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The Undisputed Original 오리지널 메신저백 : De Martini 디마티니

This design of bag has been used in the transportation of mail and goods by numerous types of messengers, including Pony Express riders, postal workers, messengers on foot (especially in ancient times), and bicycle couriers. Some Royal Mail carriers in the United Kingdom currently use large messenger bags to deliver mail.

위 디자인과 같은 형태의 메신저백은 포니 익스프레스 사의 우편배달부를 포함하여,
다양한 메신저 들이 사용하는 가방이었다.

현재에도 영국의 왕실 메일이나 특별한 메일은 이 큰 메신저백에 담아 전달하고 있다.

The design of the modern messenger bag traces its origin to the utility lineman’s bag of the 1950s made by De Martini Globe Canvas Company, which was founded by Frank De Martini and run with his two daughters, Kathleen and Marge. It was formerly located in an underground shop at 177 Mott Street in Little Italy New York City, and later Purchases by Rod Hanson.[citation needed] The original bags were handmade to order on the spot by the De Martinis themselves and cost $20 to $40. The present bags are mass manufactured, and for the large bag were $80 but recently were raised to $100. Custom work or additional frills are no longer done. The bags originally allowed lineman to carry necessary tools within easy reach while climbing utility poles.

1950년대에 설립된 디마티니 메신저백은 많은 메신저백 제조사들로 부터 copy 되었으며,
가방 디자인을 이끌어왔으며, 그 60년이 넘는 세월동안에도 그대로의 모습을 유지하고 있다.

Frank De Martini at work.

You probably don’t know that the originator of messenger bags, De Martini Globe Canvas, has been operating out of New Haven for the past few years. That’s because the founder, Frank De Martini, died and his daughter sold the name and company. Hopefully, the product hasn’t changed because it seems to be heavily endorsed by messengers. The web is full of comments praising De Martini bags as the originator of the style, and a truly reliable product.

특히, 로드 한슨에게 경영을 맡은 후에도 변함없이 예전 스타일 그대로 오리지널리티를 유지하고 있다.
이는 누구도 부정할 수 없는 디마티니의 역사와 오리지널리티의 반증이기도 하다.


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