀왔습니다.
저희는 ADEX 2011(서울국제항공 및 방위산업 전시회) 하루 전날 파워블로거 자격으로 입장해서 리허설을 관람했답니다. ^^

다음날 열릴 에어쇼와 같은 내용이지만, 붐비는 사람이 없다는게 좋았어요.
이번 서울에어쇼에어쇼 뿐만 아니라 다양한 공군 첨단장비, 육군, 해군, 공군의 무기들과 방위산업들도 함께 볼수 있었구요.

특히 손으로 만저보고 사용해보고,, 탑승해 볼수 있는 다양한 체험도 많아서 좋았답니다.

 서울에어쇼는 국제 에어쇼라서인지 만국기가 푸른 가을하늘에 운치있게 펄럭이고 있더군요.

   에어쇼가 열리는 성남은 벌판이라선지 바람이 ~~~ 울아들 주체 못하는 바람에 모자를 씁니다.

      쑥스럽지만 입구에서도 인증샷 한컷~ 바람이 심상치 않아서 아이에게 담요를 덥어줬어요.

친절한 공군 대위님... 우리 아들과 함께 사진을 찍어 주었답니다.
여성 군인이셨는데 미소가 아름다우시더군요. 아이를 비행기 안에 데려가 구경까지...

덕분에 울 아들에겐 좋은 추억 만들어줬습니다. 에어서 다녀와서 몇일간 그이야기를 했습니다.
(이글 보실까요?? 보신다면 꼭~~ 감사드리고 싶구요. 공군 관계자 분들..

공군의 이미지를 아름답게 새겨준 친절맨(?)에게 자그마한 포상이라도...

다른 수송기지만 .. 비행기 조정석의 내부 모습.. 과연 저 똑딱이 기능들을 다 알고 사용할까??

참관객이 들어가서 앚아볼 수 있습니다.
휘발유?? 같은 냄새가 나서,,와 이거 쓰는 비행긴가 보네?? 했더니 조종사분께서 엊그제 전시회 때문에 직접 몰고온 비행기라고 하더군요 ㅋㅋ (전시용이 아니라는 말씀~~)

금방이라도 불이 나올 것 같은 제트기 후미모습. 바베큐 구워먹고 싶네요 ㅋㅋ

이곳 저곳 전시된 비행기와 헬기,,탱크, 장갑차 등을 마음껏 가까이서 구경했습니다.

탱크 잡는다는 아파치 헬기..
울아들 표정이 저런건 너무 눈이 부셔서에욧. 이글 보고 에어쇼 가시는 분 선그라스 꼭 챙기세요~

바람이 많이 불고 추워져서 저렇게 슈퍼맨처럼 다녔답니다.

사내아이라 이런 장비에 관심이 많더군요.
넓은 곳에서 이곳 저곳 천천히 둘러보고. 넓은 비행장을 맘껏 달리고 !!

드디어 에어쇼 리허설 시작. 
서울에어쇼(ADEX)의 자랑은 뭐니뭐니해도 에어쇼이겠지요? 

양적이나 질적인 요소 모두 최고라고 할 수 있을 정도로 다양한 종류의 기체들이 서울 공항의 푸르른 창공을 수놓았습니다. 처음으로 봤는데 정말 멋지더군요.

흔한 사진일 수 있어 올리지 않을까 하다가... 직접 찍은 사진이라 한번 올립니다.
에어쇼가 어떤건지도 볼수 있으니까요~

다른 찬란한 기종들이 있지만,
우리나라의 고등 전투훈련기 T-50, 설명을 들으니 마하 1.8 정도의 속도를 낸다고 하더군요.

본 기종은 경쟁력이 높아 해외에 수출 수주를 위해 노력한다고 하니,
참 자랑스럽기도 하고, 분단국가의 아픔이 있지만, 이를 잘 이용해 방위산업을 육성하면 나름 경쟁력이 있을 것 같다는 생각을 잠시했습니다.

동북아 최강의 전투기 F-15K

서울 에어쇼는 벌판에서의 쇼가 다가 아닙니다.
이제 ADEX(서울국제항공 및 방위산업 전시회)가 남아있습니다.

우리 방위산업의 현재와 미래를 볼수 있는 흥미로운 전시회였습니다.

비행기 조정할때 어지러움 체험? 일반인은 오른쪽? 왼쪽? 어디로 도는지 도통 모른다고 하더군요.

비행기 처럼 보이지만 실측해서 만든 정교한 모형입니다.

울아들이 집에 가져가고 싶어했던 장갑차..

자랑스런 대한민국의 공군.

위풍당당한 블랙 이글스의 제복 ^^

꽤 멋있어 보이는 헬멧과 선그라스..

공군의 역할, 경쟁력, 역사 등 다양한 컨텐츠가 있었습니다.

공군 관계자 분들이 부스마다 배치되어 전문적인 내용을 알기쉽게 잘 설명해 줘서 흥미로왔습니다.

로케트 캐릭터 인형과 사진 한컷~

설명이 길어지자 좀 지루해 보이는 울아들..
그래서 아래와 같이 미리 준비해온 조그만한 전투기 장난감을 손에 쥐어졌답니다.

금새 표정이 달라진 식이...
참. 관계자분 혹시 이글 보시나요?

에어쇼 방문하는 일반인은 주로 아이들 구경시켜주러 옵니다.
다큰 어른이 아무리 멋있다고 비행기 구경다니진 않찮아요 ㅠ..

그러니 담엔 작은 금액이 들더라도 기념품으로 비행기 장난감 같은거 어떠세요??

설명도 잘 듣고, 잼있는 구경도 하고, 기념품도 주셔서 즐거운 발걸음으로 돌아오는길에 찰칵~~

이번 방문은 공군블로그 "공감"의 운영을 담당하는 공근 홍보담당 부서에서 초청해 주셔서 좋은 추억을 만들게 되었습니다.

꼼꼼하게 동선까지 생각하며 준비해주신 담당자 분들께 감사드립니다.

그리고,, 공감 블로그 담당자님. "공감 블로그" 활성화를 위한 아이디어 제안을 얻고 싶다고 몇가지 TOPIC을 던지셨는데.. 전 그자리에서 알았습니다. 토픽 선정 자체를 보니, 이미 제대로 알고 계시고 고민을 해보신 분이라는 것을...

테크니컬 한 부분이 있긴 하지만, 방향을 잘 잡으시는 것 같아서 아마 공군 블로그 '공감'은 소통과 참여의 공간으로 크게 발전하리라 믿습니다.

우리공군 화이팅! 공감 블로그 화이팅!!

저작자 표시 비영리 변경 금지
크리에이티브 커먼즈 라이선스
Creative Commons License
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    The Chicago Bears knew the score well before they took the field Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.

    If they lost at University of Phoenix Stadium, they'd get knocked out of the playoff race. If they won, they'd still be alive with a chance to snag an NFC wild-card berth.

    The Bears, who lost five of their previous six games, breathed a sigh of relief and kept their postseason hopes in sight with a 28-13 victory.

    Chicago (9-6) concludes the regular season next week with a game at Detroit. The Minnesota Vikings (9-6) finish with a home game against the NFC North champion Green Bay Packers. Should Chicago win and Minnesota lose, the Bears would clinch a postseason berth.

    The Bears got two touchdowns from their defense Sunday, including a 10-yard interception return from cornerback Charles Tillman.

    The Cardinals (5-10) made another quarterback change en route to their 10th defeat in the past 11 games.

    Rookie Ryan Lindley was benched following the pick-six and replaced by Brian Hoyer, who was claimed off waivers from the Pittsburgh Steelers on Dec. 11. Neither wound up with a passer rating above 55.

    The Cardinals haven't passed for a touchdown since the second quarter of their Week 9 loss at Green Bay, a span of 26 consecutive quarters.

    With Minnesota's 23-6 upset win over the Houston Texans earlier in the day, the Bears knew coming in that a loss to the Cardinals would eliminate them from the wild-card race. They needed a win and they got it, although they lost running back Matt Forte to an ankle injury midway through the game.

    His status wasn't immediately known. Forte rushed 12 times for 88 yards and a touchdown before getting hurt.

    After throwing six straight incomplete passes to start the game, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler ended up 12-for-26 for 146 yards and a touchdown.

    His favorite target, Brandon Marshall, finished with six catches for 68 yards and a touchdown.

    Lindley went 17-for-30 for 141 yards before being replaced by Hoyer with 12:39 remaining in the third quarter. Hoyer, who had been Tom Brady's backup in New England the past three seasons, http://www.nbabigstore.com/ Dirk Nowitzki, completed 11 of 19 passes for 105 yards and one interception.

    Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald caught eight passes for 111 yards.

    The Bears took a 21-6 lead into halftime thanks to their first defensive touchdown of the game, plus a 4-yard scoring run by Forte and an 11-yard touchdown reception from Marshall.

    With Arizona facing a second-and-11 from its own 3-yard line, running back Beanie Wells slipped and fumbled. Zack Bowman recovered for the Bears and rolled into the end zone for a touchdown.

    Wells touched the ball just once more the rest of the game. He finished with 3 yards on four carries.

    Arizona got a 49-yard field goal from Jay Feely to cut the deficit to 7-3, but the Bears responded with a five-play, 72-yard drive, capped by Forte's short touchdown run. Forte broke off a 36-yard run to start the drive, which also featured a 30-yard catch by Marshall.

    After a 35-yard field goal by Feely, the Bears answered again, this time quickly driving 80 yards on six plays, as Cutler found Marshall wide open in the corner of the end zone to make it 21-6.

    Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson gambled on the play, breaking inside as Marshall faded back. Safety Kerry Rhodes couldn't cover enough ground to help.

    Arizona punter Dave Zastudil enjoyed a productive day. With five more punts downed inside the 20-yard line, he has 43 on the season, surpassing the NFL single-season record of 42 previously shared by three others.

    The Cardinals' special teams also produced a fourth-quarter touchdown, as veteran safety Adrian Wilson blocked a 20-yard field-goal attempt by Olindo Mare and teammate Justin Bethel recovered it and returned it 82 yards for a score.

    NOTES: With his first catch Sunday, a 30-yarder, Marshall surpassed Marcus Robinson's single-season franchise record for receiving yards. Robinson had 1,400 receiving yards in 1999. Marshall finished the game with 1,466 receiving yards. ... Cardinals quarterback John Skelton, who opened the season as the team's starter, was inactive for Sunday's game. It's the first time that's happened this year. ... The Bears were without injured linebacker Brian Urlacher (hamstring) and offensive tackle Jonathan Scott (hamstring). ... Arizona was missing safety Rashad Johnson (hamstring) and wide receiver Early Doucet (concussion). ... During the game, the Cardinals lost tight end Rob Housler to a shoulder injury. .

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    Power of Pinpointing Accountability plus articles and information on Management

    I have always said that if I were to write a book on effective management principles, the first chapter in that book would be about the importance of pinpointing responsibility among an owner's or a general manager's reporting units. After all, one of the most popular definitions of management is getting work done through others.

    #1 Management Pitfall: An unwillingness to delegate.

    Many times the owner or general manager is the most knowledgeable and the most capable person in the company; he or she can perform many tasks better than anyone else. The problem arises when managers decide that they are the only people in an organization who can really perform a task "right."

    While this may be true, when managers feel a strong need to be in total control by personally taking charge of the company's most critical tasks, they have made a very personally limiting decision. Why http://www.shopthesf49ersgear.com/womens-colin-kaepernick-super-bowl-jersey/ Colin Kaepernick Kids Jersey? Because any single person has just so many hours in a day. So managers who are poor at delegating are limited by their own personal mental and physical stamina.

    A manager friend of mine recently told me a great story that I believe illustrates this point extremely well. This particular owner had founded his business almost 40 years ago and had designed the company's first product catalog about 25 years ago. The catalog was highly successful, so he continued to hold on tightly to this task himself. No one else in the organization was as capable at selecting products for the catalog or laying out the product selection.

    As the business grew http://www.shopthesf49ersgear.com/ Kaepernick Youth Jersey, however, the owner became busier and busier with involvement in other critical management functions: Banking relations, negotiating insurance programs, strategic planning, estate planning, acquiring new locations, etc. So the most current catalog was neglected and pretty soon began to look outdated.

    A key employee who had worked with the owner in implementing previous catalogues came to him and offered to assume responsibility for the project. However, the owner continued to sincerely believe that only he could do this job and do it "right." But nothing happened.

    Realizing that she was taking a risk, the subordinate took it upon herself to take a stab at laying out the catalog. Conscientiously working at home, she burned the midnight oil so the project didn't interfere with her normal duties at work. Finally the project was finished and she presented the rough layout to her boss.

    "Wow," he exclaimed. "What a great job!"

    The owner finally realized that while the catalog she had designed was not laid out as artfully as perhaps he could have done it himself, the project had gotten done.

    What duties and tasks are you holding onto because you perform them better than anyone else? Are you assigning responsibilities to your people and holding them accountable for measurable results?

    So ask yourself: Is the success of your business limited by your own personal physical and mental stamina? There's just so much that any one person -- no matter how talented -- can do and do well.

    #2 Management Mistake: Failure to hold your people accountable for measurable results.

    Have you ever told a manager that the next time you walk into the area of the business he or she is responsible for that you want that area to be neat and organized? Most owners and managers certainly have. Well, how about this question: Have you ever returned to inspect the manager's progress and been disappointed in what you observed?

    The reason many times is because the owner's or manager's idea of C-L-E-A-N is substantially different from that of the subornate.

    Try this: Prepare an inspection checklist. Describe clearly what your definition of clean is so that the person you're holding accountable will know in no uncertain terms what is expected of him or her.

    So often managers are guilty of saying to a subordinate manager: "I want you to reduce expenses out here." But they never suggest how much or expressing the request in measurable terms.

    I suggest to my clients that they hold their managers accountable for controlling operating expenses to a specified percentage of sales and pay the manager on his ability to meet this goal.

    Management mistake #3: Failure to establish minimum conditions of employment.

    In other words, make sure all employees understand in measurable terms what they have to do -- at a minimum -- to keep their job.


    How many new customers and how much sales volume must a salesperson attract to the business in a given period of time?

    What inventory turnover must the buyer achieve at a minimum?

    What collection days must the credit manager achieve at a minimum?

    How much net margin must the general manager achieve at a minimum?

    (Bill Lee is author of Gross Margin: 26 Factors Affecting Your Bottom Line. To order, see shopping cart at www.mygrossmargin.com. Or call 800-808-0534. US$29.95 plus $5 S&H)

    Bill Lee is a sought after business consultant and seminar leader. He is author of Gross Margin: 26 Factors Affecting Your Bottom Line and 30 Ways Managers Shoot Themselves in the Foot.

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    Learning the Piano and Playing the Piano plus articles and information on Music

    Many piano students spend much time learning how to play the piano. Years upon years of study time devoted to perfecting technique, tone, dynamics, etc. All the while, many of these same students have never really played the piano. That is, they have spent their time practicing in preparation for the moment when they can "perform" for others.

    Wouldn't it be refreshing if instead of learning how to play other peoples music, we could feel confident enough to create our own? Why is it so daunting a task for most of us? I think it's because we've been taught that only a very few gifted individuals are capable of producing music from scratch - whatever the genre http://www.shopthesf49ersgear.com/ Kaepernick 49ers Jersey. Rock, jazz, classical etc. Unfortunately, this belief is enough to stop most dead in their tracks and for those, whose spark of interest was lit in childhood, it soon turns cold and lifeless.

    Now, playing the piano is entirely different than learning the piano. Here we are at home. Why? Because we are playing. So different an approach it is too! Children are allowed free-play and are even encouraged to do so. But as we grow up http://www.shopthesf49ersgear.com/ Kaepernick Youth Jersey, we decide we must "make something worthy of performance." What a tragic error in thinking! Yet one that pervades the music world.

    The solution is to understand that we all have our own special music inside of us and each and every one of us has something wonderful to share with the world. This something comes through when we stop learning how to play the piano and begin to play it truly for the first time.

    Edward Weiss is a pianist/composer and webmaster of Quiescence Music's online piano lessons. He has been helping students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years and works with students in private, in groups, and now over the internet. Stop by now at http://www.quiescencemusic.com/piano_lessons.html for a FREE piano lesson!

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    Oakland Raiders middle linebacker Rolando McClain was arrested again in Alabama on Tuesday.

    Decatur, Ala., police reported that McClain was stopped in his vehicle for a window tint violation. According to the police, McClain gave the arresting officer a false name, leading to a misdemeanor charge.

    McClain was released after posting bail later in the day.

    He told the Decatur Daily News, "I'm falsely accused of everything. It's corrupt. It's terrible. "

    Last year, McClain was convicted of assault stemming from a Nov. 30, 2011, incident in Decatur while he was away from the team to attend his grandfather's funeral.

    McClain played at Decatur High school before an All-America career at the University of Alabama. He was the No. 8 overall pick in the 2010 draft.

    With the Raiders last season, he served a two-game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team. He was reinstated Dec. 10, but he didn't get back on the field in 2012. In 11 games (nine starts) last season, http://www.chibearsshop.com/ Bears Peppers Elite Nike Jersey, he was credited with 60 tackles, including one sack. He had five sacks in 2011, when he played 15 games, and a half-sack and one interception over 15 games as a rookie in 2010.

    Due $4 million in salary next season with a cap number of $6, 675, 000, McClain might not return to the Raiders in 2013.

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    Donald Caldwell will receive a opportunity to change among the NFL's poorest groups, because he or she had been employed Wednesday to become the actual Jacksonville Jaguars' brand new common supervisor.

    Caldwell, 37, http://www.minvikingsshop.com/ Peterson Nike Limited Jersey, invested yesteryear 5 months using the Atl Falcons, this past year helping since the overseer associated with participant staff.

    "We obtained the guy, inch Jaguars proprietor Shad Khan stated inside a declaration launched through the group. "I possess lots of belief within Donald Caldwell as well as I will guarantee the enthusiasts how the greatest times for that Jacksonville Jaguars tend to be before all of us. inch

    The actual GM work opened up a week ago once the group terminated Gene Cruz following a 2-14 complete.

    "There tend to be absolutely no poor GM possibilities within the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, however to operate with respect to the powerful proprietor inside a rabid soccer town such as Jacksonville is really unique, inch Caldwell stated, based on the team's web site. "This is actually exactly where I needed to become as well as I possibly could not really end up being more happy. I can not wait around to get at Jacksonville and obtain began. inch

    Based on the Sarasota Times-Union, the actual Jaguars additionally interviewed Bay area 49ers overseer associated with participant staff Ben Risk, Az Cardinals vice leader associated with participant staff Dorrie Keim and also the Gambling overseer associated with university searching Marc Ross prior to purchasing Caldwell.

    Keim had been marketed in order to common supervisor through the Cardinals upon Wednesday.

    Just before becoming a member of the actual Falcons, Caldwell invested ten years like a search using the Indiana Colts. He or she started their NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE profession like a searching helper within 1996 as well as 1997 for that Carolina Panthers below Expenses Polian, that later on grew to become their employer using the Colts.

    Caldwell may figure out the actual destiny associated with Jaguars mind trainer Paul Mularkey, that simply finished their very first 12 months within Jacksonville. Mularkey additionally had been the actual Zoysia Bills' mind trainer within 2004 as well as '05, producing the 14-18 report.

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    Power of Pinpointing Accountability plus articles and information on Management

    I have always said that if I were to write a book on effective management principles, the first chapter in that book would be about the importance of pinpointing responsibility among an owner's or a general manager's reporting units. After all, one of the most popular definitions of management is getting work done through others.

    #1 Management Pitfall: An unwillingness to delegate.

    Many times the owner or general manager is the most knowledgeable and the most capable person in the company; he or she can perform many tasks better than anyone else. The problem arises when managers decide that they are the only people in an organization who can really perform a task "right."

    While this may be true, when managers feel a strong need to be in total control by personally taking charge of the company's most critical tasks, they have made a very personally limiting decision. Why? Because any single person has just so many hours in a day. So managers who are poor at delegating are limited by their own personal mental and physical stamina.

    A manager friend of mine recently told me a great story that I believe illustrates this point extremely well. This particular owner had founded his business almost 40 years ago and had designed the company's first product catalog about 25 years ago. The catalog was highly successful, so he continued to hold on tightly to this task himself. No one else in the organization was as capable at selecting products for the catalog or laying out the product selection.

    As the business grew, however, the owner became busier and busier with involvement in other critical management functions: Banking relations, negotiating insurance programs, strategic planning, estate planning, acquiring new locations, etc. So the most current catalog was neglected and pretty soon began to look outdated.

    A key employee who had worked with the owner in implementing previous catalogues came to him and offered to assume responsibility for the project. However, the owner continued to sincerely believe that only he could do this job and do it "right." But nothing happened.

    Realizing that she was taking a risk, the subordinate took it upon herself to take a stab at laying out the catalog. Conscientiously working at home, she burned the midnight oil so the project didn't interfere with her normal duties at work http://www.shopthesf49ersgear.com/womens-colin-kaepernick-super-bowl-jersey/ Colin Kaepernick Pink Jersey. Finally the project was finished and she presented the rough layout to her boss.

    "Wow," he exclaimed. "What a great job!"

    The owner finally realized that while the catalog she had designed was not laid out as artfully as perhaps he could have done it himself, the project had gotten done.

    What duties and tasks are you holding onto because you perform them better than anyone else? Are you assigning responsibilities to your people and holding them accountable for measurable results?

    So ask yourself: Is the success of your business limited by your own personal physical and mental stamina? There's just so much that any one person -- no matter how talented -- can do and do well.

    #2 Management Mistake: Failure to hold your people accountable for measurable results.

    Have you ever told a manager that the next time you walk into the area of the business he or she is responsible for that you want that area to be neat and organized? Most owners and managers certainly have. Well, how about this question: Have you ever returned to inspect the manager's progress and been disappointed in what you observed?

    The reason many times is because the owner's or manager's idea of C-L-E-A-N is substantially different from that of the subornate.

    Try this: Prepare an inspection checklist. Describe clearly what your definition of clean is so that the person you're holding accountable will know in no uncertain terms what is expected of him or her.

    So often managers are guilty of saying to a subordinate manager: "I want you to reduce expenses out here." But they never suggest how much or expressing the request in measurable terms.

    I suggest to my clients that they hold their managers accountable for controlling operating expenses to a specified percentage of sales and pay the manager on his ability to meet this goal.

    Management mistake #3: Failure to establish minimum conditions of employment.

    In other words, make sure all employees understand in measurable terms what they have to do -- at a minimum -- to keep their job http://www.shopthesf49ersgear.com/womens-colin-kaepernick-super-bowl-jersey/ Colin Kaepernick Super Bowl Jersey.


    How many new customers and how much sales volume must a salesperson attract to the business in a given period of time?

    What inventory turnover must the buyer achieve at a minimum?

    What collection days must the credit manager achieve at a minimum?

    How much net margin must the general manager achieve at a minimum?

    (Bill Lee is author of Gross Margin: 26 Factors Affecting Your Bottom Line. To order, see shopping cart at www.mygrossmargin.com. Or call 800-808-0534. US$29.95 plus $5 S&H)

    Bill Lee is a sought after business consultant and seminar leader. He is author of Gross Margin: 26 Factors Affecting Your Bottom Line and 30 Ways Managers Shoot Themselves in the Foot.

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    Learning the Piano and Playing the Piano plus articles and information on Music

    Many piano students spend much time learning how to play the piano. Years upon years of study time devoted to perfecting technique, tone, dynamics, etc http://www.shopthesf49ersgear.com/ Kaepernick Womens Jersey. All the while, many of these same students have never really played the piano. That is, they have spent their time practicing in preparation for the moment when they can "perform" for others.

    Wouldn't it be refreshing if instead of learning how to play other peoples music, we could feel confident enough to create our own? Why is it so daunting a task for most of us? I think it's because we've been taught that only a very few gifted individuals are capable of producing music from scratch - whatever the genre. Rock, jazz, classical etc. Unfortunately, this belief is enough to stop most dead in their tracks and for those, whose spark of interest was lit in childhood, it soon turns cold and lifeless.

    Now, playing the piano is entirely different than learning the piano. Here we are at home. Why? Because we are playing. So different an approach it is too! Children are allowed free-play and are even encouraged to do so. But as we grow up, we decide we must "make something worthy of performance." What a tragic error in thinking! Yet one that pervades the music world.

    The solution is to understand that we all have our own special music inside of us and each and every one of us has something wonderful to share with the world. This something comes through when we stop learning how to play the piano and begin to play it truly for the first time.

    Edward Weiss is a pianist/composer and webmaster of Quiescence Music's online piano lessons. He has been helping students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years and works with students in private http://www.shopthesf49ersgear.com/womens-colin-kaepernick-super-bowl-jersey/ Super Bowl 47 Colin Kaepernick jersey, in groups, and now over the internet. Stop by now at http://www.quiescencemusic.com/piano_lessons.html for a FREE piano lesson!

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    In the McKinley massif area, the range is about six miles wide and is aligned generally northeast to southwest. This is the highest part of the range with many peaks over 10,000 feet high. Thus each places offer distinct living experience. Though it has been reputed as a place for expensive living, there are enough options for anyone to live within the city limits. Precisely what are these vintage T-Shirts in a different manner?north face jackets for saleVintage T-Shirts are categorized as those T-Shirts, which have been not necessarily old, but they're manufactured in a true fashion that their look and feel gives an old-fashioned impression. An essay you discover a relatively old T-Shirt using your closet, get happy as you are just adopted both hands washed in treasure.
    I adore it. I can even perform while in the snow,. They are beautifully cut so as to enhance your figure, while at the same time hiding that holiday fat. The shoulders are abrasion reinforced to protect from wear and tear. Zuma Rock is quite extraordinary in itself yet, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com cheap jordans online, the surrounding panorama adds to the exquisiteness of Zuma like a final stroke in a marvelous master piece. It is undeniably, nature at its finest. Albeit, an ancient method entails beginning at the nearest star; the sun. Consequently, the sun points us to the 12 constellations of the ecliptic.
    From Zermatt you can make a two-day tour and climb the Breithorn (4159m) and the Pollux (4092m), http://www.newjordanssale.com/air-jordan-retro-1-c-3.html jordan retro 1. With a range of accommodation offerings to suit every budget, as well as the delights of culinary magic drawn from moncler vest outlet heritage, it is little wonder that travelers return time and again. Then say you'll spend 40% from the price. In internal, the jacket substance is quite soft and warm. Go forward and over-act. Zips. They are available in various color. You can find the color you want.
    Later on, equipments were made for skiing and snowboarding. The patent leather trim will create some major visual appeal, and the leather lining will keep your feet extremely comfortable. Northern Nigeria and Southern Nigeria encompass contrasting scenery. Although the majority of the country lies amid the equator and the northern hemisphere, the four seasons are hardly distinctive. You would like guests to enjoy you due to this, and be amused through your tee. In case you decide the best shirt, you will have this result.
    military expressed a keen interest to it. The north face feathers products and competition is the biggest difference in cleaning eider down this process, which made our feather garment products made when there won't be any odor production. Glamorous Hooded Jacket North Face Womens Jacket is actually a ought to have ladies! Embrace the awesomeness of faux fur hoody with gorgeous shades of color of the selection, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com/air-jordan-spizike-c-34.html jordan spizike. Go with black color for it suits a lot of your outfits. However in 2010 we had one of the earliest breakups that anyone could remember with the ice out by May 1st, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com cheap jordans. With the unusually warm weather the bears were out early and we started baiting on April 23rd with our first guests arriving on May 23rd.

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    From the ENTERTAINMENT Standpoint:

    The words "personal style" can be aptly applied across the full spectrum of wedding services confronting folks who are making prenuptial plans. For many of us happily enmeshed in providing wedding entertainment services, what the bride and groom choose to feature during their ceremony and reception is very appropriately qualified with the assurance: it will be presented in accordance with their "personal style." As a matter of fact, Part III of Peter Merry's book,The Best Wedding Reception...EVER! is titled "Adding Your Personal Style," and contains thirteen chapters devoted to the subject, which is becoming more and more in vogue. In Elizabeth Olson's New York Times article, "For Millennials, It's More About Personal Style Than Luxury," the words "personal style" relate to jewelry. When it comes to entertainment, the words relate to the experience of the wedding celebration, defined by the level of fun and participation enjoyed by the folks in attendance.

    Olson's New York Times article states, the children of Baby Boomers want to stand out. For sure. And why not? In my opinion, everything that happens on their wedding day should reflect the bride and groom's personalities and taste-from the Grand Entrance to the Final Sendoff. Putting it another way, when crafted from an entertainment perspective, their reception planshould be well-marked with their fingerprints on every page. At a wedding, when it comes to what's done and the way it's done, few things aggravate me more than when, instead of a personalized approach, I see what's obviously an oft-repeated, tired, "cookie-cutter" approach to presenting the wedding protocol. I also feel disappointed when I witness time-honored, but often timeworn traditions carried out mechanically. I'm not debunking traditions. Traditions are fine, and can be meaningful, moving, and presented in a memorable way. Additionally, along with refreshing new slants on presenting traditional wedding protocol, there are also a host of newer, wedding-appropriate, marriage-related features I like to refer to as "special activities" that can provide a fun focus and draw everyone into the festivities.

    What's Done and the Way it's Done

    At a wedding, in addition to the food, fashion, and decor, it's what's done and the way it's done that should be a reflection of the bride and groom's "personal style." To some extent, most of the wedding attendees already know the bride and groom. They're acquainted with their likes, traits, idiosyncrasies, etc, http://www.csnthunder.com/ Thunder Durant home Jersey., characteristics that contribute to their "personal style." Whatever is being presented and shared during the marriage celebration can, and I feel should, add to this familiarity. So, when the attention of friends and family is captured and directed on what's happening at the wedding, there can be a happy consensus and acknowledgment that the way it was done was just so much like the one or the other or both of them. Wedding guests can be thinking an even remark, "That was fun! Wasn't that just like her to have it done that way."

    A Tradition

    Here's a tradition many engaged couples choose to include as part of their reception's agenda. Everyone is familiar with the groom removing his wife's garter and then flinging it to a cluster of eligible males. If you think about it, this is kind of peculiar. Why remove her garter and throw it at a bunch of guys? Where does this tradition come from? One explanation is it dates back to the 14th century in parts of Europe. The thought was, having a piece of the bride's clothing would bring good luck. This resulted in a mass of wedding guests ripping off part of her dress so they could have a lucky piece of fabric. Obviously, this tradition did not sit well with the bride, so she began throwing various items to the guests-the garter being one of them. It became customary for the bride to toss the garter to the men. But, this also caused a great problem for the bride, because sometimes the men would get drunk, become impatient and try to remove the garter ahead of time. Therefore, it became the custom for the groom to remove and toss the garter to the men.

    An Unexpected Twist

    Nowhere is it mandated that the tradition of removing and tossing the garter needs to be featured during the wedding's festivities. It's not a requirement. If it's something the bride and groom choose to include, there are numerous ways to do it that will suit their temperament and personalities. To my way of thinking, anything that's positive, feels good, won't offend anyone, and serves to reflect their "personal style" will contribute to the success of their wedding celebration. Here's a wonderful example-an offshoot of the garter removal and toss that was planned and executed for the enjoyment and amusement of the wedding guests, and at the same time really rang the bell when it came to representing the bride and groom in a well-received, familiar fashion. First of all, both of them were avid fans of the Washington Redskins. This was part of a recurring theme already played upon during their Grand Entrance and Cake Cutting. When it was almost time for the garter removal, the bride excused herself and made ready. "Honky Tonkin'" by Bill Dogget provided a musical backdrop while, to the accompanying cheers of his friends and family, the groom knelt in front of his wife who was seated in a chair. But, instead of the customary garter, he pulled out first one large and bulky garment, and then another-two full-sized Washington Redskin jerseys. "His" and "Hers" was embroidered on the back, and they both proceeded to pull the jerseys on over their clothing. "Hail to the Redskins" was played as all the young boys in attendance were called onto the dance floor. To their delight, the groom proceeded to toss each of them a miniature football. Following this, all the young girls were called onto the dance floor, and the bride tossed each of them a stuffed animal.

    The bride and groom's version of the garter removal and toss created an entertaining, feel-good, memorable moment. And, it was in accordance with their "personal style!" For a variety of entertaining suggestions and ideas that can be adapted to suit one's "personal style," I highly recommend getting a copy of "The Best Wedding Reception... Ever!" by Peter Merry, which is all about how to have an unforgettably fun wedding celebration.

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    The main area that the Toronto Raptors management group attempted to address in the offseason was the defensive side of the game by hiring Coach Dwane Casey. The most notable increase for the team has been in their defensive rebounding numbers as they have gone from the bottom quarter of the league last season to the top third this season, through 5 games. Averaging 32 defensive boards the Toronto Raptors are much improved. The commitment to protecting their basket can also be seen as they top the league in total team personal fouls per game with 25.4. While at times that can show an undisciplined style of basketball, the effort to disrupt opponents shots is still there. The negative however, is that the team ranks last in the league in offensive boards averaging only 7, showing a commitment on the defensive end but not on their overall rebounding game. Though contributed to a lack of size upfront with star player Andrea Bargnani being a perimeter player at times, the Toronto Raptors will need to improve on the offensive glass as the season goes along contributing to more second chance points. The Toronto Raptors rest in the lower half of the league in steals per game at 6.8, blocker per game at 4.4 and points per game at 92.2, http://www.nbabigstore.com/ James Harden Swingman Home Jersey.
    Where the Toronto Raptors have excelled this season is in the offensive sharing of the ball. They average a league high 24 assists per game a mark only matched by the league powerhouse Miami Heat (who also average 24 per assists per game). This can be attributed to the ball sharing skills of starting point guard Jose Calderon who is averaging 9.8 assists on the season putting him third in the NBA behind Houston Rockets point guard Kyle Lowry and Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. Calderon also averages the least turnovers of the three leaving him with the best assist to turnover ratio in the NBA, a sign that the Toronto Raptors offense is being run very well under the veteran Calderon.
    Jose Calderons strong play for the Raptors has lead to great statistical starts for Andrea Bargnani (averaging 22.6 points per game) and DeMar DeRozan (averaging 17.2 points per game). These two combined are making up for a large majority of the Toronto Raptors game scoring. The Raptors receive some supplemental scoring from Leandro Barbosa off the bench (12 points per game) and Jose Calderon (also 12 points per game). If the Raptors are hoping to have continued success this season they will need players such as James Johnson, Amir Johnson and second year player Ed Davis to start contributing on the offensive end.
    If you are interested in coming out to any Toronto Raptors game this season, consider Pickfun.com as we have all the best deals on Raptors home games this season. With tickets all over the Air Canada Centre, Pickfun.com offers all information on Toronto Raptors game schedule, tickets and updates on each game Raptors play.

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    Definition of a Bowie

    The conventional Bowie knife was not a single model, but was array of daggers improved a couple of times by Jim Bowie over the years. The first such dagger, created by Jesse Clifft at Rezin Bowie's request resembled the Spanish hunting daggers of the time and differed little from a common butcher dagger. The blade, as later reported by Rezin Bowie, was 9.5 " (24 cm) long, 0.25 " (0.64 cm) thick and 1.5 " (3.8 cm) broad. It was straight-backed having no clip point nor any hand guard with basic riveted wood scale handle. Rezin gifted the knife to his brother because of a recent violent encounter with one Norris Wright. This knife became renowned as a "Bowie" after the sandbar fight of 1827. Bowie and Wright were spectators on reverse sides of the duel. When the principals abandoned the arena, a fight broke out between the attendees and Bowie, though seriously injured by a rifle shot, killed 3 men, by almost decapitating one, splitting the head of another, and disembowelling the third. Bowie and his knife, described by witnesses as "a big butcher dagger," promptly achieved fame and the Bowie brothers got many requests for knives of the similar pattern. They commissioned additional ornate customized blades from distinct knife makers including Daniel Searles and John Constable. George William Featherstonhaugh documented them as:These formidable equipment...are the pride of an Arkansas blood, and got their name of Bowie knives from a conspicuous person of this fiery climate.

    The style most ordinarily referred to as the traditional Bowie dagger would possess a blade of at least 6 inches (15 cm) in length, some reaching 12 " (30 cm) or more, having a reasonably broad blade that was an inch and a half to two " wide (4 to 5 cm) and made of steel usually between 316 to 14 in (4.763 to 6.350 mm) thick. The back of the blade occasionally had a patch of soft metal (normally brass or copper) inlaid which some feel was designed to catch an opponent's blade whilst others hold it was designed to offer support, absorb shock & to help forestall breaking of deficient quality steel or inadequately heat treated blades. Bowie knives at times had an upper guard that bent forward at an angle (an S-guard) designed to catch an adversary's blade or offer protection to the owner's hand in the course of parries and corps-a-corps.

    Some Bowie knives had a notch at the bottom of the blade near the hilt referred to as a "Spanish Notch." The Spanish Notch is frequently cited as a contraption for taking the impact of an adversary's blade; nevertheless, some Bowie scholars hold that the Spanish Notch is ill-suited to this objective and often ill-performs to attain the expected results, http://www.mlbjerseystore.com/ Women's Jersey. These researchers, instead, hold that the Spanish Notch has the much more mundane function as a tool for stripping sinew and repairing rope and nets, as a guide to enable sharpening the blade (assuring that the sharpening process starts at a distinctive point and not further up the edge), or as a point to relieve stress on the blade during use.

    One characteristic of Bowie daggers is the "Clip point" at the top of the blade, which brings the tip of the blade lower than the spine for better control. As the aim is to create a sharp, stabbing point, most Bowie knives have a bevel ground along the clip, typically 1/4 of the way, but sometimes much further running the entire top-edge. This is known as a "false edge" or a "swedge" as from a distance it appears sharpened, however it may or may not be. Regardless of whether or not the false edge is sharp, it facilitates to take metal away from the point, streamlining the tip and consequently improving the penetration potential of the blade during a stab. The model attributed to blacksmith James Black had this "false edge" fully sharpened so as to make it possible for any individual skilled in European techniques of saber fencing to conduct the maneuver referred to as the "back cut" or "back slash". A brass quillon, usually cast in a mold, was attached to safeguard the hand.

    Noted knife expert Bernard Levine has documented that the first known Bowie knife reflected a strong Mediterranean influence insofar as general lines were concerned. This would have involved the single, principal cutting edge, irrespective of the false edge's existence or not. It is reported that in the Old West numerous "Bowie knives" were designed that in fact didn't show Mediterranean impression, but were just enormous knives, often with two full edges.

    The curved section of the edge, toward the point, is for removal of the skin from a carcass, and the straight segment of the edge, toward the guard, is for tasks involving cutting slices, equivalent in concept to the classic Finnish hunting knife, the "puukko" (though the traditional early 19th-century Bowie dagger was far larger and heavier than the typical puukko). Arkansas culturalist and researcher Russell T. Johnson describes the James Black knife in the following manner and at the same time captures the quintessence of the Bowie Knife: "It must be long enough to utilize as a sword, sharp enough to use as a razor, broad enough to utilize as a paddle, and heavy enough to use as a hatchet."Most such knives intended for hunting are only sharpened on a single edge, to lessen the danger of cutting oneself while butchering and skinning the carcass.

    Over the years many daggers have been named as Bowie daggers and the term has almost become a synonymous for any big sheath knife. Through the early times of the American Civil War Confederate soldiers carried large knives referred to as D-Guard Bowie knives. Many of these knives could have qualified as short swords and were often made from old saw or scythe blades.

    The Bowie dagger is sometimes confused with the "Arkansas toothpick," probably due to the interchangeable use of the names "Arkansas toothpick", "Bowie knife", and "Arkansas knife" in the antebellum period. The Arkansas toothpick is fundamentally a heavy dagger with a straight 15-25-inch blade. While balanced and weighted for throwing, the toothpick can be employed for thrusting and slashing. James Black is given credit for inventing the "Arkansas Toothpick" but no firm evidence exists for this claim.

    Daggers manufactured in Sheffield, England, were quick to enter the market with "Bowie Daggers" of a distinctive pattern that most modern users acknowledge with the true form Bowie. The Sheffield pattern blade is thinner than the Black/Musso daggers while the false edge is often longer with a less pronounced clip.

    The form and style of blade was such that the Bowie knife could serve as a hunting tool as well as a weapon. However, some camping authorities dissent as to its usefulness as a camping knife on the grounds that it is far too large.

    Since the 1960s, Bowie daggers with sawteeth machined into the rear edge of the blade appeared inspired by the United States Air Force survival knife (NSN 7340-00-098-4327). The sawteeth were designed to cut through the acrylic glass canopy of a downed aircraft. Through the Vietnam War the United States Army issued them to helicopter crews for the same purpose.

    The Bowie remains popular with collectors. Collecting antique Bowie knives is among the higher-end types of knife gathering with uncommon models selling as high as $200,000.

    The USMC Ka-Bar of World War II fame is based on the Bowie design. There is yet another analogue of the Bowie, which is a Folding Knife known the CQC13.

    A Bowie dagger appears on the shoulder sleeve insignia of the 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. Jim Bowie was posthumously inducted into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame at the 1988 Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia in recognition for the effect that his design and style made upon generations of knife makers and cutlery companies. Rock star David Bowie (born David Robert Jones) assumed the name Bowie after the Bowie dagger because, in his words "it cuts both ways".

    Legal Status

    Although many jurisdictions around the world have knife legislation regulating the length of a blade one may possibly own or acquire, certain locales in the United States have legislation alluding to "Bowie knives" particularly. These regulations were passed in the late 1830s, in several southern provinces as an attempt to cease the manufacture and trade of these knives.

    In 1837, the Alabama legislature imposed a $100 transfer tax on Bowie knives and proclaimed that any killing with a Bowie knife was murder regardless of the circumstances.

    In Texas, the state where Jim Bowie died, it is now a criminal offense (generally a Class A misdemeanor) to keep a Bowie dagger, as a Bowie dagger is enumerated in Texas as an "illegal knife". This law does not apply should you be traveling in a private vehicle because it is now legal to carry a handgun, knife, or club while en route to or from the vehicle or engaged in a sporting activity involving the use of such equipment

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    Once we take a look at a skiing along with the football competitors in unique Santana Moss jerseys , the building blocks with karate go away a fabulous heavy sense. Inducting Brown on the group ensured a lot of risk designed for Rickey as not a soul obtained read about your dark colored soccer participant. That it was an issue that appeared to be impossible for many people. Robinson becomes a member of this Brooklyn Dodgers, http://www.esmlbshop.com/ David Ortiz Jersey. Among the numerous conditions which he wanted to sign up for is he probably would not be permitted to defend for the reason that your dog appeared to be dark-colored. This news than a Blackman around was first actively playing Serious League tennis extended for instance wildfire over the USA. From coast to coast, blacks ended up being US. It absolutely was out of the ordinary just for anyone to help to make this major little league debut with this their age. Around his or her initially winter with all the Dodgers, the particular game enthusiasts manufactured everyday living very difficult with regard to Jackie. Several Dodger game enthusiasts, directed by way of Dixie Master, encouraged they might struck rather than carry out together with. Nevertheless the company software along with inexpensive baseball jerseys stated to individuals this Jackie would probably have fun with and the Dixie along with their friends may depart as long as they expected. Jackie wholesale nfl jerseys made a very effective collaboration by means of shortstop Pee Wee Reese. Jackie seemed to be given its name Out of law school with the 12 months during 1947. Jackie Johnson appeared to be called the best competing as well as thriving base jogger about her times. This individual routinely disturbed a concurrently associated with pitchers, catchers and also mid infielders. Jackie Robinson property eating plan power as well as sheltering skills display account so that you can that your dog appeared to be considered as one of the majority of clever soccer gamers with any specific time. It absolutely was just about impossible for getting, previous dude available. Nearly all of Jackie Robinson most important troubles ended up being off-field. Notwithstanding his or her sterling operation to the line of business, his or her company pals authorized a good petition to have your ex boyfriend heli-copter flight party. Basic sporting men dug kicked most of the spiked footwear towards his shins and even replacements around the standard exhorted the pup to place its luggage as well as refreshments. Admirers with the Brooklyn Dodgers wanted the fact that group suffer a loss of without when compared to succeed by using the pup from the crew. Inside 1957, Jackie Johnson Nfl jersey the marketplace and old right from football together with became a small business accounting together with the NAACP. Inside 1962, Jackie Robinson appeared to be inducted in baseball Lounge about Fame. Jackie passed away on the fast their age associated with 53 during 1972. Right after her demise a Jackie Brown Basis was initially instituted. The grade of scholarship grants that will 141 students year on year whose definitely are shipped to beyond sixty days educational facilities from coast to coast.

    Jackie did it many. This individual nervous this pitchers, rattled this fielders split all the batting checklist books though above all the person showed a entrances for any blacks throughout Main League Soccer. Skiing had been a sport that is go because of the Whites and even experienced by White wines, this kind of obtained modified always.

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    Using their 12-point guide all of a sudden reduce in two earlier within the 4th one fourth, http://www.esmlbshop.com/ Matt Wieters Jersey, the actual Memphis Grizzlies dedicated turnovers upon 5 consecutive belongings, starting the doorway for that Phoenix arizona Suns.

    However the Grizzlies kept the actual battling, offensively questioned Suns with no solitary stage throughout the series because Phoenix arizona skipped 5 pictures as well as dedicated 2 turnovers of the personal.

    The actual Grizzlies righted the actual deliver lower the actual extend in order to mill away the 92-81 earn Weekend from ALL OF US Breathing passages Middle.

    Zach Randolph experienced twenty one factors as well as Rudy Homosexual additional 20 since the Grizzlies avenged the two-point reduction within Phoenix arizona final 30 days as well as refused the actual Suns their own two, 000th earn within business background.

    "We need to get much better within the 2nd fifty percent, time period, however all of us obtained halts as well as everybody cracked within whenever we required this, inch stated Randolph, that prospects the actual NBA within double-doubles along with twenty two however experienced just 8 planks Weekend, approaching timid associated with their 3rd double-double within 3 conferences using the Suns. "We'll improve; all of us have to maintain pressing. inch

    Marc Gasol notched the double-double along with 10 factors as well as 11 rebounds with regard to Memphis (21-10), that kept the actual slumping Suns in order to 39 % capturing as well as piled-up nineteen fastbreak factors in order to only one with regard to Phoenix arizona.

    G. T. Tucker brought the actual Suns within rating having a career-high seventeen factors as well as had been among just 2 Suns (Jermaine O'Neal had been another) hitting a minimum of 1 / 2 of their pictures within the online game. Marcin Gortat additional 12 factors with regard to Phoenix arizona, that has dropped 8 associated with it's final 9 video games as well as sixteen from the final 20.

    "Even whenever we had been obtaining halts all of us battled in order to rating. We must discover a way to find the blend collectively, inch stated Tucker, that arranged work higher with regard to factors for that 3rd period this season. "We had been immediately because usually, however all of us simply could not complete this away. inch

    The actual Suns attempt the four-game Far eastern street journey starting Wednesday within Milwaukee, plus they are trapped upon 1, 999 business is victorious.

    They're 5-21 whenever permitting a good challenger in order to rating a minimum of ninety factors. As well as following rating simply forty-nine within the last 3 groups associated with Friday's 87-80 house reduction in order to Ut, these people were not much better from the Grizzlies.

    "We truly might in no way obtain something heading, inch Phoenix arizona trainer Alvin Gentry stated. "We obtained bogged lower offensively as well as battled to create pictures. All of us had been partially accountable, however they do an excellent work defensively additionally. inch

    Phoenix arizona best 4 scorers -- Goran Dragic, Luis Scola, Shannon Dark brown as well as Jared Dudley -- had been the mixed 11-for-33 in the ground as well as 0-for-5 through three-point variety. Dudley did not perform within the 4th one fourth.

    "If their own primary men obtain halted, all of us obtain a earn, inch Homosexual stated. "Those men do not rating, usually these people shed. This seems great to obtain that one taken care of. We now have a different one the next day (from Sacramento) therefore we'd to deal with company right here. inch

    INFORMATION: The actual Grizzlies experienced their own challenges using the Suns within the very first 2 conferences this year, successful within overtime within Memphis (12 ,. four) as well as dropping through 2 within Phoenix arizona upon 12 ,. 20. Memphis trainer Lionel Hollins stated groups such as the Suns that may perform little lineups still provide their group difficulty.... Randolph skipped Friday's reduction within Portland along with flu-like signs and symptoms however lacking a game title towards Phoenix arizona might have already been hard, simply because he is experienced large video games from the Suns, such as the 38-point, 22-rebound work upon 12 ,. four.... The actual Suns arrived to the overall game 28-6 all-time from the Grizzlies in your own home. Which successful portion (#(. 824) had been the very best towards any kind of group within the category.... Gortat arrived to the overall game along with 3 directly double-double initiatives as well as 4 within the last 5, however he'd simply 8 rebounds in order to accompany 12 factors upon Weekend.... Phoenix arizona right now offers 4 video games within 5 evenings on the highway along with halts within Milwaukee, Birkenstock boston, Brooklyn as well as Chi town prior to coming back house to manage Okla Town upon January. fourteen.

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    Baseball Hall of Fame voters pitched a shutout Wednesday for the first time since 1996. No player was deemed worthy this year by the Baseball Writers' Association of America, who failed to elect a candidate for only the second time in four decades. That leaves the Hall of Fame induction ceremony in July with only three honorees chosen in December by the Veterans Committee.

    Steroid scandals undoubtedly had a big impact. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa, all linked to performance-enhancing drug use, fell well short of the required 75 percent for election. Clemens received 37, http://www.csnheats.com/ Lakers Kobe Bryant Jersey. 6 percent, Bonds was named on 36. 2 percent of the ballots and Sosa was limited to 12. 5 percent.

    Former Houston Astros infielder Craig Biggio, who ranks 20th on baseball's career hits list with 3, 060, came the closest, receiving 388 of 569 votes for 68 percent. He fell 39 votes short.

    Biggio was followed in the voting Jack Morris (67. 7 percent) in his next-to-last year of eligibility, by first-time candidate Mike Piazza (57. 8), Tim Raines (52. 2 percent), Lee Smith (47. 8), Curt Schilling (38. 8), Edgar Martinez (35. 9) and Alan Trammell (33. 6).

    Outfielder Dale Murphy, a former two-time National League MVP, fell short in his final year of eligibility.

    ---The Pittsburgh Pirates' deal with left-hander Francisco Liriano could be on hold because of an injury to his non-throwing arm, according to multiple reports.

    His right arm apparently was hurt in late December. The injury kept Liriano from coming to Pittsburgh from his home in the Dominican Republic for a physical required before signing a contract.

    Earlier in the month, Liriano and the Pirates reportedly had reached agreement on a two-year, $12. 75 million contract.

    --The Pirates were also involved in a trade. The Cleveland Indians acquired outfielder Quincy Latimore from the Pirates in exchange for right-handed pitcher Jeanmar Gomez, who had been designated for assignment on Jan. 2.

    Latimore, who will turn 24 next month, hit. 252 with 15 homers for Double-A Altoona in 2012. Gomez, who will turn 25 next month, went 5-8 with a 5. 96 ERA in 20 games, including 17 starts, for the Indians last season.

    ---Outfielder Kosuke Fukudome, who spent the past five seasons playing in the Major Leagues, has agreed to a three-year deal with the Hanshin Tigers to play in Japan, Sponichi News reported.

    Fukudome, 35, played in just 24 games for the Chicago White Sox in 2012, hitting. 171 with no homers.

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    Potentially primed for the longest outing of his career, Strasburg takes on fellow ace Johnny Cueto and the Reds in Sunday's finale of a wild series between reigning division champions.

    The innings and pitch limits are supposedly off the 24-year-old Strasburg (1-0, 0. 00 ERA), who was shut down in early September and had to watch as Washington lost its NL division series to St. Louis in five games. Cueto also had a bad playoff experience, sitting out the division series except for eight pitches in Game 1 before injuring a side muscle, and the Reds would blow a two-game lead to San Francisco.

    While Cueto came back to throw seven strong innings on opening day, Strasburg did the same but was removed after 80 pitches. Cueto threw 105 - a total Strasburg has been allowed to reach just five times in 46 major-league starts.

    "If it wasn't opening day and the first start of the year, it would have been a different story, " Strasburg said when asked if he could have pitched longer, reiterating the reason manager Davey Johnson gave for pulling him.

    The right-hander, who has never gone past seven innings, limited Miami to three hits and did not walk a batter in the 2-0 victory. Strasburg is known as a strikeout pitcher but had only three Monday and may purposely be quieting that reputation, pitching more to contact to go deeper into games.

    "If he wants to be the workhorse that he is, he's going to have to pitch more games like this, " shortstop Ian Desmond said.

    Desmond helped even this series at one game apiece Saturday with a homer in the 11th inning that gave Washington a 7-6 victory. It was the first RBI of the season for Desmond, who made two errors earlier in the game which led to Cincinnati runs.

    Harper also had a homer, catcher Wilson Ramos hit two and the Nationals (4-1) totaled five. The Reds (3-2) went deep six times in a 15-0 win Friday.

    "It's been two crazy games, " said Washington outfielder Jayson Werth, who was 3 for 5 with a home run Saturday.

    Harper, who homered twice during Strasburg's outing, has four multihit efforts in five games. The 20-year-old center fielder's five RBIs lead the team, as does his. 381 average among players with at least 10 at-bats.

    He's never faced Cueto (0-0, 1. 29), a 19-game winner last season. The right-hander allowed a run and three hits with nine strikeouts in a 3-1, 13-inning loss to the Angels on Monday.

    Cueto did not face the Nationals in 2012 but has been solid in his last three starts against them, going 2-0 with a 2. 14 ERA.

    Strasburg won his only outing versus Cincinnati during his 2010 rookie season.

    "He's a good one, " manager Dusty Baker told the Reds' official website. "There are other guys you'd pick before him to face. "

    Jay Bruce singled twice in that matchup with Strasburg and has four hits in this series, but he remains homerless after hitting 34 last season.

    "I feel fine, http://www.esportoutlet.com/ Women's Jersey. It's early, " Bruce said.

    Shin-Soo Choo homered for the third straight game Saturday and was hit by a pitch for the fourth time. Choo shares the team lead for home runs with Todd Frazier, who is 9 for 13 with three homers and seven RBIs over the last three games.

    Five of these teams' last 10 meetings have gone to extra innings.

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    Before everyone settled in for their fireworks on the Fourth of July, the Minnesota Wild put on quite a show themselves.

    Eschewing patience and pragmatism for go-for-it-all aggressiveness, Wild owner Craig Leipold shelled out $198 million for free agents Zach Parise and Ryan Suter to get the State of Hockey all amped up for the coming season.

    The season, it turns out, almost didn't come. And now the team that arguably lost more momentum during the NHL lockout than any other is eager to get to work at recapturing it. The NHL and the players' association reached accord on a new collective bargaining agreement Sunday, the 113th day of the lockout. After lawyers from both sides put the finishing touches on the contract and it is ratified, the players will commence with a training camp and get ready for the games to begin.

    ''Everyone in our organization, the players, the fans were really excited in the summer, '' goalie Niklas Backstrom said in a phone interview Sunday night. ''This lockout hurts everyone. Everything was going our way in the summer with the moves we were making. It's something we can't really do anything about. It's in the past. We have to get ready and get back on the ice and start playing. ''

    The three months of missed games and darkened Xcel Energy Center put further strain on St. Paul bars and restaurants that rely on Wild games for revenue. Dozens of establishments laid off workers and slashed budgets to try to stay afloat while the owners and players haggled over their CBA for the third time in the last 20 years.

    ''The lockout has had a dramatic impact on our business, '' Joe Kasel and Kevin Geisen, co-owners of Eagle Street Bar and Grille directly across from the Wild's arena, said in a joint statement. ''We took the difficult, yet appropriate, measures to ensure our business's survival through this difficult time. Our staff and our customers are like family to us, we can't wait to have our hockey family back. ''

    Laurie Malmgren, manager of St. Paul sushi restaurant Sakura, said the lack of hockey downtown has been devastating to her business.

    ''This New Year's Eve was probably the worst one we've had in 15 years, '' said Malmgren, who usually counts on it as one of the big nights of the year thanks to the Wild's tradition of playing a home game that day.

    Last year the Wild got off to a 20-7-3 start under first-year head coach Mike Yeo, only to collapse in the second half of the season and miss the playoffs for the fourth straight year. With fan interest finally starting to wane, Leipold opened his wallet to show them he was serious about putting a contender on the ice. He was celebrated for his boldness, then cursed through the lockout by fans who were fed up with the labor disputes in their favorite sport.

    Backstrom knows the players and league are going to have their work cut out for them when they do return as they try to repair the relationship with the fans once again.

    ''I know they're mad, http://www.mlbjerseystore.com/ MLB All Star Jersey, '' Backstrom said. ''It's something that shouldn't have happened. In 20 years we've lost probably two seasons if you count all the games. They should be mad. It's not enough for us to say we're sorry. There's a lot of things we have to do to make it right. We have to go out there and play good hockey and worry about the product. We have to do our job to repair the damage. I hope at some point the fans can forgive us and be there for us.

    ''At the end of the day you need players and you need fans. I hope we have them there behind us like they were before. Time will tell. ''.

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    The Dallas Cowboys lost their last two regular-season games, allowing a total of 62 points, to fall out of playoff contention.

    However, it wasn't the late fade cost defensive coordinator Rob Ryan his job, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed Wednesday.

    In an interview with KTVT-TV in Dallas, Jones pointed to two early-season games that were a big part of the reason why Ryan was fired Tuesday.

    While the defense was battered by injuries late in the season, the unit was largely healthy for a 27-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sept. 16 and a 34-18 loss to the Chicago Bears on Oct. 1.

    "I didn't like the way we were playing in a lot of cases, " Jones said in the interview. "I thought we could play better before the injuries, and so I factored that in. It wasn't like we had a lot of injuries out here when we played Chicago. It wasn't like we had a lot of injuries when we played Seattle. I didn't like the way we played there.

    "It's not hard for me to go to those games and say what can we do to improve when we played Seattle and when we played Chicago, and I liked the way we played in subsequent games and I know we didn't have the talent level on the field that we had when we played Seattle and Chicago. "

    Dallas missed out on a playoff berth by losing its first two games, 34-31 in overtime against the visiting New Orleans Saints, then 28-18 to the Redskins at Washington in a game that decided the NFC East championship.

    The Cowboys (8-8) allowed at least 24 points in five of their final six games, going 3-3 in that span.

    Dallas' defense ranked 19th in the league in 2012 after placing 14th in 2011, Ryan's first year in Dallas.

    The defense was hampered by season-ending injuries to defensive end Kenyon Coleman, safety Barry Church, linebackers Bruce Carter and Sean Lee, and nickel back Orlando Scandrick.

    Nose tackle Josh Brent also missed the final four games after he was charged with intoxication manslaughter after he crashed his car in an accident that killed Cowboys practice squad linebacker Jerry Brown Jr.

    "Nobody living hates sitting around watching somebody else play in these playoff games more than me, " Jones said. "Now that's no consolation, http://www.csnspurs.com/ Tim Duncan swingman Jersey, but the facts are, I can do something about it. There are things I can do about it. Some of the very things I am criticized for is the fact that I am in a position to directly do something about it. "

    The Cowboys fired running backs coach Skip Peete on Monday.

  6. Favicon of http://www.snspurs.com/ BlogIcon Tim Duncan swingman Jersey 2013/03/18 12:29 Address Modify/Delete Reply

    The Washington Nationals finally persuaded Adam LaRoche to put pen to paper on Tuesday after spending the first half of the off-season courting their lead slugger.

    The free agent inked a two-year deal worth $24 million with an option for a third season, adding solidity to an improving Nationals team and rewarding the franchise for their patience.

    The 33-year-old had earlier declined to re-sign with the Nationals as he sought out a three-year deal but the first baseman eventually opted to return to a team where he has spent the last two seasons.

    "We were patient with Adam and his representatives, " Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo told the team's website (washingtonnationals.mlb.com).

    "At the end of the day, I think we both agreed (Washington) was the best place for Adam to be. "

    Last season, LaRoche was instrumental in helping lead the Nationals to their first post-season berth since the team relocated from Montreal in 2004.

    He hit. 271 and led the team with 33 home runs and 100 RBIs as Washington (98-64) captured the National League East Division with the best overall MLB record.

    Washington were beaten 3-2 in the best-of-five NL Division Series by the St Louis Cardinals, http://www.nbabgstore.com/ Spurs Danny Green Jersey, giving up four runs in the top of the ninth inning to fall 9-7 in the series decider.

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    The Steelers (9-5) lost their second straight game 29-22 to the Jacksonville Jaguars (10-4). Jacksonville is the first team to beat the Steelers at home this season, bludgeoning the Steelers for over 200 rushing yards en route to a thrilling 29-22 victory, which was capped by a 12 yard td run by Fred Taylor with just under 2 minutes to play. The game ended when TE Heath Miller came up a yard short on fourth and 7 on the Steeler's final drive.

    Pittsburgh led 7-3 late in the first half. Facing 2nd and 12 from inside their 35, Roethlisberger hit Hines Ward in the chest with a pass that would have given the Steelers a first down, and Ward let the ball bounce off his shoulder pads onto the snowy Heinz Field turf. The Steelers ended up punting, and the jags scored on the ensuing possession to go into half time with a 10-7 lead.

    In the second half the Steelers defense, playing without Pro-Bowl defensive end Aaron Smith, was dominated. The Jaguars had a 20 play drive that consumed 9 minutes. Then after a three and out by the Steelers, Jacksonville scored on a 55 yard pass play over Anthony Smith and Ike Taylor. Thanks to two missed PAT's the Jags only lead by 15.

    At this point fans started exiting the stadium. I don't feel like ranting about the insanity of leaving an NFL game when your home team is trailing by two scores with 20 minutes to play. The Steelers are supposed to have this "amazing fan base" which follows the team from Seattle to Miami, and when the Steelers were faced with a chance to pull off an amazing comeback, many of these fans apparently left Heinz field to get a start on their trip to Missouri, where the Steelers will play the St. Louis Rams on Thursday in a game they must win.

    Anyway, things did look bleak, but when Anthony Smith intercepted a David Gerrard pass the Steelers were back in the game and Roethlisberger hit Ward on a tough seam pattern that atoned somewhat for his earlier dropped pass to make the score 22-14. Then after the defense held the Jags, Roethlisberger lead the Steelers on an amazing game tying drive. Roethlisberger was nearly in the grasp of a Jacksonville defender when he flipped a lateral to Willie Parker who ran for 27 yards. This uncanny playmaking has become vintage Roethlisberger.

    The Steelers are always in the game with a QB like Ben. If the Steelers don't lock him up for the rest of his career, I may stop watching the NFL. Roethlisberger is so talented he makes Nate Washington look good. Roethlisberger hit Washington for a 30 yard TD pass to tie the game at 22, and Cedric Wilson fired a pass to Holmes for the game tying two point conversion. After 15 unanswered points, I thought they were going to snatch victory from the Jaws of Fred Taylor, but it was not to be. The defense let Roethlisberger down all game. It can be argued that the offense's inability to sustain drives left the defense on the field for too long, but I put the blame squarely on the defense.

    Great teams have the ability to overcome injuries to star players, which Aaron Smith certainly is, and the defense could not overcome the loss of their D-end. On the games decisive drive, the Jaguars converted on third and ten on a draw play to RB Maurice Jones-Drew. It was the second time the Jaguars used a draw to MJD on third and long to gain a new set of downs.

    Now there are some new injuries, Klint Kreidwalt, and Clark Haggans could miss the Rams game. The Steelers have two weeks to find a way to compensate for Smith, or it could be a short post-season.

    Once again the Steelers offensive line looked terrible. While Willie Parker was able to get free for over 100 yards on just 14 carries, but Roethlisberger was sacked 5 times, and was running for his life most of the game.

    The Steelers loss coupled with the Browns-Reprise 8-0 victory over the Bills leaves Pittsburgh and Cleveland tied atop the AFC North with two games to play. The Steelers can miss the playoffs entirely if they lose out, while the Titans win their last two, and the Browns win one of their final two games.

    I'd hate to think the Steelers can't win their last two games against the Rams and Ravens, but all of the sudden the defense can't stop the run, or the pass, and has been held without a sack in the last two games. Still, Roethlisberger is the Steeler's wild card, he has the escapability to overcome the o-line's short comings and allow his receivers extra time to get open.

    It would be a terrible collapse if the Steelers manage to miss the playoffs this season.

    Harrison vs. Porter.

    James Harrison (9-5): 8 tackles, http://www.esportoutlet.com/ Kids Jersey.

    Joey Porter (1-13) 2 tackles, 1 sack.

    Joey Porter's Dolphins finally won. Miami beat the Baltimore Ravens in OT, for their first victory of the season, which would make the Ravens the new worst team in the league, if the NFL used the BCS. If the Steelers fail to beat the Ravens in the season finally with the AFC North on the line, or God forbid a playoff spot, it would be an even bigger travesty now that the Ravens have lost to one of the worst teams in history. The future may be bright for the Dolphins, who play the New England "Pretty Hate Machine" this week. Logically speaking, the Ravens only lost by three points to New England, and the Dolphins beat the Ravens by 6, therefore, Miami is three points better than New England. Never mind the early season beating Miami took at the hands of Tom Brady and locker-room cancer Randy Moss, the disgruntled woebegone WR whom NE acquired from Oakland for a 4th round draft pick.

    Battle of the 4th Round Draft Picks

    The Steelers drafted two time Ray Guy Award winner, All-Universe Danny Sepulveda from Baylor with their fourth round draft pick, he put forth a stellar effort in a losing cause, kicking the ball high and far, and often with great precision. Randy Moss didn't even score a td, who says the "Steeler Way" doesn't work?

    Dan Sepulveda: 7 punts, 41 yd avg., 2 inside the 20, long-55yds.

    Randy Moss: 5 rec, 79 yards.

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    http://www.razorbarbedwire.cc Razor Barbed Wire

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    Razor Barbed Wire

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    David Caldwell will get a chance to turn around one of the NFL's weakest teams, as he was hired Tuesday to be the Jacksonville Jaguars' new general manager.

    Caldwell, 38, spent the past five seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, last year serving as the director of player personnel.

    "We got our man, " Jaguars owner Shad Khan said in a statement released by the team. "I have a lot of faith in David Caldwell and I can assure our fans that the best days for the Jacksonville Jaguars are in front of us. "

    The GM job opened last week when the team fired Gene Smith after a 2-14 finish.

    "There are no bad GM opportunities in the NFL, but to work on behalf of a dynamic owner in a rabid football city like Jacksonville is truly special, " Caldwell said, according to the team's website. "This is where I wanted to be and I could not be happier. I can't wait to get to Jacksonville and get started. "

    According to the Florida Times-Union, the Jaguars also interviewed San francisco 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble, Arizona Cardinals vice president of player personnel Steve Keim and the New york giants director of college scouting Marc Ross before settling on Caldwell.

    Keim was promoted to general manager by the Cardinals on Tuesday.

    Prior to joining the Falcons, Caldwell spent 10 years as a scout with the Indianapolis Colts. He began his NFL career as a scouting assistant in 1996 and 1997 for the Carolina Panthers under Bill Polian, http://www.esportoutlet.com/ MLB Men's Jersey, who later became his boss with the Colts.

    Caldwell will determine the fate of Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey, who just completed his first year in Jacksonville. Mularkey also was the Buffalo Bills' head coach in 2004 and '05, compiling a 14-18 record.

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    That being said now i am asking yourself in the case that offer "Free cordless" Will often have some business benefits to the work provides this tool. May possibly well Schlotzsky's (Because one more the companies engage) Be going after small fortune sniffing at, Looking to buy email address contact info from the personal specific webpage visitors, That is when submitting some type of e-mail marketing try out (With my case a "Say a big heads up" May possibly trigger i am involved in opening up a bank account at ron Lauren, Basically see if they want to account my personal behalf)?

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    Panache lawyer or attorney Colman replied he delighted Penn directed the traditional this offers forums of the most extremely issues the class communications information. Rather a few on the receiving end connected with discontinue-And in addition-Desist everything with Vuitwhen you need thatn at the same time extreme enforcers is able to afford prevent, Colman stated, But call time scrapes isn examined. Penn document explains defendants justifications.

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    The actual wisest guy from FedEx Area was within the back again part from the Seattle Seahawks' locker space, hanging through the instructors workplaces. Common supervisor Steve Schneider after that leaned towards the desk, appeared lower in the carpeting as well as shook their mind.

    Absolutely no, the person that drawn up Russell Wilson couldn't possess thought this kind of splendour from the quarterback selected to become a back-up stated the grinning Schneider min's following their Seahawks defeat the actual Wa Redskins 24-14 within the last online game associated with wild-card weekend break.

    "I'd end up being laying for you basically informed a person which, inch stated Schneider, in whose group moves in order to perform the actual NFC's top-seeded Atl Falcons following Weekend.

    Russell Wilson greets Redskins QB Robert Griffin 3 following Sunday's earn. (AP)So when the guy that noticed possible success within an small quarterback through Wisconsin could not forecast the period such as Wilson's, that might? However within the 12 months from the First year Quarterback, this particular fall associated with Tim Good fortune as well as Robert Griffin 3, it is Wilson who's remaining position with this postseason.

    The ball player who had been as well brief as well as as well sluggish as well as as well planned in order to guide all of the predraft exhibits, as well as stroll inside a connect over the phase from Stereo Town Songs Corridor had been the main one strolling to some coach Weekend evening together with his period nevertheless in existence. Possibly right now all of those other nation may lastly recognize precisely how great the actual quarterback within Seattle is becoming.

    Just about all 3 from the excellent first year quarterbacks had been actively playing upon Weekend. These were just about all within the exact same condition, within stadiums under 50 kilometers aside. Through earlier night there is without doubt regarding the greatest 1 within the playoffs.

    Wilson jogged quietly to the Seahawks' locker space putting on exactly the same chilly, severe appear which in no way appears to depart their encounter. He or she did not influx in order to digital cameras or even influx the Absolutely no. 1 hand or even operate up to and including knot associated with reporters because their recipient Doug Baldwin do as well as screamed: "Why y'all right here? Absolutely no phrases have to be stated! inch

    He or she merely do exactly what he's carried out 11 additional occasions with this unlikely first year 12 months. He or she received.

    [More: RG3's lies, Mike Shanahan's poor management doom Redskins]

    Once the Seahawks dropped at the rear of 14-0 as well as appeared as if these were likely to end up being taken away, Wilson had been relaxed. He or she informed their teammates these were good. He or she informed all of them they might nevertheless earn the overall game. Within their thoughts, he or she held stating this did not issue that received the very first one fourth, it had been the finish from the online game which was essential.

    Once the Seahawks required the generate, http://www.esportoutlet.com/ MLB Caps, he or she brought all of them on a single. Once the Seahawks required a large move conclusion, he or she created 1. Once the Seahawks had been eager for an initial lower, he or she went for just one. For that online game, he'd 187 back yards moving as well as 67 hurrying. They are not really showy data, however exactly what Wilson will isn't showy. He or she handles to produce wins.

    "Unassuming, inch may be the term Corridor associated with Popularity quarterback Warren Celestial satellite accustomed to explain Wilson because he or she was inside a passageway away from Seahawks' locker space. However there's some thing much more, Celestial satellite additional, some thing that is difficult to find in a quarterback not to mention 1 within their very first NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE period.

    "He offers self-confidence, inch Celestial satellite stated. "He's already been like this because day time 1. inch

    Russell Wilson is actually went after through Thomas Kerrigan within the 2nd fifty percent. (UNITED STATES These days Sports activities Pictures)Across the actual area, RG3 shattered upon Weekend. The actual Redskins pressed him or her further compared to their entire body might proceed, making the crossbreed associated with professional as well as university crimes as well as wishing he or she might operate these phones an excellent Dish which Wa offers craved for 2 years right now. Possibly in the event that it was Dallas or even Philadelphia, Weekend has been various. Towards Seattle's intense blitzing protection, their poor leg lastly offered method. Such as Good fortune a couple of hours prior to within Baltimore, your day wouldn't end up being regarding Griffin.

    Rather it had been concerning the quarterback through close by Richmond, Veterans administration., who's amply detailed from 5-foot-11. Because he's just about all 12 months, he or she dodged the actual Redskins' move rushers, he or she eluded takes up, he or she noticed receivers lower area as well as he or she finished sufficient essential goes by in order to earn an essential online game.

    Therefore, indeed, possibly it's time for you to help to make the actual first year quarterback discussion regarding Wilson right now. The actual Seahawks happen to be attempting to state this particular just about all 12 months, since he or she required the actual beginning work from Shiny Flynn within instruction camping. They've been informing exactly the same tale of the guy that in no way rattles, that has created large move performs from particular bags. These people chuckle in the people that state he's as well brief or even as well sluggish. These people concur, however they additionally state it does not matter.

    "He's questionable, inch stated Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin that invested the ineffective Champs Dish this year chasing after Wilson close to. Each time Irvin had been certain he'd Wilson, the actual quarterback had been eliminated as well as their fingers had been bare.

    [More: Fired up Ravens giving Ray Lewis a proper sendoff

    On Sunday evening, Wilson showed off a different skill: he tried to throw a block. He ran in front of Marshawn Lynch as the running back raced toward the end zone for what would become the winning touchdown and he looked for a Redskins player to knock aside. Undoubtedly it shocked the television audience buried in Luck and RG3 hype, and missed the way Wilson has played this season. To the Seahawks players this brought a shrug.

    "He does that all the time," Irvin said.

    When asked about the attempted block, Wilson smiled. He then suggested he wanted to help Lynch since the rusher always tells him, "I've got your back."

    For Wilson, this is about as exciting a response as he will give. And in the world of Luck and Griffin it will forever keep him from the commercials that other men get. Maybe that's all Wilson needs: His playoffs continue, the others' don't.

    "People ask me if I have a chip on my shoulder because I was a third-round pick," Wilson said before leaving the stadium. "If I was first overall or picked in the third round where I was, I'm blessed to be a Seattle Seahawk."

    In this he is probably right. Playing angry will only take you so far in the NFL. Eventually you have to be good. Eventually you have to come into the biggest game of your life, with 84,325 roaring in a foreign stadium and believe you can forget about a 14-0 deficit.

    Eventually you just have to win.

    Eventually you have to be the last rookie standing..

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    Rankings in the NBA upon Weekend




    1. NEW YORK Knicks twenty three 10. 697 --

    two. Brooklyn nineteen 15. 559 four 1/2

    3. Birkenstock boston sixteen seventeen, http://www.freerunishoes.com/ Free 5 shoes. 485 7

    four. Philadelphia 15 20. 429 9

    5. Toronto 12 twenty two. 353 11 1/2



    1. Indy 20 fourteen. 588 --

    two. Chi town eighteen 13. 581 0 1/2

    3. Milwaukee sixteen sixteen. 500 3

    four. Detroit 13 twenty three. 361 8

    5. Cleveland 8 28. 229 12 1/2



    1. Ohio twenty three 9. 719 --

    two. Atl 20 12. 625 3

    3. Orlando, florida 12 twenty one. 364 11 1/2

    four. Charlotte now 9 twenty-four. 273 fourteen 1/2

    5. Wa four twenty-eight. 125 nineteen




    1. Okla Town twenty six 7. 788 --

    two. Colorado 20 sixteen. 556 7 1/2

    3. Portland eighteen 15. 545 8

    four. Mn 15 15. 500 9 1/2

    5. Ut seventeen eighteen. 486 10



    1. LOS ANGELES Clippers 28 8. 771 --

    two. Gold Condition twenty two 11. 667 four

    3. LOS ANGELES Lakers 15 eighteen. 455 11

    four. Sacramento 13 twenty one. 382 13 1/2

    5. Phoenix arizona 12 twenty three. 343 15



    1. San Antonio 28 9. 750 --

    two. Memphis twenty one 10. 677 3 1/2

    3. Houston 20 fourteen. 588 6

    four. Dallas 13 twenty one. 382 13

    5. Brand new Orleans 8 twenty five. 242 seventeen 1/2


    Okla Town from Wa (0000)

    Birkenstock boston from NEW YORK Knicks (0030)

    Cleveland from Chi town (0100)

    San Antonio from Brand new Orleans (0100)

    Dallas from Ut (0200)

    Orlando, florida from Portland (0300)

    Memphis from Sacramento (0300)

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    For that 2nd 12 months inside a strip, Nick Kelly flirted along with getting a good NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE mind trainer, however is actually time for Or.

    Based on ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Kelly regarded as getting the actual Eagles’ following mind trainer, however chose to go back to Or.

    Upon Fri, NFL.com reported that Kelly was close to becoming the Browns’ next coach. Kelly then reportedly had a long interview with the Eagles on Saturday. He also met with the Bills.

    Upon Weekend, the actual Browns “walked away” through Kelly simply because they weren’t particular he or she had been 100 % devoted to departing Or, based on Jane Kay Cabot from the Cleveland Basic Seller.

    Kelly is actually 46-7 because Oregon’s trainer, such as the Fiesta Dish earn final Thurs. This past year, http://www.ifreerunningshoes.com/ Women Running shoes, Kelly nearly grew to become the actual Buccaneers’ mind trainer prior to determining in which to stay the school rates.

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    The Denver Broncos aren't just upgrading their roster this offseason.

    In addition to their $55 million splurge in free agency and plans to sign left tackle Ryan Clady to a big contract this summer, the Broncos are spending another $35 million to fix up their stadium and training facilities.

    Team President Joe Ellis said Friday the enhancements at Sports Authority Field include new high-definition scoreboards, a thousand flat-screen TVs and a refurbished concourse.

    At the team's suburban headquarters, they're replacing the 22-year-old heating system beneath the team's grass football fields ''so they'll look nice and green in December, which will be good for the players, better conditions for them, '' Ellis said.

    Ellis began planning the upgrades two summers ago after the new collective bargaining agreement gave clubs a clearer picture of future revenue projections.

    Also in the blueprints are a better stadium wireless network to accommodate all 75, 000 fans trying to send photos from their phones and a new indoor practice facility next to the team's outdoor fields so the players don't have to shuttle on buses to a cramped bubble during bad weather.

    The stadium upgrades are all part of enhancing the stadium experience to keep no-shows to a minimum. NFL attendance has taken a hit with fans opting to stay at home and watch on their big-screen TVs.

    ''It's a valid point. It's probably one of the top three initiatives that the commissioner has imposed on all of the clubs, '' Ellis said. ''You know, we're faced with the comfortable environment of the home screen, the television set, the high-definition 52-plus inch screen, the refrigerator five feet away, the comfortable couch, the ability to access multiple games, the Red Zone Channel, things of that nature.

    ''I know we have to do everything we can to make the in-stadium experience match that, http://www.durantkdshoes.com/ KD V Basketball shoes. ''

    With this year's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the Broncos are waiting to see if all goes well in the cold climes to see if the owners would support a bid to bring the game to Denver sometime soon. The stadium facelift would surely help such a bid.

    ''It wasn't really done part and parcel, to be fair, to be honest, '' Ellis said. ''But certainly you'd have to have something like that if you wanted to make a bid.... But the question probably needs to be asked again the second week of February after we see what happens in New York. ''

    The Broncos shouldn't have any trouble filling seats this season with an enhanced supporting cast surrounding Peyton Manning and a 2013 schedule that features Mike Shanahan's return on Oct. 27 and a rematch against Baltimore on the league's now-traditional Thursday night opener Sept. 5.

    With five prime-time kickoffs, Ellis suggested the schedule reflects the Broncos' return to prominence.

    ''That's something that we wouldn't have had a few years ago, so we've elevated our status as a team, and that's a testimony to the hard work of John Elway, John Fox and our coaching staff and most importantly, the players, '' Ellis said. ''We're in a good place as a team right now. ''

    It all starts when the Super Bowl champions travel to Denver for the opener. The Orioles are home that night and Major League Baseball could not move their game, so the Ravens will start out on the road - and against a team they upset in double-overtime in the playoffs.

    The traditional 48-hour celebration of concerts and parties will still take place in Baltimore that day.

    Ellis said he figures Elway is as driven by Denver's 38-35 loss to Baltimore three months ago as he was by an 30-27 loss to Jacksonville at home in 1997 that was followed by the Broncos' back-to-back Super Bowl wins in 1998 and '99.

    Elway returned to the franchise as executive vice president of football operations in 2011. Ellis said he's certain Elway is in this for the long haul.

    ''Yes. He's dug in, '' Ellis said, noting, for example, Elway's hands-on approach in the team's draft preparations this week. ''I don't see him wavering with that at all. I think he's very good about delegating and listening, but also strong enough and confident enough in his knowledge and his opinions to have the courage of his convictions and make good decisions on behalf of the organization, as I said, short-term and long-term. I believe he's going to be here for a while. ''

    While the team will continue upgrading its practice facilities in the coming years, Ellis said team owner Pat Bowlen's top priority is ''to put a competitive team on the field. ''

    ''That's the most important thing to Mr. Bowlen. He feels he's defined by how many Super Bowls he wins, and he hasn't won one in a long time, '' Ellis said. ''That's really his first goal. ''

    But getting an indoor practice facility is high on the team's wish list.

    ''If we had one, we'd use it a lot more than people realize. We have lightning strikes during training camp; we have situations where maybe it's better to practice indoors even though you could practice outdoors, '' Ellis said. ''That's something we are working on. ''

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    The most stores include Sportswear Holdings partial, Ellie Kors, As well as, ruben D. Idol. Sportswear might be buying an astounding 19.7 million explains conducted for-Allotment total number and may even lessen the control position that will 4.3% after 15.6%. Saindo fordi zona pour conforto. Spoilers Abaixo: Cá estou, Mais uma vez, Preparada para lançar mão dos meus já tradicionais elogios à temporada environnant les Grey's structure. Each série merece.

    More 700 designs photos cover four years and years you start with his adorning and sale brings together thanks to a bathroom kitchen while during the Empire government generating - to a continuously-Fostering hunt for American trend, An rob Lauren buy offers its own glance back to your partner's functional world and / or perform well. Pics about Lauren protect renowned absolute offerings, part-Harvested because of associated with runway trade explains, Selections, As promotional initiatives. Appropriate now, Our series include things like men's clothing, Womenswear, Apparel, scent, And as well, residence.

    Power sophisticated: "Do we actually need an additional team jacket, Asked, Fashion hair dresser. yup. Associated with us would. You have access to increased as well as time goes on. I is now able to only exactly examine most of usually unquestionably this particular holders and find out what i would like. Read labels, Desire made of constructed from wools all of the note sticker, 100% made of constructed from wool (Must but not necessarily quite cleanable).

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