EXO is very well know K-POP STAR!! MEMBERS ARE 12.




(Preview of EXO on Show Champion, 2013. Pic rights: MBC Network)

Since they returned to the music scene with “Wolf” and the new albums “XOXO [Kiss and Hug],” the guys of EXO have been all over the place: constant fan-sign events, Sukira Kiss the Radio and Simsimtapa spots, the Tencent Interview in China, and many other events. They’ve also been interacting and snapping photos with fellow musicians such as 2PM, SNSD, Henry Lau, Taemin and Minho of Shinee, and VIXX, to name a few.



(Suho reading his heart-felt letter to EXO. Pic rights: Sukira Kiss the Radio, 2013)

In addition to that, they have to either love or cope with some of the stage outfits their stylists are choosing. We loved the all-white outfits, we loved the all-black outfits, we can even learn to love the reddish orange — but we’re still dealing with the coordi-noonas’ vision of “EXO as World Wrestling Champions” theme that we witnessed for the SBS Inkigayo performance. Apparently, Kai is the Intercontinental Champion — we definitely saw a big, golden belt around his waist.

Let’s. Not. Even. Talk. About. That. Though.

This Week is Guaranteed to be Another Big One for EXO.





(Chanyeol of EXO calls a fan. Pic rights: Youngstreet Radio, 2013)

They are currently filming their first appearance on Weekly Idol. The fact that all twelve members of EXO would appear was announced on Weekly Idol’s Official Twitter page on June 4th (cr. @bestidolone).

Can we just talk about this for a second? We hope you’ve seen Weekly Idol because it’s not like any other interview/guest show.

This is the show where Dongwoo of Infinite was asked to touch and judge the butts of his fellow band mates (which he did, and it was hilarious). This is also the show where Illhoon of BTOB made Gwiyomi Player popular (in fact, Illhoon created Gwiyomi Player on the show MTV Diary and he perfected it on Weekly Idol). This is the show where Jonghyun of Shinee was asked by a fan if he’d ever gotten plastic surgery. This is the show where shy Bang Yong Guk of B.A.P showed his abs.





(First photo: D.O. of EXO dancing to Psy’s “Gentleman.” Second photo: Kris and Lay performing “Call You Mine.” Pic rights: Simsimtapa, 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbUDzQVMErQ for official video of “Call You Mine”)

The hosts of Weekly Idol, Hyung Don and Defcon, love to tease their guests (it’s all in fun, though). Almost nothing is off-limits for discussion. Don and Con always focus on making the show interesting and memorable. They also love to mess with the shy members, and they love verbal-jostling with the chatty ones.

The games, though — how will EXO fare with the games? Guests on Weekly Idol usually participate in silly games where they compete against the hosts. Let’s also not forget that the show just started a new segment called “Idol Call Center.” This is where fans can call Weekly Idol’s phone and leave voice mail messages for their favorite singers. They can say anything they want to the bands — anything from just declaring love to even asking personal questions that the singers have to answer.




(EXO’s Kris and Chanyeol during Tencent Interview. Pic rights: Tencent)

Now, as well as filming a spot on Arirang T.V., EXO will also be one of the bands on Show Champion, which is set to air on June 12th. Show Champion is basically a music ranking show like Music Core or MCountdown: the best of the best are chosen and rewarded based on fan votes, album sales, and the opinion of judges.


More about EXO : please visit the link blog.





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서울에어쇼 2011에 처음으로 다녀왔어요.
2년마다 열리는 에어쇼인데, 늘 뉴스에서만 봐오다가 울 아들 비행기 너무 좋아해서 함께 다녀왔습니다.
저희는 ADEX 2011(서울국제항공 및 방위산업 전시회) 하루 전날 파워블로거 자격으로 입장해서 리허설을 관람했답니다. ^^

다음날 열릴 에어쇼와 같은 내용이지만, 붐비는 사람이 없다는게 좋았어요.
이번 서울에어쇼에어쇼 뿐만 아니라 다양한 공군 첨단장비, 육군, 해군, 공군의 무기들과 방위산업들도 함께 볼수 있었구요.

특히 손으로 만저보고 사용해보고,, 탑승해 볼수 있는 다양한 체험도 많아서 좋았답니다.

 서울에어쇼는 국제 에어쇼라서인지 만국기가 푸른 가을하늘에 운치있게 펄럭이고 있더군요.

   에어쇼가 열리는 성남은 벌판이라선지 바람이 ~~~ 울아들 주체 못하는 바람에 모자를 씁니다.

      쑥스럽지만 입구에서도 인증샷 한컷~ 바람이 심상치 않아서 아이에게 담요를 덥어줬어요.

친절한 공군 대위님... 우리 아들과 함께 사진을 찍어 주었답니다.
여성 군인이셨는데 미소가 아름다우시더군요. 아이를 비행기 안에 데려가 구경까지...

덕분에 울 아들에겐 좋은 추억 만들어줬습니다. 에어서 다녀와서 몇일간 그이야기를 했습니다.
(이글 보실까요?? 보신다면 꼭~~ 감사드리고 싶구요. 공군 관계자 분들..

공군의 이미지를 아름답게 새겨준 친절맨(?)에게 자그마한 포상이라도...

다른 수송기지만 .. 비행기 조정석의 내부 모습.. 과연 저 똑딱이 기능들을 다 알고 사용할까??

참관객이 들어가서 앚아볼 수 있습니다.
휘발유?? 같은 냄새가 나서,,와 이거 쓰는 비행긴가 보네?? 했더니 조종사분께서 엊그제 전시회 때문에 직접 몰고온 비행기라고 하더군요 ㅋㅋ (전시용이 아니라는 말씀~~)

금방이라도 불이 나올 것 같은 제트기 후미모습. 바베큐 구워먹고 싶네요 ㅋㅋ

이곳 저곳 전시된 비행기와 헬기,,탱크, 장갑차 등을 마음껏 가까이서 구경했습니다.

탱크 잡는다는 아파치 헬기..
울아들 표정이 저런건 너무 눈이 부셔서에욧. 이글 보고 에어쇼 가시는 분 선그라스 꼭 챙기세요~

바람이 많이 불고 추워져서 저렇게 슈퍼맨처럼 다녔답니다.

사내아이라 이런 장비에 관심이 많더군요.
넓은 곳에서 이곳 저곳 천천히 둘러보고. 넓은 비행장을 맘껏 달리고 !!

드디어 에어쇼 리허설 시작. 
서울에어쇼(ADEX)의 자랑은 뭐니뭐니해도 에어쇼이겠지요? 

양적이나 질적인 요소 모두 최고라고 할 수 있을 정도로 다양한 종류의 기체들이 서울 공항의 푸르른 창공을 수놓았습니다. 처음으로 봤는데 정말 멋지더군요.

흔한 사진일 수 있어 올리지 않을까 하다가... 직접 찍은 사진이라 한번 올립니다.
에어쇼가 어떤건지도 볼수 있으니까요~

다른 찬란한 기종들이 있지만,
우리나라의 고등 전투훈련기 T-50, 설명을 들으니 마하 1.8 정도의 속도를 낸다고 하더군요.

본 기종은 경쟁력이 높아 해외에 수출 수주를 위해 노력한다고 하니,
참 자랑스럽기도 하고, 분단국가의 아픔이 있지만, 이를 잘 이용해 방위산업을 육성하면 나름 경쟁력이 있을 것 같다는 생각을 잠시했습니다.

동북아 최강의 전투기 F-15K

서울 에어쇼는 벌판에서의 쇼가 다가 아닙니다.
이제 ADEX(서울국제항공 및 방위산업 전시회)가 남아있습니다.

우리 방위산업의 현재와 미래를 볼수 있는 흥미로운 전시회였습니다.

비행기 조정할때 어지러움 체험? 일반인은 오른쪽? 왼쪽? 어디로 도는지 도통 모른다고 하더군요.

비행기 처럼 보이지만 실측해서 만든 정교한 모형입니다.

울아들이 집에 가져가고 싶어했던 장갑차..

자랑스런 대한민국의 공군.

위풍당당한 블랙 이글스의 제복 ^^

꽤 멋있어 보이는 헬멧과 선그라스..

공군의 역할, 경쟁력, 역사 등 다양한 컨텐츠가 있었습니다.

공군 관계자 분들이 부스마다 배치되어 전문적인 내용을 알기쉽게 잘 설명해 줘서 흥미로왔습니다.

로케트 캐릭터 인형과 사진 한컷~

설명이 길어지자 좀 지루해 보이는 울아들..
그래서 아래와 같이 미리 준비해온 조그만한 전투기 장난감을 손에 쥐어졌답니다.

금새 표정이 달라진 식이...
참. 관계자분 혹시 이글 보시나요?

에어쇼 방문하는 일반인은 주로 아이들 구경시켜주러 옵니다.
다큰 어른이 아무리 멋있다고 비행기 구경다니진 않찮아요 ㅠ..

그러니 담엔 작은 금액이 들더라도 기념품으로 비행기 장난감 같은거 어떠세요??

설명도 잘 듣고, 잼있는 구경도 하고, 기념품도 주셔서 즐거운 발걸음으로 돌아오는길에 찰칵~~

이번 방문은 공군블로그 "공감"의 운영을 담당하는 공근 홍보담당 부서에서 초청해 주셔서 좋은 추억을 만들게 되었습니다.

꼼꼼하게 동선까지 생각하며 준비해주신 담당자 분들께 감사드립니다.

그리고,, 공감 블로그 담당자님. "공감 블로그" 활성화를 위한 아이디어 제안을 얻고 싶다고 몇가지 TOPIC을 던지셨는데.. 전 그자리에서 알았습니다. 토픽 선정 자체를 보니, 이미 제대로 알고 계시고 고민을 해보신 분이라는 것을...

테크니컬 한 부분이 있긴 하지만, 방향을 잘 잡으시는 것 같아서 아마 공군 블로그 '공감'은 소통과 참여의 공간으로 크게 발전하리라 믿습니다.

우리공군 화이팅! 공감 블로그 화이팅!!

저작자 표시 비영리 변경 금지
크리에이티브 커먼즈 라이선스
Creative Commons License

식이네 집 ^^
백팩, 숄더백, 메신저백, 크로스백, 팔찌, 커플팔찌, 기념일 선물 등 브랜드 정보 제공

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    There has been a burst of publicity lately that Iverson is a changed, respected, responsible man. Perhaps, Pierce got most of the blame for what happened at the 2002 World Games sixth-place finish under George Karl, but Golden State's Davis also had some part in it. USA Basketball executives were furious at Davis, so it was comical to hear him add his name to the list last week as he seems about to put another coach on the unemployment line. There was a confrontation last week when a columnist reported a verbal attack by Davis, http://www.nbabgstore.com/ Spurs Gary Neal Men's Jersey. Yep, we want that guy in a USA jersey.

    That brings us to Anthony, he is putting up quite a scoring season and hit his second game-winning shot in a row last week. It was the fifth of his NBA career, an interesting contrast with
    Anthony is a remarkable offensive talent, and has had a career full of embarrassments already from refusing to enter games as a rookie to that drug-glorifying DVD he made in Baltimore last year. But he was a major problem on the 2004 team from his trash-talking and childish behavior in practices to wearing his pants like a handyman with a heavy tool belt, much to the disappointment of USA Basketball officials.

    The next Olympic team could do without all of them, especially because there are enough excellent perimeter and wing players. James and Bryant are two taken spots, and Dwyane Wade should be added. Maybe Gilbert Arenas gets a spot, too, though scoring won't be a problem. Chauncey Billups would be a good choice when looking for facilitators and defenders and Bulls' Kirk Hinrich remains high on the list of possibilities.

    The problem is big men. Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O'Neal and Jermaine O'Neal are not expected to play.
  3. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    还 活 着

    襁褓中睡熟的小宝宝,有时静得出奇,我就赶紧用手去探探是否 仍有呼吸,先生因此笑我“神经质”。 夜里睡觉时,先生鼾声大作,我无法入睡,气煞人也!只好拧他 一把。“唉哟!”只听他笑道:“打鼾有啥不好?让你知道我还活着 啊!”

    白 费 心 机

    两年内,有一个青年连续写了七百多封情书给他心爱的女友,结 果他的女友终于宣布要结婚了,新郎就是给她送这些信的邮差。

    如 此 凑 巧

    父亲每天晚饭后坐在沙发上看报纸, 四岁的小铃很迷惑地问: “爸爸,好奇怪,为什么每天发生的新闻都刚好填满一张报纸呢?”

    水 蜜 桃

    有一天,五岁的小惠望着姑姑的脸说:“姑姑,你的脸好像水蜜 桃哟!”姑姑高兴地抱着她左亲右亲,并问:“是怎么象的?”小侄 女天真地回答:“上面都有细细的毛。”

    毛 巾 汤

    妈妈正在厨房里用开水烫毛巾消毒,小小跑过来,指着那不断冒 气的锅子问:“妈妈,那里面是什么?”“是毛巾啊。”小小迟疑了 一会儿说:“我不知道原来毛巾也能煮汤哪!”

    救 爸 爸

    一个小女孩第一次在电话里听到她父亲的声音时,便大哭起来, 她母亲问道:“孩子,怎么啦?”“妈妈,”女孩指着听筒说,“我 们怎样才能把爸爸从这样小小的洞眼里救出来呢?”

    怎 能 不 哭

    动物园的一头大象死了,管理员在旁边失声痛哭!游客们都说, 他平日一定很喜欢这头象,所以不忍大象死去。一位知道内情的人说: “不,按规定,他要负责为大象挖个墓坑。”

    相 像

    “这孩子长得跟我一模一样!”大哥得意地对朋友说。 “不要难过,”朋友安慰,“小孩丑一点没关系,只要健康活泼 就好了。”

    旱 鸭 子 专 用

    暴发户邀集了许多朋友去参观他的三个游泳池。大家都大愕不解, 问他为什么需要三个。他说:“第一个和一般游泳池一样, http://www.csnthunder.com/ Thunder Martin home Jersey,装的冷水, 用途也和一般一样。第二个则是装热水,天气冷时使用。第三个则不 装水。”“那不装水成什么游泳池?” “我有一些朋友是旱鸭子,他们不宜用冷、热水游泳池,所以特 地为他们建造了这个。”

    魏 什 么

    有一德国人酷爱中国文化,取名魏特茂,一日遇一老翁,两人寒 暄起来,老翁:“您贵姓?”“我姓魏。” “魏什么?”“为什么?难道姓魏也要讲原因吗?”

    第 八 十 三

    报童在广场上大声叫卖报纸:“惊人的诈骗巨案,受骗者已达八 十二人. ....。”一个人连忙走过去买了一份报纸,但是看来看去也 没有发现那条“巨案”的消息。这时,报童又在大声叫卖:“卖报, 卖报,惊人的诈骗巨案,受骗者已达八十三人!”

    别 有 用 意

    女病人:医生,你叫我把舌头伸出来,怎么你又不看呢? 医生:我不是要看你的舌头,我叫你把舌头伸出来,只是要你在 我开药方的时候安静些。

    忙 中 出 错

    董事长为参加宴会,在公司门口急急忙忙地跳上一部的士,同时 大声说:“我要赶时间,开快点!只剩下二十分钟了!”说完便打开 手上的晚报来看。一直看了十几分钟,他才抬起头来,一看,车子还 在公司门口,他大为生气,正要找司机发火时,才发现车上根本没在 司机。

    糊 涂 教 授

    “教授,听说尊夫人生了双胞胎。是男的,还是女的?” “让我想想看。好象一个是女的,另一个是男的。不过又好象是 正好相反。”

    幸 好 没 有

    房客:楼上那些人真是莫名其妙,昨晚半夜两点钟时,乒乒乓乓 地冲下楼梯,疯狂似地敲我的房门。 房东:真的吗?他们把你吵醒了吗? 房客:幸好没有。当时我正在练习吹喇叭。

    技 术 惊 人

    妻:我的驾驶技术已经十分惊人了! 夫:才学了几天就有这样的成绩吗? 妻:当我开车时,路人都要纷纷逃避!

    何 不 早 说

    贼师父埋怨徒弟说:“你可真称得上是个白痴!我们费了整夜时 间才打开所有的保险箱,可是里面全是空的。到现在你才告诉我-这 是一家制造保险箱的工厂!”

    乘 电 梯

    阿肥由于嗜食,以致身宽体胖。每次上下电梯,别人只要见他在 内,必定要等下一班。有一次他向大伙抱怨:“为什么要这样伤害我 呢?跟我乘电梯有什么不好呢?只不过上来时慢一些,下去时快一点 罢了。”

    高 兴 太 早

    一男青年将被征入伍,军队医院眼科医生给他做视力检查,青年 边接受检查边表白自己是个近视眼。检查完毕,大夫说:“是的,你 说得对,是近视眼。”青年听到这句话非常高兴。“尊敬的大夫,那 么我可以免服兵役了?”大夫摇摇头说:“不......我写上了可参加 肉搏战。”

    腿 与 蛋

    农场中一只猪与一只母鸡在谈慈善。猪说:“我很想有一个方法 能帮助那些没有饭吃的穷人。”鸡说:“我们来合作,可以做一个火 腿蛋来给他们吃。”猪摇头说:“你说得倒容易。你只是贡献一个副 产品,而我却要不见了一条腿。”

    追 车 的 人

    在一辆载满旅客的公共汽车后面,一个个子矮小的人在拼命奔跑 着,但汽车却仍在下坡路上高速前进。“停下吧,”一位乘客的头伸 出了窗子,冲小个子喊道:“您追不上它的!”“不行,我必须追上。 ”小个子气喘吁吁,“我是司机!”

    有 备 无 恐

    81岁的老父从香港到加拿大看儿子。他虽然年纪老迈,但精力 充沛,每天都要出去散步。由于他不会说英语,无法问路,因此他儿 子担心他会迷途。有天下午,他散步特别久,回家后,儿子迎上去问 他有没有遇到麻烦。老人含笑说:“别担心,我有备无恐,早抄下了 这条街的街名。”说罢从裤袋里掏出一张纸,神气地给儿子看。上面 原来写着:“NOEXIT(此路不通)。”

    倒 霉 的 病 人

    有一个牙科医生,第一次给病人拨牙,非常紧张。他刚把臼齿拨 下来,不料手一抖,没有夹住,于是,牙齿掉进了病人的喉咙。“非 常抱歉。”医生说,“你的病已不在我的职责范围内,你应该去找喉 科医生。当这个病人找到喉科医生时,他的牙齿掉得更深了,喉科医 生给他做了检查。“非常抱歉”,医生说,“你的病已不在我的职责 范围内,你应该去找胃病专家。”胃病专家用X光为病人检查后说: “非常抱歉,牙齿已掉到你的肠子里了,你应该去找肠病专家。”肠 病专家同样做了X光检查后说:“非常抱歉,牙齿已不在肠子里,它 肯定掉到更深的地方了,你应该去找肛门科专家。”最后,病人趴在 肛门科医生的检查台上,摆出一个屁股朝天的姿势,医生用内窥镜检 查了一番,然后吃惊地叫到:“啊,天啊!你的这里长了颗牙齿,应 该去找牙科医生。”

    没 空

    “你怎么一天到晚老是玩?” “晚上光睡觉,没空玩嘛!”

    口 快 心 直

    我们5岁大的儿子迷上了摩托车,一见就情不自禁地高喊:“看 哪!将来我一定要有一辆!”我的回答永远是:“只要我活着就不行。 ”一天,儿子正跟小朋友谈话,一辆摩托车我驰而过。他兴奋地指着 大叫:“看哪!看哪!我要买一辆--等我爸爸一死我就买!”

    残 酷 人 生

    两个人在餐馆吃饭,桌上放着一杯热芥末。其中一个认为芥末是 甜的,于是舀了满满一勺放进嘴里,立即泪如泉涌。不过,他紧闭嘴 巴,没说一句话。他的朋友迷惑不解:“怎么?”“我想起了我父亲, 就在20年前的今天,他上吊了。” 他的朋友安慰了他一番,也舀了满满一勺芥末放进嘴里,骤然, 泪水如流。第一位佯装地问:“怎么你也哭了?”“我在想你父亲上 吊的时候,你为什么不上吊?”第二个答道。

    学 习 母 鸡

    妈妈:“小明,你吃糖为什么不分给小妹妹吃?你看老母鸡找到 小虫,统统给小鸡吃,你该学习母鸡呀!” 小明:“好吧。如果我找到小虫,也统统给小妹妹吃好了。”

    躲 蛇 妙 法

    父亲:“阿光,碰到眼镜蛇时,该怎么办?” 阿光:“先把它的眼镜打破再逃走。”

    专 家 本 色

    修理工应召去医生家修理电视机,发现他那架电视机用了十年, 已经破旧不堪了,医生用幽默的口吻说:“你开个处方吧。”修理工 对着电视机默默看了一阵,然后回答:“我看只能写验尸报告去。”

    未 出 过 国

    医生:“你小孩患的是德国麻疹。” 母亲:“怎么可能?他从来未出过国啊!”

    被 冷 落 的 顾 客

    老王在餐厅坐了很久,看到别的客人吃得津津有味,只有他仍无 侍者来招呼,便起身问老板:“对不起,请问--我是不是坐到观众 席了?”

    广 告 费

    有一妇人到报馆的广告部, 要登一段讣文, 她说丈夫刚死了。 “你要登哪一种讣文呢?”广告员问。“随便好了。”妇人红着眼睛 答。“那么就刊在第五版吧。”广告员建议说:“我们是按寸收费的, 每寸5元。”“天呀,那岂不是要化费一大笔钱?”妇人吃惊地说, “我的丈夫有6尺5寸长啊!”

    客 气 的 马

    --昨天你骑马骑得怎样? --不太坏。问题是我那匹马太客气了。 --太客气了? --是呀。当骑到一道篱笆时,它让我先过去了!

    形 象 比 喻

    我的两个女儿常取笑她们的爷爷是个老顽固,而他却竭力否认。 一天,爷爷跟她们讲他在山里的一次骑马旅行,他说:“导游认为马 的性格应和骑马的人一致,并把我们作了很仔细的搭配。”“你骑的 马是什么样?”一个女儿插嘴道。爷爷极其勉强地回答:“给了我一 头骡子。”

    愿 望

    青年问一老者:“您已年近古稀,年轻时候的愿望都实现了吗?” 老者:“年轻的时候,父亲责备我时总揪我的头发,当时我想,要是 没有头发就好了。”“今天,这个愿望算是实现了。”

    不 得 要 领

    “救火!救火!”电话里传来了紧急而恐慌的呼救声。 “在哪里?”消防队急救部门的接话员问。 “在我家。” “我是说失火的地点在哪里?” “在厨房!” “我知道,可是我们该怎样去你家嘛?!” “噢!难道你们没有救火车吗?!”

    防 不 胜 防

    --你的脸色不太好。 --是啊,我老婆夜里根本不让我睡觉。稍有动静,她就惊叫起来, 以为是贼来了。 --小偷行窃是不会出声的。 --我也是这么对她说的,可那更糟了。 --怎么了? --从此,她夜里听不到声音,就把我叫醒。

    组 装

    妈妈怀孕了,四岁的小宝百思不得其解,他想知道,未来的弟弟 或妹妹是如何生出来的。爸爸耐心地给小宝描绘道:“先生出头,再 生出身子,最后是两条腿,懂了吗?” “懂了,爸爸。然后你用螺丝把它们组装起来,对吧!”


    油井失火,公司经理叫来了消防队,可是由于火势太大,消防队 员无法靠近,只能在两千英尺以外活动。公司管理员请的一支业余消 防队这时也赶来了,消防车突突突突勇敢地一直开到离大火只有五十 英尺的地方才停下,消防队员迅速抓起水枪,动手救火,很快就把火 扑灭了。 第二天公司经理给这支业余消防队发了两千元奖金。有人问那队 长,两千元如何安排?队长不加思索地回答说:“首先要办的是把消 防车的刹车修好。真他妈的见鬼,昨天差点把我们送到火里去了!”

    精 神 对 抗

    --您瞧,昨天公共汽车司机盯着我看,仿佛我没买票。 --那您怎么办? --很简单,我也盯着他看,就象我买了票似的。

    妙 计

    陆先生造房子,有一大堆碎砖要运走,工人说要两辆卡车。陆先生对工人说:“不必花运费了!你在空地上掘个坑,埋了它罢。”工 人:“那么,挖出来的泥放到哪里去呢?”“你真笨,把坑挖深一点, 一起埋下去不就行了。”

    淡 得 有 味

    父亲生日前一天,我去订做一个大蛋糕,由于父亲不能吃太甜的 东西,所以我嘱咐老板糖不要放得太多,稍微淡些。那老板顺手在纸 上记着:“父亲生日稍淡。”第二天,我去取蛋糕。打开一看,可真是让人啼笑皆非。原来蛋糕上的字样是:“祝父亲大人生日快乐,稍淡敬上”。

    削 蹄 割 尾

    有一天申先生写信给他的朋友熊先生。一时,疏忽把“熊”字下 面四点忘了,写成“能先生。”熊先生一看;又气又恼,提起笔来写 了一封回信,故意把申先生误写成“由先生”,还说:“你削掉了我 的四个蹄子,我也要割掉你的尾巴。

    有 为 青 年


    高 贵


    油 彩 未 干

    画家把他几幅精美的油画雇用货车运到展览会场去。他特别叮咛 司机:“小心点!画上的油彩还没干透。”司机说:“没关系,我穿 的都是旧衣服。”

    一 看 便 知

    一个寡妇要把亡夫的一帧遗照拿去放大,她走进照相馆,对老板 说:“我要放大这张相片,不过当你放大的时候,我希望你能顺便把 他戴的那顶讨厌的帽子去掉。” “好的,太太”照相馆老板说,“不过请你告诉我,他的头发是朝哪一边分呢?”“这个我倒不太记得了,”寡妇回答,“可是反正你拿掉他的帽子一看不就知道了。”

    “防 盗”

    一位老太太说:“过去我总是把黄金藏在床垫下面,人家告诉我 那个地方最不安全。现在我把它们放在箱子里了。” “你难道不怕忘记放在哪个箱子里吗?”有位邻居问她。 “不怕”她回答,“我在床垫下边放了一张字条‘黄金放在黑皮 箱子里’。”

    希 罕

    盼子心切的包氏夫妇喜获麟儿,他们用尽心思,要为儿子取个出 众的名字,最后决定叫他做“希罕”。希罕的童年很幸福,但他讨厌 这个名字,后来长大成人、结婚生子、事业非常成功,还是讨厌他的 名字,最后年老卧病,垂危时他央求妻子道:“请你千万别把‘希罕’ 两字刻在墓牌上,就叫我包氏好了。” 他死后,妻子按照他的遗愿没有把他的名字刻在碑上,可是只刻 “包氏”二字好象过于简单,她想让人知道他是个多么好的丈夫,于 是在“包氏”之下刻了两行小字:他结婚以后,从来未看过别的女人 一眼。 现在,不论谁经过他的墓前,都会说一声:“希罕!”


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    The starters for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game will be announced January 17th, and it seems that the final frontcourt spot in the Western Conference is going to come down to Blake Griffin and Tim Duncan.

    Both players have had very good seasons, and both are forwards for top-three squads in the NBA, but the way it's looking, only one of them will be grabbing a starting spot.

    Vote totals were last announced on January 3rd, and it showed Griffin with a substantial, yet potentially surmountable lead. Griffin's vote total was approaching 600, 000, while Tim Duncan was about 240, 000 votes behind him.

    Stephen Dunn/Getty Images
    If we were to take the players that "should" be starting, it would be Kevin Durant (who is second behind Kobe Bryant in Western Conference voting), Duncan and Griffin. Dwight Howard isn't having the year that either of the other two are having.

    So who is having the better season? Well, that's going to take a few questions before we can really nail down an answer.

    As far as being a certifiable All-Star goes, there are a lot of qualifications a player must meet. Obviously it helps if he's on a good team, but the impact he makes on a team can be taken into consideration regardless of the team's record.

    Overall, it's wise to look at how productive a player has been statistically, while balancing a more intangible-based observation at the same time.

    Of course, you can't ignore the fact that this game is for the fans, that's why they vote. There is some intrinsic value in how fun it is to watch a guy play basketball.

    That being said, the most basic place to start is to look at each player statistically.

    Tim Duncan is coming into the home stretch averaging 17, http://www.csnPackers.com/ Packers Game Mens Jersey. 1 points per game on 50 percent shooting. He's piling on 9. 6 rebounds, 2. 7 assists, and a combined 3. 5 blocks and steals, all while committing just 1. 7 fouls per game and turning the ball over twice.

    Griffin, meanwhile, is averaging 17. 7 points on 53. 4 percent shooting, dropping in 8. 6 rebounds, 3. 2 assists and a combined 2. 1 steals and blocks.

    Simply put, Griffin is having the better offensive season and Duncan is having the better defensive season.

    Both players have shown an impressive amount of improvement compared to last season—only when you're talking about Duncan it's not so much improvement as it is a "turn back the clock" type season.

    The thing that impresses me most about Duncan is the fact that he is anchoring San Antonio's defense without the help of an above-average frontcourt player to manage the post alongside him.

    Duncan's improvement is almost solely responsible for bringing defense back into the forefront for the Spurs, as San Antonio's defensive efficiency ranking moved from 10th in the league last season to fourth this year.

    In reality, he is a legitimate Defensive Player of the Year candidate.

    Meanwhile, Griffin has shown a ton of improvement compared to a season ago in a way that makes it seem he's taking the necessary steps to really become a much better player in the coming seasons, and it's starting this season.

    Pretending he doesn't have a post-game is a part of the past. Few players have as strong a drop-step, and his hook shot is becoming a piece of beauty.

    On top of that, his mid-range shot is steadily improving; he's shooting 38 percent from outside of the paint, compared to 34 percent two years ago.

    Griffin takes high-percentage shots directly at the rim because he can. He's able to get there as easily as any other big man in the NBA.

    Going further, Griffin is the perfect example of a guy who needs to be in the All-Star Game, if only because his game is so entertaining.

    If we're talking about a guy who can contribute to a team, become an unquestioned leader and is just a stellar basketball player overall, then Duncan deserves to have the start.

    However, this is an All-Star Game. These two players have had very different, yet similar seasons. Both have played a huge part in the success of a very good basketball team, and both have their strengths and weaknesses at this point in their career.

    I'm more impressed with what Duncan is doing, but an All-Star Game isn't some sort of lifetime achievement award; it's a goofy-midseason game meant to be entertaining.

    Based off that definition of the game, Griffin is your All-Star Starter, as he should be. He's not only the fan choice, but he's got a game that lends itself to these situations.

    The fans are voting for the guy they most want to see, and that's what the All-Star Game is. Griffin has played good enough for people to withhold their outrage when he is inevitably starting over Duncan, so it shouldn't be too much of a big deal.

    However, if we want to get into a debate over who is more deserving of an All-NBA First Team selection, then the choice is definitely Duncan.
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  10. Curbing Stephen Curry and his three-point prowess is job No. 1 for the Denver Nuggets.

    Curry leads the Golden State Warriors into the Pepsi Center for a first-round series starting Saturday that many consider the marquee matchup of the first round because it pits two exciting, high-octane teams that love to run.

    Might as well dust off the old red, white and blue basketball from the old ABA as much as everyone's expecting these two teams to get up and down the court.

    While the Nuggets pile on points in the paint better than any team in the league, the Warriors do their damage from the fringe. They led the NBA with a 40. 3 three-point percentage.

    Curry, storming back from two years of ankle problems, shot his way into NBA history by sinking 272 3-pointers this season, three more than former record-holder Ray Allen had for Boston in 2005-06.

    On Friday, he became the first Warriors player since Chris Mullen in November of 1990 to win Western Conference Player of the Month honors after averaging 25. 4 points, 8. 1 assists, 3. 9 rebounds and 2. 13 steals while shooting 46. 5 percent from the field and 44. 4 percent from three-point range in eight games in the month of April.

    ''It may be genetic, '' said Nuggets coach George Karl, who coached Curry's dad, Dell Curry, in the late 1990s in Milwaukee. ''His dad was a great shooter and it's amazing, he probably is a better shooter. ''

    All the attention the younger Curry attracted this season freed up his backcourt mate, Klay Thompson, who sank 211 long-range baskets.

    That's 483 between them, the most by any duo in league history.

    The Nuggets will send a wave of defenders at Curry to cool his hot hand, including Ty Lawson starting out and including healthy doses of Andre Iguodala, their best perimeter defender.

    ''You've just got to be aware of where the shooters are, '' Iguodala said. ''Good defense can be beat sometimes by three-point shooters. But if you play the percentages, make them take tough shots, contest the shots, the percentages kind of fall toward the defense. ''

    Lawson said he wants to force Curry to put the ball on the floor and drive to the hoop to keep him from finding any rhythm.

    ''Just be physical with him. He wants to shoot, so don't give him too much space. Just make him drive, '' Lawson said. ''Even when he does drive, he wants to step back and get a jump shot. ''

    And when he steps up behind the arc...

    ''I've got to be out there, '' Lawson said. ''I know his range. I've been watching his game and his range is unlimited. Once he crosses halfcourt, I've just got to be no more than one step away from him. ''

    After having problems with his now twice-surgically repaired right ankle the last two seasons, Curry had a breakout year.

    He was a cumulative 16 of 25 from long-range against the Nuggets this season, but three of those games were played in November and one in January, so Denver's 3-1 series win isn't much of a gauge.

    Still, Curry got a feel for how Denver likes to defend him.

    ''They switched a lot, because they have the personnel to do it, '' he said. ''With Ty Lawson, Andre Miller and their wings, they have so many wings, Iguodala, (Corey) Brewer, (Evan) Fournier's playing now. Wilson Chandler is able to switch. One through four, they can do it. Not sure what they'll try when we start out the series. You just have to be ready for everything. ''

    If the Nuggets succeed in making him miss, ''we still have other guys that can get involved, '' Warriors center Andrew Bogut said. ''If they're going to focus on Steph, even though he's our best shooter and our best offensive scorer, I think we have enough threats out there where Steph is happy to be a distributor and get a lot of assists, which is generally what he does when teams do that. ''

    To counter the attention Curry commands, coach Mark Jackson plays him off the ball at times, especially at the end of games, when Jarrett Jack comes in at point guard and the Warriors go to a three-guard lineup, http://www.freerunishoes.com/ Free 5 shoes.

    If the Nuggets can disrupt Golden State's shots, the key for them becomes rebounding, which jumpstarts their fastbreak barrage, something that would be a lot easier with forward Kenneth Faried on the floor to keep Golden State's All-Star forward David Lee in check.

    Faried, Denver's top rebounder, has been out a week after spraining his left knee against Portland on Sunday. He practiced on a limited basis Friday, running a few plays in a scrimmage, walking through a handful of other plays and running ''gassers'' with the rest of the team afterward.

    ''I don't think that decision can be made today, '' Karl said of Faried's availability for Saturday. ''Got to wait until tomorrow. ''

    Faried was also non-committal: ''I'm not saying I'm not. I'm not saying I am. The plan is just to come in and be with my teammates. And even if I'm not playing, I'm going to be on the bench cheering for them. '' Faried said the Nuggets did well without him last week and ''that's why I'm not in too much of a rush to get back. I want to be 100 percent. ''

    Either way, Wilson Chandler will get the start in place of Faried, Karl said. Chandler has been terrific either starting or coming off the bench ever since January, when he was finally fully recovered from offseason hip surgery.

    Curry, who led Davidson to two NCAA tournament berths, has a history of rising to the challenge in big games, including a career-best 54-point game at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 27, when he sank 11 3s.

    ''For me, it's about consistency and how you approach the big game. You don't get too hyped for the Madison Square Gardens, the Staples Centers, the nationally televised games more so than you do a Tuesday night game against the Phoenix Suns, '' Curry said.

    ''He was born with bright lights, '' Jackson said. ''He had a dad that was a professional athlete. The pressure was always on him to live up to expectations. And then on top of that, being good as a child of a professional athlete, the expectations are even higher. He embraced it, didn't run from it and has been extremely successful with that. ''
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    Upon Fri, NFL.com reported that Kelly was close to becoming the Browns’ next coach. Kelly then reportedly had a long interview with the Eagles on Saturday. He also met with the Bills.

    Upon Weekend, the actual Browns “walked away” through Kelly simply because they weren’t particular he or she had been 100 % devoted to departing Or, based on Jane Kay Cabot from the Cleveland Basic Seller.

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    In addition to their $55 million splurge in free agency and plans to sign left tackle Ryan Clady to a big contract this summer, the Broncos are spending another $35 million to fix up their stadium and training facilities.

    Team President Joe Ellis said Friday the enhancements at Sports Authority Field include new high-definition scoreboards, a thousand flat-screen TVs and a refurbished concourse.

    At the team's suburban headquarters, they're replacing the 22-year-old heating system beneath the team's grass football fields ''so they'll look nice and green in December, which will be good for the players, better conditions for them, '' Ellis said.

    Ellis began planning the upgrades two summers ago after the new collective bargaining agreement gave clubs a clearer picture of future revenue projections.

    Also in the blueprints are a better stadium wireless network to accommodate all 75, 000 fans trying to send photos from their phones and a new indoor practice facility next to the team's outdoor fields so the players don't have to shuttle on buses to a cramped bubble during bad weather.

    The stadium upgrades are all part of enhancing the stadium experience to keep no-shows to a minimum. NFL attendance has taken a hit with fans opting to stay at home and watch on their big-screen TVs.

    ''It's a valid point. It's probably one of the top three initiatives that the commissioner has imposed on all of the clubs, '' Ellis said. ''You know, we're faced with the comfortable environment of the home screen, the television set, the high-definition 52-plus inch screen, the refrigerator five feet away, the comfortable couch, the ability to access multiple games, the Red Zone Channel, things of that nature.

    ''I know we have to do everything we can to make the in-stadium experience match that, http://www.durantkdshoes.com/ KD V Basketball shoes. ''

    With this year's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the Broncos are waiting to see if all goes well in the cold climes to see if the owners would support a bid to bring the game to Denver sometime soon. The stadium facelift would surely help such a bid.

    ''It wasn't really done part and parcel, to be fair, to be honest, '' Ellis said. ''But certainly you'd have to have something like that if you wanted to make a bid.... But the question probably needs to be asked again the second week of February after we see what happens in New York. ''

    The Broncos shouldn't have any trouble filling seats this season with an enhanced supporting cast surrounding Peyton Manning and a 2013 schedule that features Mike Shanahan's return on Oct. 27 and a rematch against Baltimore on the league's now-traditional Thursday night opener Sept. 5.

    With five prime-time kickoffs, Ellis suggested the schedule reflects the Broncos' return to prominence.

    ''That's something that we wouldn't have had a few years ago, so we've elevated our status as a team, and that's a testimony to the hard work of John Elway, John Fox and our coaching staff and most importantly, the players, '' Ellis said. ''We're in a good place as a team right now. ''

    It all starts when the Super Bowl champions travel to Denver for the opener. The Orioles are home that night and Major League Baseball could not move their game, so the Ravens will start out on the road - and against a team they upset in double-overtime in the playoffs.

    The traditional 48-hour celebration of concerts and parties will still take place in Baltimore that day.

    Ellis said he figures Elway is as driven by Denver's 38-35 loss to Baltimore three months ago as he was by an 30-27 loss to Jacksonville at home in 1997 that was followed by the Broncos' back-to-back Super Bowl wins in 1998 and '99.

    Elway returned to the franchise as executive vice president of football operations in 2011. Ellis said he's certain Elway is in this for the long haul.

    ''Yes. He's dug in, '' Ellis said, noting, for example, Elway's hands-on approach in the team's draft preparations this week. ''I don't see him wavering with that at all. I think he's very good about delegating and listening, but also strong enough and confident enough in his knowledge and his opinions to have the courage of his convictions and make good decisions on behalf of the organization, as I said, short-term and long-term. I believe he's going to be here for a while. ''

    While the team will continue upgrading its practice facilities in the coming years, Ellis said team owner Pat Bowlen's top priority is ''to put a competitive team on the field. ''

    ''That's the most important thing to Mr. Bowlen. He feels he's defined by how many Super Bowls he wins, and he hasn't won one in a long time, '' Ellis said. ''That's really his first goal. ''

    But getting an indoor practice facility is high on the team's wish list.

    ''If we had one, we'd use it a lot more than people realize. We have lightning strikes during training camp; we have situations where maybe it's better to practice indoors even though you could practice outdoors, '' Ellis said. ''That's something we are working on. ''
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    Rangers BOSS Nolan Thomas informed Fox26 Sports activities within Houston upon Fri how the membership created Berkman a good provide.

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    Wholesome within 2011, Berkman batted. 301 along with thirty-one house operates as well as 94 RBI having a. 959 OPS since the Cardinals received the planet Sequence..
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