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    Are you looking to rip the latest Indiana Jones movie or preserve a ripped collection of your favorite Western movies? While the art of ripping CDs has become obsolete and extremely easy over the years, DVD ripping continues to pose challenges till now. You need to have a combination of the right knowledge; a good configuration computer and excellent ripping software and ripping won be a hassle anymore. There is quite a lot of quality dvd ripper software available in the market and most of them yield satisfactory results.

    The most commonly used software is the hand-brake. It is free and has a zero fuss UI which makes it popular among the users. If you are using hand-brake, you can open the software, go to the source and open the file which you want to rip. It usually takes a few moments for the scanning of the file and ascertains the chapters and titles if there are multiple videos. The latter is more common when you are trying to rip a TV show rather than a movie and most likely you will have to do it manually.

    The hand-brake is excellent software and allows you to fiddle around with the video, audio and subtitle settings of the file. You can trim the borders or unnecessary parts of the video. You can crop out some areas of the video and you can work on the brightness and contrast features of the video. You can change the codecs or the frame rate of the video. In a nutshell you can explore every single option to come out with a video that is customized to suit your needs. In fact for further personalization, http://www.indianapoliscoltshop.com/ Reggie Wayne Elite Jersey, you can also use a watermark in the video. You can also add subtitles to the video for much better viewing especially if it a movie and you don want to miss out on any dialogue.

    Once this is done, you can specify the format of the output file and the storage location of the final output. While the processing is on, it is generally advisable to not run any programs in the background as best dvd ripper utilizes a lot of memory space and don work well if the system is already cluttered with a lot of other programs. The handbook also shows some other limitations when it comes to copyrighting DVDs. While it can rip the DVDs almost all the time, it is not updated frequently and hence is not able to rip movies which have stringent copyright protection.

    Hand-brake can also rip multiple DVDs at the same time and even TV shows with their multiple episodes. However as there are multiple video, audio and subtitle streaming with a lot of titles and chapters, it might happen that the titles and chapters do not sync with the videos they belong to. Once the ripping has been done you might need to lower the resolution for portable devices such Apple gadgets than the resolution you will be using on the computer.

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    One chimp taken, another tranquilized on Las Vegas

    (CNN) -- Las Vegas General vicinity Police had been given an unusual name Thursday day -- two chimpanzees ended up loose plus attacking new or used cars in the north west part of the town.Police were definitely forced to fatally fire one chimp which often aggressively approached officers as well as bystanders, said Police Laura Meltzer.The second pet was tranquilized and secured by means of animal control officers http://www.power-leveling-service.com/guild-wars-2/gold gw2 gold, your woman said.The particular chimps escaped with a home in the region where we were holding subdued http://www.power-leveling-service.com/guild-wars-2/gold guild wars 2 gold, said Bill Cassell, the latest spokesman to get Las Vegas Local area Police.A study is repeat as to whether your resident have a license to have the chimps, Cassell claimed.CNN's Tina Burnside contributed for this report.

    One chimp shot, one additional tranquilized in Nevada

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    As per office-clothes, men prefer light casual shirts in plain or thin stripes along with dark trousers. The North Face is a company that specializes in outdoor apparel and equipments. Gardeners in the frozen north often take steps to protect their ferns during winter, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com/air-jordan-spizike-c-34.html jordan spizike, even if the plants are considered to be cold-hardy. If you choose to do so, leave old fern fronds on the plants as they turn brown in the fall. Which you'll want to complete the wintertime plus allow you to forget about without having witnessed the sunlight could be the design within the small information its down hat. Whatever the color, you're eventually going to have to wash the jacket.
    As an International brand, consideration for expensive price blocked the road to purchase money on North Face Jackets. However, recent the company has adjusted the policy, http://www.jordanforsales.net jordans for cheap, both in shop and online stores, it is easy to find cheap north face. I didn't think to do this on another different outing and froze my Camelback, which split it along the side, so not only was my water now frozen ice, but my Camelback was destroyed. That is why it will never sell more laptops than HP, http://www.jordanforsales.net jordans for sale. Based on this observation, geodetic studies are based on one side of a reference ellipsoid and the other side of a marker in three dimensions. On the other hand, some companies increase the price of packs The North Face because of the extra person.
    A little steep section with a handrail leads back up to more open country before you branch off over a small footbridge over a ravine. You can show to the whole world that how intellectual person you are, who has ability to purchase those shirts, whose design have been selected by you. Effectively ,I have to think about it ... ... Timex in their manual references an old website address, but that OK, this is a simple task. The Snake Range is a rugged mountain range characterized by steeper slopes on its western face and more moderate slopes on the east side.
    The store is a great place to browse, and the fun is often in the hunting. It is best to be flexible and not come in with a specific list. They eat kinds of food, such as hamburger, hot dog, long bread, Japan rice balls and India curry rice. Ivar headed northwest from Jorvik, while Olaf sailed up the Clyde at the head of a large fleet and they came together at the capital Dun Breattann, (Fortress of the Britons) Dumbarton Rock, http://www.jordanforsales.net retro jordans for sale. Spring is ushering in with bright and warm sunshine, new flowers, leaves and lives. Everything is now in brighter tones of the lighter shades.

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    When you stop getting excited that's the time you should probably quit hunting bear. Gavyn Ketterling & Elizabeth Rinke from WY. Community property laws are introduced. For the woman suing for divorce needs to have er share?in her husband's, and family's estate. Hiking is a new sport. It is appreciated by many outdoor enthusiasts. You are allowed to take the books home and keep them for a few weeks (and potentially more if you renew them).Offer up your time as a trade for the pieces you love--this is the best North Face way to get handmade jewelry without spending a cent. After all, nothing beats out vanilla.
    The North Handle Denali jackets through females are accessible found in dark, brownish, alongside orchid purple colours. Even though the company is already popular in the market, http://www.jordanforsales.net cheap jordans for sale, they didn't just stop there, with the introduction of internet technology offering convenience to its subscribers; the company found it as a good marketing strategy and a good opportunity of expanding their businesses and become known to the whole world. A good place to find flights on Porter or US Airways is an online discount travel site. You will be able to compare fares, schedules, and layover times, and find the flight that meets your needs.
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    On the other hand, if you begin shopping for extremely performance-specific gear, you'll be surprised that The North Face actually comes out as the cheaper candidate on numerous occasions. We all expected the walleye fishing to turn on quickly with the early break up but it wasn't until the 2nd week of June that we saw great walleye fishing. The best thing of ebag is that here you can find A-Z items of bags of your choice. Whether you want a stylish leather purse, an eco-friendly bag, or a classic leather bag, you can find it easily at ebags just searching in the above mentioned categories above, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com/air-jordan-kids-c-3.html jordan for kids.

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    If he will not come ,estimated that this evening is actually a reign of terror ,a battle . Yes ,there are difficulties in southern Chu ,is much less difficult . You'll see considerably getting older work although the one great find sets your wardrobe and style aside from the many rest. north face coatOther goldmines are vintage record stores, and flea markets. Made from mini-ripstop weave nylon, this jacket has 700 fill down that will keep you warm even on the coldest days. Each tent has its own shower and loo, and comfortable, sturdy wooden beds beneath the ample canvas awning.
    north face Gamme Bleu proceeded to escort in another carnival, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com/jordan-retro-13-c-9.html jordan retro 13. North Face Womens Realization in in ballpoint to paper, the designing is both stylish and practical. The 1940's brought World War Two. Women left the home and put on pants. She is the most searched south indian actress in Google search. Designer clothing for less, until you drop Shop with these great price: North Face-Mens Women Boys Girls Toddler Kids Draws Mens Clothing Women Boys Girls Toddler Kids clothing. Canada Goose Expedition Parka Youth ,designed to fall at mid-thigh, your little adventurers will have superior warmth and full coverage when they're wearing the Canada Goose Expedition Parka for kids. Get it not to mention know its superior include!Dying to make a chic appear, not forgetting it truly is performance? Pick up psyched which often Fleece hooded North Face jackets take part in the roles! Its ideal to wear for instruction or sports activity on breezy sails.
    Pink shirts can be the best when it is in cotton and when it is used in summer parties. Out of this approach, you should think of the essential with the white-colored logo around the dark-colored jumper. North Face sales as professional waterproof jackets it is expand from outdoor enthusiasts to general family. At first, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com/air-jordan-spizike-c-34.html jordan spizike, North Face is a San Francisco based company that was established in 1968. Coupled with any interest, recital that your selected contestant should take full benefit of its great delight in the hobby. For trek supporters, vitally the most importantWholesale North Face Womens Jacket components is a magnificent girls.
    One of the most enduring and endearing women's coat styles is the trench coat. It's been around over one hundred years. It is not heavy when worn. It is also pliable when worn. Its very cold hardy, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com jordan shoes for sale, doing well from USDA climate zones 4-9. Japanese Painted Fern grows to 10" and goes dormant in winter. Protection of women in the face, but the history of the north face jacket Popular Alika, Valaya it takes you from the sari, lehenga and Tunica means. Deposits of precious stones and lamstudded normally think saris are lush digital billboards in the natural beauty of the paper.

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    The brand of North Face gets the great fame and reputation because of the attractive and distinctive fashion. The good evaluation of a certain brand would affect the customers, such as parents who wanted to picked up a jacket for kids. Widely deemed the earth's premier supplier of technically innovative outdoor products, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com/air-jordan-kids-c-3.html jordan for kids, Utilizing its origins in top rated climbing and backpacking equipment, the brand moved into extreme skiwear in 1983 and also the completed of your decade, it took over as the only supplier in the us to provide a comprehensive range ofBelstaff Leather Jacket Womens high-performance outerwear, skiwear, sleeping bags, packs and tents. Today it is the North Face Women's 2 in 1 Jacket global benchmark for extreme performance apparel and equipment.
    Here, you must be ready to step out from your comfort zone, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com cheap jordans online. You may encounter cultural shocks or physical danger or any unexpected things. Coach Beard has done a very good conference is building today before the defense that there is no doubt that the north face jacket is no exception. I had been astonished simply because they furthermore did not split in any way. Anklets are supposed to be a popular accessory with casual western wear. That North Korea. The park has large areas of wet lands such as those found at Gursi, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com jordans for sale, Larmakua, Nguselorobi Swamps and Silale. They act as sponges and suppy Tarangire river during the dry season.
    Free Nokia 7373 mobile phone is available with Nokia 7373 phone deals UK on dealsmobilephones.co.uk online shop. Enjoy unlimited music with its media player, FM radio and Visual radio features. The North Face soon became a household name for outdoor gear. While many speculated the buzz to die down, the brand remains popular to this day, and for good reasons. The whole design combines fashion and good performance, which can meet the needs of different customers. Them besides can easily hold kids warmly, and also make the children look tidy.
    Who will be the Successor to Kim? If birth order is any indicator then the successor would be Kim Jong n who has a double birth order of #4/2 He is the only one that shares his fathers birth order of a second born even through he also carries the 4th birth order as well. His oldest son Kim Jong Nam was arrested in 2001 on a forged passport and is now out of favor with his father. From Lichtenstein and his knowledge of the rodeo and the design of jeans that were needed came the birth of Wrangler Jeans. The first style, the 13MWZ style is still available worldwide, and was first introduced in 1947.

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    Food vendors will be onsite. The park has large areas of wet lands such as those found at Gursi, Larmakua, Nguselorobi Swamps and Silale. 5. You need to first learn the types of the wristbands and then choose the one that you think is the most suitable. At the top sale roll, the North Face waterproof jackets are the champions,which have bought various colors and senses for making the men who wear the clothes to be warm and cosy to be selected by the customers. After the company change their opinion to make the North Face waterproof jackets be nlore and mole lightsome, convenient and waterproof, it can protect the one who put the jackets on from the rain and the big snow and enjoy themselves very much.
    Based on my mother the two products that you can buy which are all the rave. It breeds confusion, not choices, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com/jordan-retro-3-c-25.html jordan retro 3. The North Face Women jacket was an easy choice. In order to provide durability and functionality, its products are made of high-quality materials. Them besides can easily hold kids warmly, and also make the children look tidy. Each of our pockets will be joining with the crown, also can help reduce chilly. Those who do not watch much of the antique is almost kind of, took aim at two allowed to go. So these people back to New York to know that he bought the so-called columbia fleece jackets sale antiques, thousands took to the block, but get home is not worth even 10 dollars cooked copper pseudo do business in this area of ancient Kaoru is definitely the ranks of the world's leading level.
    After all, nothing beats out vanilla. In each locations, regardless of what the cost is, just act shocked, http://www.jordanforsales.net cheap jordans online. Whether you're out hitting the slopes, or you want to take on the town with a little funk, this North Face coat will definitely turn heads wherever you go. Try to avoid just picking shoes that are popular with http://www.cooloutdoorclothing.com North Face everyone else.Most of all enjoy shopping and feel your best and look your best as you strut your new shoes in high fashion. So there is a conflict while shopping. Routinely have a look at custom shirt to ascertain if your buttons feel secure, or if you can find any loose threads.
    The consultants advocate you modify them every five months or so, but the fact is that it really is dependent upon the quantity of mileage you are doing. There are many choices you will in all probability must look considering that there are actually so many diverse types of ski jackets. The nearest local area options are generally Villiers not to mention Monceau. And what treasure hunt would be complete without a shipwreck? The wreck of the RMS Rhone, just off Salt Island, is one of the most complete wrecks in the Caribbean and was used as the underwater location for Peter Benchley film he Deep? The pride of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, she split in two and sank in a hurricane in 1867, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com/jordan-retro-4-c-26.html jordan retro 4.

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    Il north face france peut vous aider rester au chaud vous assurer que le dsir de beaucoup d'amour et de la popularit. Il va certainement vous permet d'viter les rencontres des concepts typiques gnralement anatomic parka north face cascade tous les cours appliqus froid. Also you are planning to have autumn raise, or call for a layering bit for your own days within the ski mountain; this sweatshirt will be fitting you the best. North Face 3in1 Jackets is extremely Cool, Comfortable and light. Many girls come there to date Hayes. The 1st volume features Yune, a senior schooler illustrating kid books and loving Hayes.
    We all know that North Face is known for their winter wear, which is why the brand's line of parkas are truly top-notch. Utilizing only the best in outerwear materials like breathable and waterproof fabrics along with using double insulation are special touches the brand makes to make their parkas one of the best in the market. Lets be honest, no one is going to blame you when you come home and it is -20, http://www.jordanforsales.net jordans for cheap, but they just might if you get frostbite on your nose, or fingers and toes like I have. Trust me it is not worth saying that you are that tough.
    For your legs you will want a good set of waterproof/windproof ski pants or bibs. Under this you will want an insulating layer to stay warm. It wasn't a surprise that Vimala Raman's next stop was into the Tamil industry. I'm certain he will don't forget the day Leonard Pope stored his life. Wayne had decided to hunt with Nancy until she had shot here bear and was running the video camera. The bait site that they were hunting had several bear on it and they were waiting for the "right" bear to come in before Nancy pulled the trigger.
    Swing by amongst the list of various North Face Socket locations and practical experience things for oneself. The name "The North Face" has its own origin: in the Northern hemisphere, the north slopes of the mountains are the coldest, and have the deepest snow, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com cheap jordans; it is very difficult to climb the north slopes. These bright stars are often referred to as "The Pointers" as they point toward the Southern Cross. Drawing a visual line from alpha through beta, continue up a very short distance and you will encounter the Cross lying on its left side.
    This period was also marked by internal strife and near financial collapse due to unsuccessful management attempts. Jackets North Face has a great reputation in the market for winter coats, http://www.jordanforsales.net www.jordanforsales.net. A signpost marks the beginning of a rough track the zigzags up the mountainside. Using recycled materials, this durable fleece helps stop the flow of materials to our landfills. The trend which named the "wilderness chic" stormed in all schools all over the world, where they think about it because the style and style. With the winter coming, it really is bought jackets regarding winter.

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    You are allowed to take the books home and keep them for a few weeks (and potentially more if you renew them).Offer up your time as a trade for the pieces you love--this is the best North Face way to get handmade jewelry without spending a cent, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com/jordan-cp3-vi-c-49.html jordan cp3 vi. Another interesting story involved John Evanina from PA who I had been guiding. It is only when the person goes on an outdoor journey and his supposed to be genuine North Face jacket gets soggy in five minutes or he is sweating profusely inside does he know that he has bought a duplicate. This is the result of bad materials and insulation utilized by the counterfeiters.
    In 1975, the new series products were CAT'S MEOW. The sleeping bag of CAT'S MEOW took advantage of the most advanced material. Luckily there are so many designers and choices every woman can find exactly what she's looking for. Some women may look to warmth first. Japanese Holly Fern (Cyrtomium falcatum Rochfordianum), http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com jordan shoes for sale. You'll see this bold, semi-evergreen fern all over the southeast. They're so well known that you can not go a single day inside a city without having seeing a dozen on the street. Produced from mini-ripstop weave nylon, this jacket has 700 fill down which will maintain you warm even on the coldest days.
    As indicated in Genesis 1:14, the lights in the firmament of heaven exhibit signs. But, apparently, not everyone sees it that way. If you are a single Asian man who lives in Asia or other Western continents, then you can find your other half online easily. All you need is a profile of yourself by describing who you are and what type of woman you are seeking. Unfortunately, there are too many constellations to determine where their messages begin and end. The material of this jacket is created unique, because you can wear in each case.
    might be less while it includes factory-made models, for the reason that second consists in hand-made extravagant shirts. These last Hawaiian shirts have patterns that may be obviously dearer, but they're well worth the money. Yes, that person interviewing with your Human Resource Manger and other relevant executives, the one looking presentable and acting so bright and articulate may well be inventing his education. In most cases your candidate's claim to a higher education is not necessarily a total invention.
    Try before you buy! Many sporting good stores have a variety of tents set up on display. Ask a store representative to set up the tent you're considering buying and go inside before you make your purchase. For more mundane camping, large canvas tents were similar to those you could find at an Army surplus store. Long, flowing necklaces that drop till the navel will be a rage this spring. Clothing (In Swedish Klder) from North Face is best known for their functionality even in the harshest of conditions. In antiquity, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com cheap jordans online, Lupus was known as ictima, the Victim Slain (Heb: Asedah, the slain).?Lupus is now a slain wolf.

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    For a masculine spring jacket, pick up the Canvas Field jacket for $220.00. This casual style jacket has rugged character in a lightweight cotton canvas material. Taking points back, this turquoise, magenta, and yellowish coat offers ribbing along the hems and cuffs, full hood, including a seriously to be able to HyVent exterior. We love the zig-zagging colouring blocks, plus multi-colored pockets; additionally, the lush 550 fill down will not only heat your body, however, your style, far too! We love the North Face has put into practice the best of days gone by, yet kept up to date it while using present, by way of shaping a coat so that it lands a little bit lower in the hips.
    Backpacks North Face is expensive at hand here and there, but you should think about security and the ability to suffer on the back too much. For example, http://www.jordanforsales.net retro jordans for sale, Brain-Pad's mouth guards offer double protection to the entire mouth and jaw area, while providing an overture at the front for optimized breathing. Second, let us look at versatility. The chair should be versatile enough to handle whatever type of person is sitting in it, http://www.jordanforsales.net cheap jordans online. Arriving in India, http://www.jordanshoessalenow.com/jordan-retro-3-c-25.html jordan retro 3, our hero put the disaster of his extra cash outlay behind him. He set sail in August 1492 and was in sight of the Bahamas within only ten weeks, which he mistakenly believed to be Japan.
    Black and more foreign tourists will come here, this place is simply a paradise for adventurers, many of the visitors are holding to the dream of getting rich here, and hope I can spend a little money, the true antiques to the bought. Additional output is essential, is significantly much better know, did not wear shoes and don't wash as soon as you shoes. You will need to know where your rifle will shoot at different ranges. BMX racing became a new Olympic medal sport in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.
    As years pass by north face established a name in the market as a well known manufacturer of high quality clothes and equipments for outdoor sports that encourages athletes to go beyond their limits in exploring different extreme sports. Because of this reason athletes nowadays look for a company's brand in choosing their sports gear and regarded them as one of the reliable brands highly recommended for use in any sports events. Kim Jong l has been the dictatorial leader of North Korea since 1994 after the death of his father Kim Il ung. His relationship with the West has been strained at best.
    The women's jacket is hooded and made of Polartec 300 fleece for maximum comfort and warmth. The hood of the jacket is fleece-lined and the jacket zips up easily. I didn't get back into John's bait site until almost dark. Spectacular use of the material, really shines in a variety of colors, so it may be related to any woman's wardrobe.North Face Black Friday Sale More importantly, extend the garment as ladies coats. And think what can be a better choice of gem other than the Diamond. And some companies are designing these shirts with their logo, slogan and company name of their official meetings.

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    NY Jets tickets are very popular and as a result are always sold out. However, a ticket broker will be able to access a huge collection of NY Jets tickets which are hard to find otherwise. You can choose the seat from where you want to cheer the Jets. So put on your jersey and get ready to cheer your favorite team.

    The Game Of Football

    NY Jets tickets sell like hot cakes in the nation of fanatic football lovers. Thus it is pretty difficult to find NY Jets tickets for a special game, let alone a seat of your choice. The game of football has many moments that are worth remembering especially when it involves the Jets. The list can be endless. But there are just a few which rise slightly above the rest.

    For example, on 17th November 1968 ?the New York Jets team were pitted against the Oakland Raiders. NY Jets tickets were selling like steaming pies. The Jets were leading the game by 32-39 when there was a commercial break. And guess what? The game did not come on air after that as there was a movie called Heidi that was scheduled to be telecast. The Jets fan presumed that Jets had emerged the victor. But no. The Raiders won the game in the end by 43-32. From that time onwards, the telecast never slackened given the public outburst that followed. It came to be known as "The Heidi Game".

    Another sad moment in the history of football came on June 23, 2004. Pat Tillman, the defensive back for Arizona Cardinals was killed in Afghanistan. This man gave up a football playing contract worth millions in order to join the army. A courageous and poignant moment.

    Now for some good moments. On December 14, 2003, Curtis Martin of NY Jets racked up 174 yards running while playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is the second player in the history of NFL to gain a thousand yards in just his first nine seasons. No matter how simple it seems, it is quite an achievement.

    The Super Bowl XXV will always be remembered for its tensed atmosphere. The New York Giants were leading against the Bills 20-19. The game approached almost the last few seconds. The Bills were about to make a goal from a distance of say about forty seven yards. It was quite an achievable goal. The kick went wide and it was a really nail biting finish. It was one of the most tense matches in NFL Super Bowl history.

    The list is endless. The moments are really cherished and it goes on and on. The nail biting finishes. The last minute attempt at goals. The on field drama. Everything makes the game of football a pleasure to watch. The game really drives the adrenalin rush. And that is why the NY Jets tickets are such hot property, http://www.csnheats.com/ Heats Dwyane Wade Jersey.

    Ticket brokers provide you the best of NY Jets tickets and that too at a competitive rate. They do not even let you bother about the delivery option. A ticket broker will send you the tickets directly to your home.

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    NFL player Favre says he has not yet made a decision on whether to play next season. Favre threw a career-high 29 interceptions this season.

    "I wish I knew," he said in an interview that aired Sunday on ESPN. I still know I can play. I still love to play. But there's just so much more to it than that now. I never thought it would be complicated, never thought I would give out mentally before I did physically. he said, http://www.csnbroncos.com/ Manning Orange nike Jersey.

    In his 15 seasons, NFL player Favre has passed for 53,615 yards, 396 touchdowns and 255 interceptions, won two Super Bowls and is a three-time MVP.

    The NFL Packers need to know soon to properly prepare for the NFL draft , the quarterback met last week with Packers general manager Ted Thompson and new coach Mike McCarthy.

    Favre told Green Bay General Manager Ted Thompson recently that the Packers should cut him loose if they can't wait for a decision.

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    Patrick Willis believes the San Francisco 49ers can still be a great defense even without All-Pro tackle Justin Smith.

    The 49ers might have to spend the rest of this season finding out whether or not Willis, their All-Pro linebacker and defensive leader, is correct.

    Smith is unlikely to play Sunday in the regular-season finale against Arizona because of a partially torn left triceps. The injury could force Smith to miss some or all of the postseason.

    The San Francisco defense has been gouged for big yardage and points since Smith was injured early in the third quarter Dec. 16 at New England. But the NFL's second-ranked defense hopes to regroup and regain momentum for the playoffs against an Arizona team that ranks last in the league in total offense.

    Smith, one of five San Francisco defenders selected to start for the NFC in the Pro Bowl, is expected to be on the sideline against the Cardinals.

    ''You can't really put into words what he means to this defense, '' Willis said Thursday. ''We most certainly miss him and hopefully we'll get him back for the playoffs.

    ''But we have a great defense and I truly believe that. When you have what we have on our defense, we should be able to go out there and display that each time. Starting from this Sunday, we have to make sure we go out and do that on a consistent basis and play like the defense we know we're capable of playing like. ''

    The 49ers haven't been the same on defense since losing Smith in the victory at New England.

    San Francisco surrendered four consecutive touchdown drives after Smith left that game with the 49ers leading 31-3. Without Smith over most of the past six quarters, the 49ers have allowed 753 yards, 66 points and 48 first downs.

    Much of that damage came last week in a 42-13 loss at Seattle, the worst defeat of coach Jim Harbaugh's two seasons with the 49ers. Without Smith, a first-team All-Pro and Pro Bowl starter last season, San Francisco's defense allowed season highs in both points scored and rushing yards allowed.

    But defensive coordinator Vic Fangio doesn't want to blame his unit's poor performance on Smith's absence.

    ''He's a great player, one of the best defensive players in the NFL, and anytime you lose one of those guys it does have an adverse effect on you, '' Fangio said. ''But I didn't think the problems we've had, the last game in particular, were because of Justin not being there. We could have had five Justin Smiths. That wasn't the issue. We didn't play good, didn't coach good and those guys just whipped us. ''

    Fangio has seen his defense bounce back before and expects it to do so again as the 49ers prepare for the playoffs. San Francisco needs a victory over Arizona to secure its second consecutive NFC West title, and the 49ers can capture the NFC's No. 2 playoff seed with a win over the Cardinals and a Green Bay loss Sunday at Minnesota.

    The 49ers certainly have the defensive personnel to make do without Smith.

    Willis, outside linebacker Aldon Smith and safeties Dashon Goldson and Donte Whitner all were named Pro Bowl starters on Wednesday along with Justin Smith. Middle linebacker NaVorro Bowman, San Francisco's leading tackler, also was selected to the NFC team, and cornerback Carlos Rogers and outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks are Pro Bowl alternates.

    Willis, who became the first player in franchise history to be named to the Pro Bowl in each of his first six NFL seasons, doesn't expect San Francisco's defense to be down for long.

    ''It's like gravity, '' Willis said. ''What comes up must come down. And what's down will eventually come up. For the most part, we have played well this season Now it's one of those things where each person has to take it up a whole another notch. We can't fill Justin's shoes - nobody can come in and do that - but I know we certainly can get it done, http://www.eshopgiants.com/ Giants Manning Elite Jersey. We're going to bounce back and make sure we do it right from this point on. ''

    Veteran lineman Ricky Jean Francois made his first career start at right tackle in place of Smith last week and finished second on the team with six tackles.

    Fangio's approach won't change whether it's Smith or Jean Francois playing that position the rest of the way.

    ''Justin's told me he's getting better each and every day and that's really all I know, '' Fangio said. ''But it's like anything. You can lose anybody early in a game and you just have to go. We're too far along here to change the system because of one guy being out. We'll be fine. ''

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    Common sense day time is here with regard to Craig Provides, Roger Clemens as well as Sammy Sosa to discover their own Corridor associated with Popularity fates.

    Using the impair associated with steroids shrouding numerous candidacies, football authors might fall short for that just the 2nd amount of time in a lot more than 4 years in order to choose one to the actual Corridor.

    Regarding six hundred individuals are permitted election within the BBWAA selection, just about all people from the business with regard to 10 consecutive many years from any kind of stage. Outcomes had been to become introduced from two g. michael. S'AVÈRE ÊTRE Thursday, using the concentrate on first-time eligibles including Provides, baseball's just seven-time Best Participant, as well as Clemens, the only real seven-time Cy Youthful Honor champion.

    Because 1965, the only real many years the actual authors did not choose an applicant had been whenever Yogi Berra capped the actual 1971 election through showing up upon 67 % from the ballots throw so when Phil Niekro going the actual 1996 ballot from 68 %. Each had been selected the next many years once they accomplished the actual seventy five % essential for selection.

    ''It truly will be a pity, particularly because the others moving in this season aren't one of the residing, which can make for any instead unusual wedding ceremony, '' stated the actual Bay area Chronicle's Leslie Slusser, http://www.espnsportshop.com/ NFL Nike elite Jersey, leader from the Football Writers' Organization associated with The united states.

    3 inductees had been selected final 30 days through the 16-member solar panel thinking about people in the period prior to integration within 1946: Yankees proprietor Jacob black Ruppert, umpire Hank O'Day as well as barehanded catcher Deacon Whitened. They'll be enshrined throughout a wedding ceremony from Cooperstown upon This summer twenty-eight.

    Additionally about the ballot with regard to the very first time tend to be Sosa as well as Paul Piazza, energy hitters in whose data happen to be asked due to the Steroids Period, as well as Craig Biggio, twentieth about the profession checklist along with 3, 060 strikes -- just about all for that Houston Astros. Curt Schilling, 11-2 having a two. twenty three PERIOD within postseason perform, is actually an additional ballot first year.

    The actual Corridor had been ready to maintain the information meeting Thurs along with any kind of electees. In order to not have access to 1.

    Biggio was not certain if the debate more than this particular year's ballot might maintain just about all applicants away.

    ''All I understand is actually which with this business Used to do every thing these people actually requested me personally to complete as well as I am very pleased about this, therefore ideally, the actual authors really feel highly, these people loved exactly what these people noticed, as well as we will observe what goes on, '' Biggio stated upon November. twenty-eight, your day the actual ballot had been introduced.

    Her Forbes Clark, the actual Hall's chairman, stated this past year your woman wasn't stressed through voters evaluating how you can assess gamers within the period associated with performance-enhancing medicines.

    ''I believe the actual art gallery is extremely confident with the actual choices how the football authors help to make, '' your woman stated. ''And therefore it is not really a poor discussion at all. ''

    Provides offers refused knowingly utilizing performance-enhancing medicines as well as had been charged of 1 depend associated with blockage associated with rights with regard to providing a good incredibly elusive solution within 2003 to some great court looking into PEDs. Clemens had been acquitted associated with perjury costs arising through congressional accounts where he or she refused utilizing PEDs.

    Sosa, that completed along with 609 house operates, had been the type of that examined good within MLB's 2003 unknown study, The brand new You are able to Occasions documented last year. He or she informed the congressional panel within 2005 he in no way required unlawful performance-enhancing medicines.

    The actual BBWAA selection guidelines state ''voting will depend on the actual player's report, actively playing capability, ethics, sportsmanship, personality, as well as efforts towards the team(utes) which the ball player performed. ''

    ''Steroid or even HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE make use of is actually cheating, basically, '' ESPN.com's Wallace Matthews wrote. ''And by definition, cheaters lack integrity, sportsmanship and character. Strike one, strike two, strike three.''

    A number of holdovers through this past year stick to the actual 37-player ballot, along with best applicants such as Jack port Morris (67 %), Shaun Bagwell (56 %), Shelter Cruz (fifty-one %) as well as Ricky Raines (forty-nine %).

    Once the Connected Push surveyed 112 qualified voters within past due The fall of, Provides obtained forty five % assistance amongst voters that indicated a viewpoint, Clemens 43 % as well as Sosa eighteen %. The actual Football Believe Manufacturing plant web site put together ballots through authors that created their own views open public with 159 ballots experienced everybody slipping brief. Biggio had been from 69 %, then Morris (63), Bagwell (sixty one), Raines (sixty one), Piazza (sixty), Provides (43) as well as Clemens (43).

    Morris completed 2nd this past year whenever Craig Larkin had been chosen and it is within their fourteenth as well as next-to-last 12 months associated with eligibility. He or she might get to be the participant using the highest-percentage from the election who's not really within the Corridor, the tag presently kept through Gil Hodges from 63 % within 1983.

    A number of gamers that dropped simply brief within the BBWAA balloting later on had been chosen through possibly the actual Veterans Panel or even Old-Timers' Panel: Nellie Sibel (74. 7 % about the 1985 BBWAA ballot), Rick Bunning (74. two % within 1988), Orlando, florida Cepeda (73. 6 % within 1994) as well as Honest Opportunity (seventy two. 5 % within 1945).

    _ design associated with 3 Globe Sequence those who win, Morris completed along with 254 wins as well as had been the actual winningest glass pitcher from the 1980s. Their 3. ninety PERIOD, nevertheless, is actually greater than which associated with any kind of Corridor associated with Famer. Morris is going to be became a member of upon following year's ballot through Greg Maddux as well as Ben Glavine, each 300-game those who win.

    In the event that nobody is actually chosen this season, there might be the logjam within 2014. Voters might choose as much as 10 gamers.

    The only real guarantee may be the Corridor is actually happy with the actual writers' procedure.

    ''While the actual BBWAA will the particular voting, this just will therefore in the ask for from the Corridor associated with Popularity, '' stated the actual La Times' Expenses Shaikin, the actual company's previous leader. ''If the actual Corridor associated with Popularity is actually stressed, definitely the actual Corridor might make alternative plans. ''.

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    For the second year in a row, http://www.esmlbshop.com/ Paul Konerko Jersey, Chip Kelly flirted with becoming an NFL head coach, but is returning to Oregon.

    According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Kelly considered becoming the Eagles’ next head coach, but decided to return to Oregon.

    On Friday, NFL.com reported that Kelly was close to becoming the Browns’ next coach. Kelly then reportedly had a long interview with the Eagles on Saturday. He also met with the Bills.

    On Sunday, the Browns “walked away” from Kelly because they weren’t certain he was 100 percent committed to leaving Oregon, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

    Kelly is 46-7 as Oregon’s coach, including a Fiesta Bowl win last Thursday. Last year, Kelly almost became the Buccaneers’ head coach before deciding to stay in the college ranks.

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    The actual Mn Timberwolves maintain dropping gamers, as well as Wednesday evening, these people performed without having their own trainer too.

    Nevertheless these people pressed their own report back again over. 500 this particular past due within the period with regard to the very first time because 2007, generating the 108-103 triumph within the Atl Hawks from Focus on Middle.

    Along with trainer Ron Adelman lacking because of exactly what the actual group known as an individual issue, best helper Terry Porter led the actual Baby wolves.

    "A complete group earn, inch Porter stated.

    The actual Baby wolves (16-15) brought through begin to complete for that 4th period this year, outlasting the persistent Hawks group which trailed through seventeen factors within the 2nd one fourth as well as just by 1 stage two times within the last seventy seven mere seconds.

    The actual Hawks (20-13) possess dropped 3 consecutive video games -- their own greatest skid from the period. They have fallen 4 of the previous 5 once they received 4 directly prior to which.

    Atl trainer Ray Came stated their group had been way too gentle within the very first fifty percent, once the Hawks dropped to date at the rear of they could not very capture upward.

    "It's not really a occasionally point, inch Came stated. "You cannot simply emerge as well as perform occasionally. inch

    Middle Nikola Pekovic brought the actual Baby wolves along with twenty five stage along with a career-high eighteen rebounds. Andrei Kirilenko additional twenty one factors, 6 rebounds as well as 5 aids, as well as brand new beginning energy ahead Dante Cunningham supplied 2 essential performs inside a 2nd of every additional whenever this issue the majority of.

    The actual Baby wolves performed without having two-time Just about all Celebrity Kevin Adore for that 2nd period because understanding he or she fractured their correct capturing hands for that 2nd period this year. Nevertheless, stage safeguard Roublesome Rubio had been in motion with regard to the very first time because 12 ,. twenty six.

    Rubio, who was simply away because of back again jerks, completed along with 8 aids, 4 factors as well as 4 steals within nineteen min's from the table. He or she did not try the area objective.

    Pekovic required benefit of room produced within once the Baby wolves lastly demonstrated they are able to take directly within the very first fifty percent. The actual league's most detrimental 3-point capturing group created 5 associated with 8 efforts through halftime, as well as at that time, Pekovic currently experienced the actual double-double evening which Adore articles therefore frequently whenever he is wholesome.

    Everything following Pekovic remaining Saturday's online game from the Portland Path Blazers within the 3rd one fourth due to a stretched stylish. He or she in no way came back.

    "Pek's stylish appeared excellent this evening, inch Cunningham stated.

    Upon Thursday within Okla Town, Rubio programs in order to perform another online game within 2 times with regard to the very first time because he or she came back final 30 days through 03 leg surgical treatment.

    "Yeah, my personal intuition exist, inch he or she stated whenever requested regarding their 4 steals, "but the actual thighs aren't presently there however. However We experienced very good. We can't grumble. inch

    The actual Baby wolves brought through fourteen factors earlier within the 4th one fourth prior to the Hawks returned within the online game having a 15-5 operate. These people climbed inside 6 factors as soon as as well as 4 factors an additional period, however every time Kirilenko -- who's recognized with regard to their steals, obstructed pictures, costs used as well as aids -- clarified having a uncommon 3-point chance which assisted drive the actual Wolves' guide to as much as 11 factors along with 4 min's remaining.

    Nevertheless, the actual Hawks did not proceed silently. These people obtained 12 from the following fourteen factors to obtain inside 102-101 along with 1: '07 remaining, however Pekovic clarified having a leap connect which Josh Cruz had been required goaltending.

    Whenever Ing Horford obtained to find the Hawks inside a stage once again -- from 104-103 along with thirty six mere seconds remaining -- Cunningham clarified having a clutch system leap chance in the remaining side along with 15. 9 mere seconds remaining.

    Another later on, Cunningham took Josh Smith's move following a timeout to make sure triumph.

    "The steal's the very best component, simply to close off the overall game, simply to understand that is this, http://www.nbabigstore.com/ James Harden Swingman Home Jersey, inch Cunningham stated. "The chance had been excellent, really it had been the only real chance this evening which experienced great appearing out of my personal fingers, however protection is actually my personal staple. inch

    INFORMATION: The actual Baby wolves finished a good 11-game dropping ability towards the Hawks which out dated in order to 2006.... Adore may come back Thursday towards the Nyc hands professional that noticed him or her within Oct. He'll discover regardless of whether he will require surgical treatment as well as how much time he's likely to end up being away this time around.... Adelman skipped Monday's exercise as well as Tuesday's online game due to that which was thought to be a disease within their loved ones. He or she didn't go with the actual Baby wolves in order to Okla Town following Tuesday's online game but nonetheless might sign up for all of them presently there Thursday.... Kirilenko documented their two, 000th profession aid 2 min's to the online game. He or she continues to be 1 grab timid of just one, 000 profession steals.... Previous Baby wolves ahead Anthony Tolliver obtained the comfortable wedding reception whenever he or she joined the overall game within the 3rd one fourth. He or she performed 2 months within Mn prior to putting your signature on along with Atl final drop. Tolliver did not rating whilst actively playing 5 min's Wednesday.

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    Although the Los angeles Lakers have inspired plenty of strong emotions during their title-laden history, the Denver Nuggets felt something that's been rare in recent decades.


    Ty Lawson had 21 points and 10 assists, Danilo Gallinari scored 20 points and hit a big 3-pointer with 13. 8 seconds left, and the Nuggets beat the struggling Lakers 112-105 Sunday night for their fifth win in seven games.

    JaVale McGee scored 17 points for the Nuggets, who showed no signs of weariness after a home win over Utah one night earlier. Despite two last-minute 3-pointers by Kobe Bryant, Denver calmly maintained a lead throughout the fourth quarter of its second win in 12 days over the star-studded Lakers, who aren't exactly putting fear or fury into their opponents.

    ''They're struggling, '' Denver coach George Karl said. ''It's a great win for us, but I'm not going to get overinflated. ''

    Staples Center was mostly silent while Los angeles dropped to 15-18 with another mediocre performance featuring 18 turnovers, intermittent defense and little structured offense down the stretch. Bryant scored 29 points and Dwight Howard had 14 points and a career high-tying 26 rebounds for the Lakers, who have lost three straight and four of five.

    ''(We're) a good team, and it's getting better, '' Karl said. ''I just don't want to get too crazy with it. ''

    Even when the Lakers did things right, they still went wrong. Bryant's 3-pointer with 36 seconds left cut Denver's lead to 105-102, and Howard emphatically blocked Andre Miller's layup attempt on the Nuggets' next possession - but the ball went straight to Gallinari, who immediately drained a 3-pointer with 13. 8 seconds left.

    Again, the Nuggets were almost apologetic for the pivotal play in just their fifth road win over the Lakers in 26 meetings.

    ''It was a lucky bounce, '' Gallinari said. ''Dwight blocked the shot, and the ball came back to me, and Metta World Peace was right there, ready to block my shot. You don't have a lot of time to think, especially in that situation, so i had to release it very quick. ''

    The Nuggets hung on to their lead with big late baskets from Miller and Lawson, whose layup put Denver ahead by eight points with 1: 18 to play. After Gallinari's big shot, Bryant hit another 3-pointer with 11. 2 seconds left, but Miller hit two free throws before Bryant missed another desperate 3-point try.

    The Lakers' locker room was as silent as their arena after their eighth home loss of the still-young season.

    ''I think because of our record, the pressure is building, but so be it, '' Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni said. ''We have to overcome it, and we can. We just can't let teams start out with 34 points in the first quarter. It just can't happen. We're starting to dig out every game, and somehow we have to try to figure out why that's happening. ''

    Howard had an impressive game on the boards despite an injured right shoulder, matching his career high in rebounds in the final minutes. But he took just seven shots - making all of them except for a 3-point attempt - and went 2 for 6 on the free-throw line.

    After the game, the Lakers said Howard aggravated his shoulder injury. He will have an MRI exam on Monday before the Lakers leave for a quick two-game trip to Texas, and Howard didn't know whether he'll play Tuesday at Houston.

    ''Everything is against us right now, but we have to keep our heads and stay together, '' Howard said. ''It is tough out there, because everybody expects us to win, but we have to stick together. ''

    Steve Nash had 10 points and 13 assists for the Lakers, while Pau Gasol had 11 points and five rebounds before leaving with a bloody nose with 1: 05 to play in a collision with McGee.

    Andre Iguodala had 15 points, seven assists and six rebounds for the Nuggets, and Miller finished with 12 points and 10 assists.

    ''I think teams are still getting up to play them, '' Iguodala said. ''I mean, every time we play the Lakers, I want to play well and we want to play well. You've just got to go play with confidence and be mentally ready. ''

    When Gasol had to leave the game with a bloody nose, Denver coach George Karl chose seldom-used Earl Clark off the Lakers' bench to shoot Gasol's free throws with 1: 05 to play. Clark coolly made both shots to trim the Nuggets' lead to 105-99, http://www.csnthunder.com/ Thunder Martin home Jersey, kick-starting the Lakers' late comeback attempt.

    Antawn Jamison, who scored 33 points against the Nuggets in their previous visit to Staples Center on Nov. 20, got just four minutes of playing time, scoring two points.

    NOTES: Lakers G Chris Duhon returned after missing the past two games with back spasms. F Jordan Hill also played with a sprained right ankle.... Denver F Kenneth Faried had six points and six rebounds while playing in back-to-back games despite an illness that caused him to miss Saturday's shootaround.... Nash is five assists shy of the 10, 000th of his career. The two-time MVP had double-digit assists for the fourth straight game.... Howard had his third 20-rebound game of the season. He began the day as the NBA's third-leading rebounder this season.

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    You want to be comfortable regardless of the activity you are pursuing. If you are into running then you deserve to have extra cushioning at the ball of your foot. If you are into court sports, such as basketball or tennis, you need to have extra support in the ankles and a tight fit at the heel. Should you be about walking or any other period of casual wear, then breathability is an important factor.

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    In the modern time many people feel tired. You can ask some friends to have a run. You may run along the river and trees. Then you will have a good mood and forget the annoyance. You can call some friends to climb mountains. If you are tired of the work but hesitate what you want to do. Why not leaving the computer. You may make a lot of friends in the gymnasium and find many laughter.

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    Basic information of fundraising director W. Donham of Harvard Dong Namu also actively hope for the chemical arts department for ,but because of the application of different ,after many setbacks ,has sent ,that Langdon Warner ,Jeni H.
    Jayne to explore the name of research ,and the Wang Jinren Chen Wanli team ,to the northwest of Dunhuang visits, with Stan for smuggling cultural relics in the UK .Lesson ,extra protection ,Harvard disappointed ,fund application and the joint research ideas had no choice but to suspend .
    Thereafter in China choose to seek cooperation of Harvard Yenching University ( Yanjing six church was $1000000, and several university such as: South of the Five Ridges 700000 ,the 300000 ,West China Union 200000 ,Shandong Qilu 150000 ,and Fujian union 50000 ,University to receive donations are suitable for at least three church with the joint Christian University ,so John ,the Christian University has not been ) ,according to the inference or special fancy Yenching early and Holzer fund have contact base ,plus Yanjing achievements ,in the light of its general trend is more successful .
    After President John Leighton Stuart Yanjing ,hung industry and Dong Namu several planning results .Harvard Yenching Institute was formally established in January 4, 1928 .By nine the decision-making board of directors include Woods J H Woods ,C .
    Coolidge vertical sesame is an independent agency .Expansion of both American and Chinese research plans ofsending scholars ,this century magnificent achievements .Yanjing meanwhile the establishment of the management committee ,according to school records ( four) first established by ancient Chinese literature search institute director ,Chen Yuanren ,Hong ,gu .
    .. Five research professor ,no ideal for students ,enrolled students decreasing ,1932 reorganization ,modelled on the university management system ,cancel the ancient Chinese literature search of director of Institute ,renamed the Harvard-Yenching Institute Peking office director ,responsible for the management of society in Yanjing research work ,and the maintenance and Harvard Yenching Institute, with six relevant University of China contact .
    The first Director-General of Philosophy Department dawn LuciusC.Porter ,American English professor of philosophy, to 1939 hung industry as president Mei Yibao Nie Chongqi in 1946 ,1941 ,1947 ,has also been acting ,by Chen Guansheng as America ,1950 to come to an end .
    Society accepted for graduate studies ,in accordance with the standard to verify Yanjing Institute ,history graduate can apply for a scholarship to pursue a degree ,to continue research funds includes tuition ,accommodation ,tuition and fees .
    Excel can apply for a scholarship to the Harvard University ,phd .The professor is also due to the economic backing and invited authoritative scholars. The Harvard-Yenching Institute gets $6400000 ,divided into two :one for ordinary accounts accounts -- not limited -- including Harvard Yenching University ,the Harvard Yenching Institute in research and administrative costs .
    A restricted accounts :limit to $1900000 income interest -- more than $ 8 a year -- are assigned to the six university ,Yanjing quota highest majority .Harvard University Harvard Yenching Institute funds used to : the establishment of East Asian Languages and Japanese library ,publishing scholarly Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies ;assigned scholarship .
    And 1934-56 by the French Sinology masters Bashi and PaulPelliot ,recommended his students Russian-born clans foliation Sui SergeElisseeff served as director and new established east Dean ,Harvard East Asian Studies and Pang Bo development http://www.emporioarshop.com/emporio-armani-ar0534-mens-sports-style-stainless-steel-design-p-3566.html Emporio Armani AR0534 - Mens Sports Style Stainless Steel Design.
    Today, Holzer portrait still hangs in the room door .Soon, Bo morning ` Hong industry ,simmer lotus two Harvard professor ,he was hired to Harvard ,Professor of philosophy and history .
    Mr. Hong has been open since 1793: Far East history lesson ,many college students .Yanjing University Chengdu moved to Chen Yinque ,Li Fanggui and two professors from society awarded $7000 in grants to support their research work and published papers .
    Society grants Yenching University Publishing: one is Yanjing 1927-1950 journal ,published annually in two volumes ,a total of 38 volumes ,wartime publication ,published by the society research professor of research grants ,and let g and by Cees and Professor ,scholars such as Bashi and are particularly commendable .
    Two is the Harvard Yenching Institute makes ,by 1930-1950 ,Hong professor for scholars convenience by submerged swimming sea in ancient books, get important information and create index compilation ,Mr.
    Hong director ,followed by Nie Chongqi to take over .Staff and more than twenty people .A total of 41 regular issues ,23 specials ,total 64 84 volumes including spring and autumn ,Tripitaka ,waterways and other index ,published in Shanghai in eight zero years .
    Harvard Yenching Institute served as the president of Harvard Yenching Institute first president :Ye Lisui Serge Elisseeff 1934-1956 Harvard-Yenching Institute by the French Sinology masters Bashi and Paul Pelliot (the original plan to hire ) ,recommended his students French Russian clans foliation Sui ( Japanese name Ying Lee world fiance) ,family is Russia food club October revolution after domestication of French Serge Elisseeff served as director and new established east Dean ,Harvard East Asian Studies and Pang Bo development .
    Ye Lisui was born in 1889 in Russia Lenin family was in the German language ,Humboldt University Berlin .During the Russo-Japanese War in Japan 1908-1914 ,from Yoshika Yachi ,Fujimura Cho and other research literature of Japan ,became the first Western Literature Department of Tokyo Imperial University graduates ,after the October revolution in France ,Paris ,to Bashi and the student day law ,English and German fluently ,skilled ,on Japanese linguistics ,literature ,drama ,music ,art and knowledge is rich ;and the reading of Chinese ancient books ,endogenous Scherzo ,tenure and Establishing East Asian languages ,1956 by President Emeritus of only professor ,1957 returned to France ,and died in 1975 .
    Harvard Yenching Institute second presidents : Lai ( Reischauer ) and Edwin O Reischauer 1956-1963 for father to Japan Presbyterian missionaries ,Lai and was born in 1910 in japan .
    Before the age of sixteen in Japan ,the United States of Europe in 1931 and graduated from Berlin college ,Harvard in 1932 ,1933-1938 Harvard-Yenching Institute Scholarship in law ,day ,medium in the study of Japanese language and history, 1939 in the ancient history of Sino-Japanese relations from Harvard doctoral research .
    He is Li Sui students ,had been a professor of Chinese ,second world wars had joined the United States Department of the army ,as the Japanese telecommunications code interpretation ,the back to the Harvard faculty ,as the Japanese language and history curriculum .
    1961 at Kennedy ,as ambassador to Japan ,in Japan because of the signing of the US-Japan Security Treaty and anti-American sentiment, he to researchers in Japan ,Japan identity ,for the postwar U.
    S. - Japanese relationship ,to resolve the crisis ,after leaving office in 1963, to return to Harvard in the research work ,author of Japan: past and present United States and Japan and other special books .
    On the promotion of Asian American studies quite contributions .Harvard Yenching Institute Third presidents :Professor John Pelzel 1963 Harvard Yenching Institute fourth presidents :Craig Albert Craig professor of Harvard Yenching Institute Fifth presidents :Patrick Hanan Professor Han Professor ,was born in 1949 1927 in New Zealand ,New Zealand University Bachelor degree ,master of University of London in 1960 1953 ,University of London ,first taught at the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies ,Stanford University Teaching since 1968 ,East Asian Institute of Harvard University Chinese classical literature professor and as director ,and for the Harvard University Victor S Thomas waight professor wrote of Jin Ping Mei , Chinese short stories of the period ,author and structure research of Chinese novels in the vernacular Li Yu found regret of the sea: the turn of the century two love story ,and Chinese Classical Fiction Studies , Chinese vernacular history , 100 koan test on worst original edition .
    For a variety of .Harvard Yenching Institute Sixth presidents :Professor Du Weiming 1996- since Harvard Yenching Institute the incumbent president Professor Du Weiming in Harvard University ,or major college scholar mind, Professor Du Weiming is a contemporary new Confucianism the representative figure of the third generation ,he always give lectures on Confucianism ,hard ,rare is also able to open the -- the soul of science .
    He was busy running the global relentless to big ,north ,Hongkong ,Singapore ,Malaysia ,Paris ,Tokyo ,Vancouver ,Stockholm ,New Delhi ,Cape Town ,Istanbul, Denmark and other high school ,taught by Confucian philosophy ,and comparative religion ,ethics ,aesthetics and vision ,to elucidate the Confucian tradition and modernization .
    Professor Du Weiming over the years ,is committed to the third phase of the development of Confucianism ,Chinese culture ,and the spirit of modern reflection .1983-86 former Harvard University Religious Studies Committee chairman .
    1986-89 Harvard Department of East Asian Languages and civilizations Dean ,1988 and won the American liberal arts college philosophy group of academicians, India in 1995 should be philosophy committee invite, five in South Asia University house ,published 1996 national lectures as the Harvard-Yenching Institute president ,1999 more honored Harvard University Harvard Yenching Chinese history and philosophy and Confucian studies the professor ,the teacher of English in the world for the first time the study of Confucianism Professor ;in 2000 the Lehigh University awarded honorary doctorate ,and Thomas the Barry award ,2001 also won the ninth session of the international Li Yi Society Awards ;a number of honors for the first ever chinese .
    He graduated from the Tokai University ,Harvard Ph.D. ,then taught at Princeton for four years ,UC Berkeley in 1981 ten years ,visiting Harvard ,1982 formally invited to return to Harvard has been teaching .
    Harvard Yenching Institute of Chinese and foreign celebrities Chinese celebrities in the Harvard study abroad ,according to the survey are: Liu Ruiheng ,Zhao Yuanren ,Hu Shi ,Mei Guangdi ,Chen Yinque ,soup ,Zhang Xinhai ( Yongtong Xinhai ) ,floor light ,Tailai ,Yu Dawei ,Wu Mi ,Li Ji ,Tang Yue ,Chen Daisun ,Jiang Zehan ,Hu Zhengxiang ,Yang Jiachi ,Zhang Fuyun ,Liang Shiqiu ,Lin Yutang ,Luo Banghui ,Qin Fen ,Jin Dai ,Yang Quan ( apricot Buddha) ,Song Ziwen ,Zhu Kezhen ,Qi Si and ( of ) ,Weng Dujian ,Fan Cunzhong ,Huang Yanyu ,Lin Yaohua ,Chen ,Yang ,Guansheng Liansheng ,Zhou Yiliang ,Yan Rengeng ,Ren Hua ,Liu Yutang ,Feng Bingquan ,Wu Yujin Shuzhuang ,close ,Zhang Peigang ,Chen Liangsheng ,high Zhenheng ,applied to people ,Li Huilin ,Wang Yi ,Wang Z ,Quanhansheng ,same ,Mongolian ,Siming ,Xie Qiang ,Wang ,Li Fanggui ,Ren Shuyong ,Minyuan ( Elite ) ,Chen Hengzhe ,Liang Sicheng ,Liang Siyong ,Shen Hong ,money Duansheng ,Helin ,ginger leaf ,Zhang Bingxi ,Zhang Zhilian ,hung industry ,party to treat with ,Zhao Lihai ,Hu Gangfu ,Ding Wenjiang ,Wei Tingsheng ,Guo Ting ,Yuan Tongli ,Chen Rongjie ,to Yinkai Hikaru ,means ,strict farming hope ,Mei Zulin ,Xu Zhong ,Me Yoshiji ,Wang Hao ,John ,Ieoh Ming Pei ,Wang Cho - Yun Hsu ,Han ,N ,Hao Yanping, be too numerous to enumerate ,most have accepted funding is also reshaping the Harvard-Yenching Institute ,Harvard University cultural construction .
    From 1929 to the later thirty or forty years, Harvard Yenching Institute sending young graduate students and scholars to study in China; Wei Lunan (model) (1929 - 1932), Bi Naide (1930 - 1935), Shi Weixu (1931 - 1934), Gu Liya (1931 - 1935), bu (1931 - 1935), German Fei Zhengqing (1932 - 1933), Jia days (1938 - 1939), Rao David (1935 - 1937), Ke, Joseph Needham clough, Hightower, de Bary will also discuss his opinion, Ke, Dai Dehua (1930 - 1932), Xikemen (1930 - 1935), Ju (1939 - 19401941 - 1947), Ye Lisui, history Huaci, Ni wiesen, Fei Weikai has worked mostly accept Yenching Institute funded research in China, or supplemented with Rhodes scholar or Rockefeller fund in china.
    The other depends on the shore ( 1935 - 1938 ) ,Japan ,the United States Sinology have quite famous Asian professor .As Fei Zhengqing is known as the United States is the father of Chinese studies .
    Yenching University and Harvard Yenching Institute Harvard University Yanjing University with combined Chinese research institutions ,the Department in Harvard University ,Yenching University located in Beijing office .
    Harvard Yenching Institute building ,from Leighton Stuart .In order to solve the problem of funds ,Leighton Stuart at Yenching University during his tenure ,almost every year to return to the United States to raise money .
    An accidental opportunity ,he learned that the United States aluminum magnate Hull ( Charl Martin Hall 1863 - 1914 ) has a large legacy donated funds for education ,will declare to be part of the Chinese culture as research .
    Hull is so right of Chinese culture ,because of youth of two Chinese students left him a good impression .Therefore, in before he died in his will to the above arrangement ,and raised in the United States and China each choose a university ,unite to form a mechanism ,to perform research on Chinese cultural plan .
    Hull died in the outbreak of the first world war years ,several years after his last will and Testament into practice .Leighton Stuart wanted to win . They selected as China University to get the money ,but because they just set up, far less than the renowned Peking University ,the executor of mission in America chose Harvard University ,Peking University in China the phase ,so that Leighton Stuart wishful abacus lost .
    However, shortly after that happened ,Leighton Stuart is a godsend .Harvard University Hull contributions ,began the implementation of Sinology Research program .In 1924, Harvard University, school for American living in Shanghai Wallner to Dunhuang Thousand-Buddha cave archaeology .
    Warner to Dunhuang http://www.emporioarshop.com/emporio-armani-ar4613-mens-meccanico-leather-strap-designer-wa-p-3645.html Emporio Armani AR4613 - Mens Meccanico Leather Strap Designer Wa, with 70 two silver incense money buy the temple ,Thousand-Buddha Grottoes murals along with mud portion to peel the skin off ,shipment back to the local people ,caused great indignation .
    The following year, Harvard University sent Wallner organized a small Dunhuang archaeological team came to China ,at the same time requirements of Peking University and went to Dunhuang to archaeology .
    Local authorities in some ways before Wallner ,on the team is polite ,but find excuses ,multiple constraints .Wallner ilk come in high spirits but return disappointed ,only took some photos back cross .
    Dunhuang archaeological team also declare the dissolution .Yanjing University a student was Wallner , Dunhuang archaeological team after the dissolution ,the student educational services .
    Leighton Stuart from its mouth that Wallner and Peking University Cooperative archaeological failure situation, article .Flounder will matter to the Chinese Ministry of education Qin Fen ,later by the Ministry of Education Ministry of foreign affairs to inform ,Wallner in violation of international law by the American ambassador in Beijing ,to protest .
    It is the United States government attempted to pass ,but the Harvard University think too lose face ,both in the vent Wallner ,also not satisfied with Peking university .Stu Layden the opportunity to active, in 1926 return to the United States, in order to Yenching University with the name of Harvard University consultation and cooperation of Chinese culture, the results of big success.
    The spring of 1928 ,Harvard-Yenching Institute Yu Zi was formally established .Harvard Yenching Institute Peking office set up the executive officer who was born in China ,by American Fu Chenguang duty .
    Fu Cengren Yenching University Arts and science ,philosophy professor and director of the chief .In 1939 Mr Fu Chenguang by flood ,simmer lotus ,secretary ,singing ,Chen Guansheng has succeeded ,whose responsibility is to oversee the use of funds and distribution .
    The Pacific War in 1941 ,Peking into Japanese occupied zone ,Yanjing University was forced in 1942 to move to Sichuan Chengdu ,Harvard-Yenching Institute in Chengdu to .After the Japanese surrender ,Yanjing University movements ,society also returned to the Beijing office .
    After the founding of new China ,Yanjing University in the spring of 1951 changed to the public ,the following year into Peking University ,Harvard Yenching Institute Peking office also subsequently revoked, and spent 23 years .
    In order to cultivate Chinese personnel, the agency in Yenching University and Harvard University to recruit graduate students ,two universities culture .Harvard University Oriental languages, graduate ,prepare doctoral thesis during severance to learning ,two years after his return to submit papers ,grant a doctoral degree in East side .
    Yanjing University from 1928 to recruit graduate students ,some two years after writing a thesis, Institute of Peking by office hired experts interview Committee ,through interviews ,as master to be a student ,graduate degree awarded .
    There are also students studying abroad ,first sent to Harvard University history department graduates ,four years after the Harvard University east science doctorate returned by .In order to shorten the students in the life ,society ,where severance Harvard University personnel ,must be in the country to obtain a master .
    The acquisition of Library and information .To tie in with the Research Institute at the Harvard University ,established and library ,special collections , in Japanese books .To forty time end ,collection of one hundred thousand volumes ,as Chinese studies provide sufficient literature guarantee .
    In Yanjing University ,since 1928 year after year ,society for books, little criterion three thousand or four thousand ,more than ten thousand yuan .The collection primarily thread-bound ancient books ,is also part of Japanese and Western Orientalism books ,all collected in Yenching University library .
    According to the investigation ,Yenching University Library was founded at the beginning ,but thirty thousand or forty thousand copies of books ,because of the church schools ,mainly to Western books .
    Since 1928, won the society purchased books ,constantly supplement of Chinese ancient books ,to fifty time ,the Tibetan books ( excluding the press ) about four book ,which is with the purchase of three fourths .
    Served as the club Peking office executive officer of the Nie Chongqi review ,was purchased books with practical give priority to ,rarely buy expensive song ,yuan ,Ming version of ancient books .
    After years of accumulated practical books ,has been largely applied ,will balance slightly and rare ,and the number is limited .As in 1950 to spend 12500000 yuan buying Ming Hong cure Romance of the West Chamber ,but because the book balance is abundant, if return next year http://www.emporioarshop.com/emporio-armani-ar0466-mens-classic-two-tone-bracelet-watch-p-3558.html Emporio Armani AR0466 - Mens Classic Two Tone Bracelet Watch,for budget will cut ,so the party has the soul .
    Society also made outstanding achievements in the publication of books .Harvard University in the United States published Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies ( Harvard Journal of Asia Studies ) and special .
    From the beginning of 1935 compilation Chinese-English dictionary ,first at Yenching University assistance, will Kangxi dictionary , a house ,Wen Yun Chinese dictionaries ,dictionaries of words on the card copy ,finish delivery of Harvard University ;the Harvard University translates into english .
    Harvard University in the process of translation, found China dictionary citation and more have access ,then part of the card to return to China ,please check them one by one .Nie Chongqi recalls : by the spring of 1951 ,only Pei Wen Yun Fu a haven finished .
    Although Chinese-English dictionary compilation progress is slow ,fixing the date elusive ,and the Harvard Yenching Institute ,rise to fame ,the United States has become the research focus of Oriental studies .
    Society in Yanjing University founded and published in the journal Yanjing also be a celebrity for a time .Harvard Yenching Institute Peking office eventually and Yanjing University go finished his course .
    Half a century later ,years of eolian to it in the Chinese culture history track .Located within the Harvard University Society headquarters continues today .It is reported ,in Peking University pku centennial anniversary, held the first International Conference on Sinology ,in accepting the invitation of International Sinology research institutions and experts in the list , Harvard-Yenching Institute at Harvard University.

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    Whip cream pies that is, from the hands of AJ Burnett, to the face of whomever the star of the day is.

    Today's pie in the face went to Johnny Damon after his walk off homer in the bottom of the tenth inning capping the Yankees fifth straight win and third walk off victory in that many days. The Yankees have not had three walk off victories in a row since 1972. The first was on Friday when Melky Cabrerra hit the 11th inning two run single to give the Yankees a 5-4 victory. On Saturday Alex Rodriguez hit an 11th inning blast that put the Yankees on top 5-4. Today's matinee should have been over in the bottom of the ninth but a bad base running decision by Brett Gardner combined with an outstanding play by Twins catcher Joe Mauer prevented the Yankees from having runners on first and third with one out. Instead they had a runner on first with two outs and Robinson Cano flied to left which could have scored Gardner from third. It was a gutsy call by Gardner who ignored third base coach Rob Thompson's stop sign at third and attempted to beat Mauer back to the plate on a come backer that went off the pitchers glove. You gotta respect the guts and fearlessness of Gardner. You also gotta respect that his pushing the envelope to far could have cost them the game. One thing is for sure that boy can fly around the bases.

    Luckily Damon picked him up in the bottom of the tenth when he shortened his swing an an inside fast ball and planted it in the bleachers sealing his fate as today's whip cream recipient. Hat tip to Brett Tomko who came in for Burnett in the eighth with the bases loaded and one out and was able to preserve the tie. The Yankees have been guaranteed a series victory by taking the first three of this four game set.

    Even though the win did not gain any Ground on the Blue Jays as Roy Halladay won his fifth straight game and the Jays have won their third straight against the White Sox. The Red Sox lost a game on the elusive Jays as the Mariners defeated them in the bottom of the ninth. Franklin Gutierrez singled under the glove of Mike Lowell scoring Ronny Cedeno to hand the Red Sox their fifth lost in the last ten games.

    Tomorrow Yankee fans will bring their brooms to the stadium as the bombers attempt to complete the four game sweep and hopefully go four games over .500, http://www.asicsaustraliashop.com/ aasics australia shoes. It will be Andy Pettite 3-1 vs Glenn Perkin 1-2 coverage begins at 6pm on the YES network.

    In other news Chien Ming Wang Pitched 7 innings at Scranton throwing 75 pitches and recorded 12 ground ball outs allowing 0 runs and 4 hits. Looks like he is ready to return hopefully for his next spot in the rotation but we shall see what the Yankee gods have planned. Brian Bruney pitched an inning in the second game of a double header for The Baby Bombers and threw 17 pitches 11 of them for strikes reaching 94 mph on the gun. I would think he will likely be activated on Tuesday.

    Hold on to your Hats fans the Yankees are getting healthy and are on a roll. Bold prediction: First place by the All Star Break.

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    Mens Puma Ferrari Drift Cat black shoes are interesting examples of the latest in fashionable footwear. Elegantly cut and with soft leather uppers they cut a dash, not only on the racing track. They would be equally acceptable worn by contestants in a reality show or a televised sporting fixture to be beamed into millions of homes worldwide. Fashionable elegance is underpinned by cold scientific research that makes the shoe ideal for a modern high performance athlete.

    The Zulu tyrant Shaka thought up a novel way of turning bare feet into shoes. He forced his soldiers to stamp thorns into the ground with their bare feet which soon became so thick and tough that they were effectively very good army shoes. Zulu soldiers could travel great distances without getting blisters and of course their shoes did not cost anything except pain, http://www.asicsaustraliashop.com/ asics running shoes.

    Although leather must be the most popular material for making shoes, other materials such as wood and metal have been used from the earliest times. In recent time the wooden clog has been replaced by the plastic one which may be even better at coping with walking in water. Rubber, canvas and jute are also popular materials for cobbling and we should not forget Cinderella's slipper, made of glass.

    During the Renaissance shoes had very long, dangling toes. This suited court fops who liked to prance about and give themselves airs and graces. However the design fell out of fashion after several incidents in which men running away became entangled in their own toes, with unfortunate consequences.

    Industrialization encouraged shoe design for workers in harsh conditions. The thick working boot was popular with the working classes but the privileged upper classes who still rode horses preferred boots with thigh high uppers to prevent chafing of the calves and upper thighs. During the Napoleonic wars Wellington saw how soldiers were impeded by thick mud, and ordered supplies of the Wellington boot, also known as the gum boot. Made of rubber, it was said to be largely responsible for the defeat of the French at Waterloo.

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    "We obtained the guy, inch Jaguars proprietor Shad Khan stated inside a declaration launched through the group. "I possess lots of belief within Donald Caldwell as well as I will guarantee the enthusiasts how the greatest times for that Jacksonville Jaguars tend to be before all of us. inch

    The actual GM work opened up a week ago once the group terminated Gene Cruz following a 2-14 complete.

    "There tend to be absolutely no poor GM possibilities within the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, however to operate with respect to the powerful proprietor inside a rabid soccer town such as Jacksonville is really unique, inch Caldwell stated, based on the team's web site. "This is actually exactly where I needed to become as well as I possibly could not really end up being more happy. I can not wait around to get at Jacksonville and obtain began. inch

    Based on the Sarasota Times-Union, the actual Jaguars additionally interviewed Bay area 49ers overseer associated with participant staff Ben Risk, Az Cardinals vice leader associated with participant staff Dorrie Keim and also the Gambling overseer associated with university searching Marc Ross prior to purchasing Caldwell.

    Keim had been marketed in order to common supervisor through the Cardinals upon Wednesday.

    Just before becoming a member of the actual Falcons, Caldwell invested ten years like a search using the Indiana Colts. He or she started their NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE profession like a searching helper within 1996 as well as 1997 for that Carolina Panthers below Expenses Polian, that later on grew to become their employer using the Colts.

    Caldwell may figure out the actual destiny associated with Jaguars mind trainer Paul Mularkey, that simply finished their very first 12 months within Jacksonville. Mularkey additionally had been the actual Zoysia Bills' mind trainer within 2004 as well as '05, producing the 14-18 report.

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    The Minnesota Timberwolves keep losing players, and Tuesday night, they played without their coach as well.

    Still they pushed their record back above. 500 this late in the season for the first time since 2007, earning a 108-103 victory over the Atlanta Hawks at Target Center.

    With coach Rick Adelman absent due to what the team called a personal matter, top assistant Terry Porter guided the Wolves.

    "A total team win, " Porter said.

    The Wolves (16-15) led from start to finish for the fourth time this season, outlasting a stubborn Hawks team that trailed by 17 points in the second quarter and by just one point twice in the final 77 seconds.

    The Hawks (20-13) have lost three consecutive games -- their longest skid of the season. They've dropped four of their past five after they won four straight before that.

    Atlanta coach Larry Drew said his team was far too soft in the first half, when the Hawks fell so far behind that they couldn't quite catch up.

    "It's not a sometimes thing, " Drew said. "You can't just come out and play sometimes. "

    Center Nikola Pekovic led the Wolves with 25 point and a career-high 18 rebounds. Andrei Kirilenko added 21 points, six rebounds and five assists, and new starting power forward Dante Cunningham provided two crucial plays within a second of each other when it matter most.

    The Wolves played without two-time All Star Kevin Love for the second time since learning he fractured his right shooting hand for the second time this season. However, point guard Ricky Rubio was back in action for the first time since Dec. 26.

    Rubio, who had been out due to back spasms, finished with eight assists, four points and four steals in 19 minutes off the bench. He didn't attempt a field goal.

    Pekovic took advantage of space created inside when the Wolves finally proved they can shoot straight in the first half. The league's worst 3-point shooting team made five of eight attempts by halftime, and by then, Pekovic already had the double-double night that Love posts so regularly when he's healthy.

    All that after Pekovic left Saturday's game against the Portland Trail Blazers in the third quarter because of a strained hip. He never returned.

    "Pek's hip looked great tonight, " Cunningham said.

    On Wednesday in Oklahoma City, Rubio plans to play a second game in two days for the first time since he returned last month from March knee surgery.

    "Yeah, my instincts are there, " he said when asked about his four steals, "but the legs are not there yet. But I felt pretty good. I cannot complain. "

    The Wolves led by 14 points early in the fourth quarter before the Hawks got back in the game with a 15-5 run. They climbed within six points once and four points another time, but each time Kirilenko -- who is known for his steals, blocked shots, charges taken and assists -- answered with a rare 3-point shot that helped push the Wolves' lead back to as many as 11 points with four minutes left.

    Still, the Hawks didn't go quietly. They scored 12 of the next 14 points to get within 102-101 with 1: 07 left, but Pekovic answered with a jump hook on which Josh Smith was called for goaltending.

    When Al Horford scored to get the Hawks within a point again -- at 104-103 with 36 seconds left -- Cunningham answered with a clutch jump shot from the left wing with 15. 9 seconds left.

    A second later, Cunningham stole Josh Smith's pass after a timeout to ensure victory.

    "The steal's the best part, just to seal the game, just to know that's it, " Cunningham said, http://www.esporthat.com/ snapback hats store. "The shot was great, http://www.asicsaustraliashop.com/ Onitsuka Tiger shoes, actually it was the only shot tonight that felt good coming out of my hands, but defense is my staple. "

    NOTES: The Wolves ended an 11-game losing streak to the Hawks that dated to 2006.... Love will return Wednesday to the New york city hand specialist who saw him in October. He will learn whether he'll need surgery and just how long he is expected to be out this time.... Adelman missed Monday's practice and Tuesday's game because of what was believed to be an illness in his family. He did not accompany the Wolves to Oklahoma City after Tuesday's game but still could join them there Wednesday.... Kirilenko recorded his 2, 000th career assist two minutes into the game. He remains one steal shy of 1, 000 career steals.... Former Wolves forward Anthony Tolliver received a warm reception when he entered the game in the third quarter. He played two seasons in Minnesota before signing with Atlanta last fall. Tolliver didn't score while playing five minutes Tuesday.

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나이가 드는건 역시 피부, 주름...

30대 후반이 되면서 이제 제 자신을 좀더 표현하고 가꾸는 것이 자연스러워지네요.^^
여성이라면 선물받고 싶은 아이템 SK-II ...

다소 고가의 제품이지만, 늘 비싼값을 해주는 위시리트 1순위~
신랑 해외 출장때마다 하나 둘씩 마련하는 SK-II *^^*

그중 오늘 얘기하고 싶은 것은 SK2 동안파데~!

                                           <고맙게도 SK-II에서 샘플을 얻게 되었다>

피부미인이 진정한 미인이라고 하는데,
가까이서 보아도 어려보이는 동안 피부를 원한다면 한번쯤 시도해 볼만한 아이템이네요 ~~
파운데이션 추천 합니다.

가끔 부부동반 모임시 어린 연하랑 결혼한 신랑친구 내외가 동석하면 가까이에서 보아도 어려보이는 동안피부가 필요하더군요.. 은근히 신경쓰이죠...ㅠ;;

저만의 비법은 역시 SK-II 에센스로 가볍게 터치하고, 수분크림,, 메이크업 베이스...   코스대로 한다음 ^^
가장 중요한건 SK-II 스킨 크림인 파운데이션 하나로 쉽고 빠르게!!!!
피부에 스며들어 완전 제피부 처럼 보인답니다.

<사용전 생얼>                                      <사용후 피부사진 클로즈업>

스킨케어 성분이 함유된 이멀젼 파운데이션이 피부에 완벽하게 잘 밀착되어 잡티를 커버하면서 매끄러운 피부를 연출하게 해준다네요.

제세한 정보는 여기에서 : http://www.sk2.co.kr/face/2010/

저작자 표시 비영리 변경 금지
크리에이티브 커먼즈 라이선스
Creative Commons License
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"롯데" 그룹이기 때문이겠죠..

소위 놀고 먹고 자고 하는 사업에 쫘~~ 포진된 롯데 사업에 시너지 효과랄까..

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한우란게 무슨 의마가 있을까요??
다른 막되먹은 재료들과 믹스되어 떡갈비 처럼 되어 있고..
표현하자만,, 버섯이랑 이상한 소스로 막쳐 발려져 있다는 느낌ㅠ

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뚜껑을 열어봤습니다..

다른 치킨도 딱딱했고,,,
후렌티프라이는 눅눅하고...

결국 저렇게 다 남겨 버렸습니다.. ㅠ
맛이란건 어디까지나 주관적이니,, 참고만 하시길 바랍니다.
저작자 표시 비영리 변경 금지
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애 둘낳고 3년 가까이 영화 한편 제대로 보지 못했습니다...
어디에 맡겨야 하고,, 맡겨놓고 놀러나다니는 것,, 눈치도 보여서, 여행때 함께 모시고 다니긴 해봤지만,,,

특별한 일도 없으면서 맡겨놓고 놀러가기엔 양가 부모님께도 도저히 엄두가 안나더군요.

제가 사는 서초구 사이트를 보면서,, 히야~~
이런 지원정책이 있었구나!!!

놀라버렸습니다. 모르고 계셨던 분들은 놓치기 아까운 정보같네요..
아이 때문에 문화생활, 여가 즐기지 못했던 분들 잠깐 정도는 괜찮겠어요 *^^*

아이돌보미 사업과 다른 것은 두자녀 이상이라서 구에서 전액 부담한다는 것~~
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두자녀이상 가정 아이돌보미 지원

두자녀이상 가정 아이돌보미 지원

서초구는 둘째자녀 이상 양육가정에 아이돌보미를 지원하여 출산과 육아가 편리한 보육천국 서초를 만들고자 합니다.

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    • 임시보육
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    • 보육시설등 · 하원안전 · 신변보호(가사활동제외)
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    • 서초구 건강가정지원센터(☎576-2852, 2853)
  • 신청방법
    • 인터넷, 유선, 방문 신청
  • 신청절차
  • 회원신청 및 접수
    • 아이돌보미 지원사업 사이트 회원가입(www.idolbom.or.kr) 및 서비스 이용신청
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  • 기타 문의사항
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    • 서초구건강가정지원센터 아이돌보미팀 (☎576-2852, 2853)


  • 자료관리부서 : 여성가족과
  • 최종등록일 : 2010년 08월 13일
  • 전화 : 02-2155-6690
  • 위치 : 2층

서초구가 아니더라도 각 지자체 또는 시군별로 지원되는 여러가지 복지 정책들이 있으니,

자신의 소속 지역구 홈페이지 방문해서 나에게 맞는 정책이 있는지 확인해 보는 센스가 필요해 보이네요~

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    "Our protection was not great for high of the overall game, however since the online game continued, this obtained just a little much better, inch Colorado trainer George Karl stated. "They had been producing lots of pictures, however We believed all of us improved contesting, which is not the situation the majority of the 12 months. We have been type of a typical fourth-quarter protective group, however this evening, since the online game continued, all of us obtained a bit more assured along with a small much better protecting their own 'A' things. inch

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    Bryant experienced twenty nine factors upon 11-of-26 capturing as well as additional 7 aids. Globe Serenity experienced sixteen factors, such as 4 3-pointers. Howard linked the career-high along with twenty six rebounds as well as additional fourteen factors, however he'd simply 4 factors within the 2nd fifty percent. Gasol obtained 11 factors, as well as Nash led 10 factors as well as 13 aids, although he or she switched the actual golf ball more than 5 occasions.

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  • 지원내용
    • 아이돌보미 파견, 월 40시간(연480시간 이내)
    • 서비스 수요유형에 따라 아동 양육 중심의 양육 돌봄 서비스와 취학 아동 학습 지원을 위한 학습 돌봄 서비스 제공
    • 기관 돌보미 서비스 및 전염성 질병 감염 아동 특별 지원 서비스 제공
  • 지원 기준 및 이용 요금
지원 기준 및 이용요금
유형 이용요금(1시간당) 전국가구 평균소득
이용단가 정부지원 본인부담
가형 5,000원 4,000원 1,000원 50% 이하 (이용 요금 80% 지원)
나형 5,000원 1,000원 4,000원 51% ~ 100% 이하 (이용 요금 20% 지원)
  • 교통비는 실비지급
  • 돌보미 지원단가 : 시간당 5천원, 심야, 주말 시간당 6천원, 심야 · 주말 이용 시에도 본인부담금은 상기와 같음, 차액은 정부지원
  • 전국가구 평균소득 50% 이하 : 4인기준 196만원 이하
  • 전국가구 평균소득 100% 이하 : 4인기준 391만원 이하
  • 돌보미의 역할
    • 양육 돌보미 : 부모가 올 때 까지 임시보육, 놀이 활동, 식사 및 간식 챙겨주기, 보육시설, 학교, 학원등 · 하원, 안전 · 신변보호 처리
    • 학습 돌보미 : 숙제점검, 예복습 관리, 준비물 보조 등 아동의 학습 보조
  • 지원 대상 이외 돌보미 서비스 이용
    • 전국가구 평균소득 100% 이상, 0세(3개월이상)~만12세 아동이 있는 이용 희망가정
    • 돌보미 이용비 전액 자부담, 필요한 시간만큼 이용
    • 시간당 5천원, 주말,심야 시간당 6천원 (교통비 별도 지급)
  • 가구원수별 소득기준
가구원수별 소득기준
가구원 수 1인 2인 3인 4인 5인 6인 7인 8인 이상
전국가구 월평균소득 100% 1,308 2,394 3,397 3,913 4,251 4,590 4,929 5,268
전국가구 월평균소득 50% 654 1,197 1,689 1,956 2,126 2,326 2,526 2,726
  • 자료 : 통계청 (가계조사)

신 청

  • 신청권자 : 서비스 이용 가정
  • 신청장소 : 서초구건강가정지원센터(☏576-2852~3)
  • 신청방법 : 인터넷, 유선, 방문 등
  • 신청기간 : 연중 수시 모집(매주 월~금요일 09:00~18:00)
  • 제출서류
    • 회원가입 및 서비스 이용 신청서
    • 아이돌보미 서비스 이용자 서약서
    • 응급처치동의서
    • 건강보험카드 사본(부부 별도 등록 시 모두 제출)
    • 주민등록등본 또는 가족관계증명서
    • 가,나형 서비스 대상자의 소득 증명 자료 1부(해당자)
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인터넷으로 에어컨 구매시 확인해야 할 주의사항! 
구매한 에어컨이 정품일까? 확인해 볼까요?

인터넷으로 에어컨 구매시 설치기사님의 증언?? 에 따라서 정보를 제공해 드립니다.

한편으론 여름 다지나가는 상황에서 좀더 빨리 포스팅하지 못해 죄송하네요;;

(에어콘 광고 이미지 사진)

에어콘 가격 비교하고 사야하는 서민들의 알뜰함.

요즘같이 무더운 여름에는 에어컨 없이 어떻게 살았을까...하는 생각이 들곤 합니다.
서민생활에.. 비싼 에어컨에다가 전기료도 비싸고, 아무리 안쓰려고 해도 "행복지수", "불쾌지수"를 생각하면 고민을 하지 않을 수 업는 상황이기도 하다.

여기에다 업체의 "에어컨 사주면 가지~"라는 마케팅까지..!! 안살 수 없는 필수 가전이 되고 말았다.

그렇기 때문에 조금이라도 더 저렴한 가격으로 에어컨을 사기 위해서, 유통업체의 할인행사나 동네의 허름한 에어컨 취급 대리점, 중고, 그리고 인터넷을 찾아서 발품을 팔기도 한다.

글을 쓰고 있는 저 자신도 이런 모든 과정을 거쳤기 때문에 에어콘과 같은 "고관여 제품"에 대해서는 서민들이 같은 고민과 과정을 거치게 될 것으로 생각되기 때문에 이글을 쓰게 되었씁니다.

우선, 온군데 전화를 하면서 느낀 점은, 쌈박한 매장이라고 비싸고 허름한 동네 유통대리점이라고 해서 비쌀 것이라는 생각은 선입견이라는 생각이었습니다..  설치비 때문이죠.(추후에 설명)

여기서 발견되는 에어컨 업체들의 바가지? 내지는 마진 남기는 방법은 두가지였습니다.
- 이는 정상적으로 잘 판매하는 업체를 싸잡아 말씀드리는 것이 아니라.. 일부 얇팍한 곳을 말하며 사용자에게
  주의를 드리는 것이니 너무 한편으로 생각하거나 오해없기를...

1. 가격을 싸게 말하고, 설치비, 재료비로 마진을 뽑아낸다. 에어콘 가격비교
   ㅇ 인터넷 에어콘 취급점,,,,,
       인터넷에 전화를 쭈~~욱 돌려보면, 가격은 낮지만 설치비를 포함하며 하이마트나 대형유통
       매장보다 훨씬 비싼 가격이 되는 경우가 있다. 소비자가 느끼는 신뢰도야 말할 것도 없고.
      => 즉, 설치비를 포함한 전체가격과 A/S까지 고려해야 합니다.

2. 두번째로, 사기치는 방법입니다. 본 제품은 그대로, 실외기를 싸구려로 다는 것입니다.
    - 정말 여기에 대해서 아시는 분들이 많이 없는 것 같습니다.

    ㅇ 에어컨 가격에서 이쁘장한 에어컨 보다, 실외기가 더 높은 가격의 비중을 차지합니다.
        그런데 소비자들은, 카달로그 상에 보여지는 제품만을 확인할뿐 실외기는 깜쪽같이 모릅니다.
        - 부덕한 인터넷 판매자들은 제품은 그대로 보내고 대신 싸구려 실외기를 붙이는 방법으로 싼가격으로
          판매하고 엄청난 마진을 챙기는 것입니다. (소비자 기만, 사기 아닐까요?) 에어콘 가격..비교해바..

====> 에어컨 박스 상에 기재돈 실외기의 명칭(모델명)과, 실외기의 모델이 정확한지 확인해야 !!!!!

▲ 인터넷엔 이렇게 많은 에어콘이 올라와 있습니다.

에어컨이 도착하면 에어컨 박스를 확인하세요.

에어컨 모델명과 세트로 사용되는 정품 에어컨 실외기의 명칭이 나와있습니다.
(본 사진에는 스티커로 붙여 있는데, 대부분 박스에 인쇄되어 나옵니다. 그게 더 신뢰가 가겠죠)

▲ 자세히 보면 이런식입니다.

▲ 구매한 에어컨의 제품 박스에 기재된 실외기의 모델이 맞는지 확인하는 것이죠..

일부,,, 업체들 정직하게 판매하시길..
에어컨을 싸게 구매하려는 것이,,
 정품을 싸게 구매하는 것이지, 사양떨어지는 제품이라도 싸게 사자는 것이 아니니깐 말이죠.

조금이나마 도움이 되셨길 바라구요~! 모두모두 시원한 여름 보내세요 ~! 에어컨 가격비교

저작자 표시 비영리 변경 금지
크리에이티브 커먼즈 라이선스
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    Life is wonderful, happy. LIFE LOGGER :: 인터넷으로 산 에어컨 정말 정품일까?

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    정말 이런 곳이 있긴 있나보군요.
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다가오는 추석,, 명절이다 보니 부모님선물 밖에 생각치 못했는데..

무슨선물을 연인에게 선물해야 하나,,
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전동치솔,, 걍 치솔로 양치 잘하는 사람들에게 지나친 사치처럼 보여 잘 시도하지 않게되는 아이템.

전동칫솔을 처음접한건 결혼직전.. 그러니까 보자.. 7년이나 지나버렸네..
그때 지인에게 선물받은 전동치솔은 사실 브라운 전동칫솔이었다.

요즘 브랜드 제품들이 비싼값 하듯,, 전동칫솔에 대한 인식을 싹 바꿔준 칫솔이었다.

벌써 7년정도 화장실에서 숱하게 떨어트렸는데도 잔고장 없는 요즘 전동칫솔들.
지금은 꽤 오래되어 낧아 보인다.. 바꿀때가 된듯...

그래두 아직7년이나 썼는데 저렇게 멀쩡한것도 신기하다..
그렇지만 밑에 보면 많이 떨어뜨려서 깨진모습도..

                            솔만은 그래두 치아 전문 브랜드 오랄비로 쓰고 있었다 ㅋㅋ

전동칫솔도 바꿔야 하고,,
추석선물로도 하나더 장만해야 하고..

요즘은 단순한 이빨 닦는 기능이 아니라 이기능 저기능 많이 나온다고 하니 뭘살까 고민이다..ㅠ

결국,, 오랄비 전동칫솔로 결정~~ 꼼꼼이 살펴봤다.

1. 맘에 꼭드는 제품은 오랄비 트라이엄프 5000....
디자인부터,, 첨단이다 ㅎㅎㅎ

요즘 전동칫솔은 정말, 이닦는 정도의 기능만 있는 것은 아니었다..
내가 쓰던건 조금 쎄게, 약하게.. 이 두가지 기능 뿐이었는데 ㅠㅠ

암튼.. 많이 좋아졌구나 전동칫솔.....!!!!

우선,, 디지털이구나.. 허걱

이렇게나 많은 기능들이 있다니 .. *^^*

구성품도 이렇게 많아 지다니..

2. 오랄비 프로페셔널케어 3000 - 요녀석은 가장 기본적인 기능들... 실용적인 제품이다.

두제품을 놓고 한참 고민중....

잠깐 비교해 보며, 좀더 고민해 보자.. ㅠㅠ

뭐 두 제품의 차이는 역시 스마트 기능이 있느냐 (즉 스마트 센서가 있는가?)
기능들이 어떤 것이 많은가??

그 차이인 것 같다.....

고민중에... 결론은 트라이엄프 5000으로!!!
추석선물 시즌이와서 고맙게도 할인행사 중이다..
옥션, 지마켓, 롯데닷컴 등에서 크크크...^^

트라이엄프 5000은 188,000 ---> 158,000원으로 3만원 할인!!
프로페셔널케어 3000은 122,000---> 102,000원으로 2만원 할인!!


오랄비전동칫솔,, 추석선물추천합니다... 부모님선물 좋아보이구요^^

** 보다 자세한 정보는 오랄비 전동칫솔 홈페이지 : http://www.oral-b.co.kr

저작자 표시 비영리 변경 금지
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    In my view, red provides energic, sort, and enthusiam, just my like to these footwear, http://www.jordansforsalemall.com/ jordan shoes for sale; and grey are a great deal colder, and peaceful. Perform you think so ?The fact is, I have pay attention to this structure for some time, nonetheless, it really is very dear in my experience.Jordan Shoes A short while ago, I ultimately chose to buy them residence. Certainly, previous to I bought them, We have received my number of splendid luxuries. I don't hope I bear the financial debt, as a result of male footwear.Also, the brand new Air Jordan 1 AJKO with OG colorways has come out after 25 years of its original release, http://www.cheapjordanssale23.com/ jordan sneakers. We see, Air Jordan is simply an expert in releasing retros. The most entertaining thing of Air Jordan sneakers is that they all are gorgeous and elite in look. New Air Jordan 1 AJKO is currently available in two colorways. One is the mirror version of another. You will be looked like a king if you wear them. We all are known about the product quality of Air Jordan, http://www.jordanscheapsales.net retro jordans for sale. Nothing can stop Air Jordan from releasing extraordinary authentic sneakers. However, I am feeling that I can't describe all the gorgeous facts concerning this sneaker.
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    Nike shoes attach style to your personality. You could put on a pair of these shoes and look completely striking and good-looking. Throughout 1980s, these shoes were incredibly in demand and every sportsman worn it. The leather base turned out to be a thunderous hit between the all the people. It can go with it with an athletic plus a fashionable outfit and it will not appear out of place. The best things here are that Nike gives everybody both style and ease to the purchaser. People having foot problems can put on these shoes and be relaxed. Sturdiness is one more feature when we talk about Nike shoes.
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    In my view, red provides energic, http://www.jordansforsale23.net jordans shoes, sort, and enthusiam, just my like to these footwear; and grey are a great deal colder, and peaceful. Perform you think so ?The fact is, I have pay attention to this structure for some time, nonetheless, it really is very dear in my experience.Jordan Shoes A short while ago, I ultimately chose to buy them residence. Certainly, previous to I bought them, We have received my number of splendid luxuries. I don't hope I bear the financial debt, as a result of male footwear.Also, the brand new Air Jordan 1 AJKO with OG colorways has come out after 25 years of its original release. We see, Air Jordan is simply an expert in releasing retros. The most entertaining thing of Air Jordan sneakers is that they all are gorgeous and elite in look. New Air Jordan 1 AJKO is currently available in two colorways. One is the mirror version of another. You will be looked like a king if you wear them, http://www.nikeshoesoutlets2013.com/ nike factory outlet. We all are known about the product quality of Air Jordan. Nothing can stop Air Jordan from releasing extraordinary authentic sneakers. However, I am feeling that I can't describe all the gorgeous facts concerning this sneaker.
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    Air Jordan shoes, they are our favorite items, but sometimes really make us nuts too, that's why we love them mixed with hate.
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    The most common brands that are available today include Jordan, http://www.cheapjordansnow.net/ cheap retro jordans, Gucci, Adidas, Afl, Bape just to name a few of them. One of the best places where you can get all these brands under one roof is Sears. This company has been renowned for more than hundred years and is extremely well known for their top quality women's shoes they sell.

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Rose asks the girl of the naming of one of her stuffed toys, incredibly, Just events later. The two are engaged in an animated experience. A doctor walks unnoticed into the room;&quot, incredibly?constantly almost a smile; &quot. He requires. Rose couldn't tell you exactly how it works;&quot?a miracle,wonders; &quot. She hints, you decide, She seems to make very sick kids smile. Often by doing very little;&quot,I become what I feel they are required; &quot. states, And there are times. All they demand is company. Rose goes to visit a teenage boy who has elevated the hospital a lot recently. He is loosing his sight. Rose bounds up to him energetically;&quot?how are things; &quot. She requires. He's utilizing a bad day;&quot,Not so good; &quot. he tells. Rose breaks;&quot, simple fun?do you think of; "&quot, If a toddler is sad,We recognize what's really going on; &quot. Jones relates;&quot, If they do not want to smile. They need not smile; spyware can cry. they are definitely real.We'll be there making use of them; &quot, along with time. Jones has grown more confident in her work, She has learned how to reach out to choosing children. Even nonetheless are what caused scared of her. Rose meets one by the surgical treatment waiting area early one afternoon, She's plenty of feet away, About 2 years. loose with pigtails, After the very first Rose. She hides behind her mom's legs. Rose drops to her legs. your ex watches. Rose pulls bubbles out of her toy kit and starts blowing, your ex still watches, jump cocked. Pigtail in mid-air. More bubbles. Rose offers her a ticket, She brings it, grins. Then scampers in to her mother, Jones was but not always so confident. specially after she experienced her first death. 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    ㅇ 연말정산간소화 서비스 제공 소득공제 항목(2009.1.15 오픈)

소득공제 항목

소득공제 영수증 내용

서비스 제공

보험료 공제

보장성보험료 납입증명서

장애인전용보장성보험료 납입증명서

의료비 공제

진료비(약제비) 납입확인서 [병의원, 약국]

시력보정용 안경구입확인서(영수증)


보청기․장애인보장구․의료용구 영수증


교육비 공제

교육비납입증명서 [초․중․고, 대학(원)]


국외교육비납입증명서, 보육료납부영수증




취학전아동의 학원․체육시설교육비납입증명서






주택자금상환증명서, 장기주택저당차입금이자상환증명서, 주택마련저축납입증명서








신용카드 등 사용금액공제

신용카드 등 사용금액확인서

현금영수증 사용금액내역

학원수강료 지로납부확인서


소기업․소상공인공제부금 불입금액


   ㅇ 자동계산(http://www.nts.go.kr/cal/cal_05.asp)

      - 소득 및 각종 공제자료 입력시 결정세액 자동계산

   ㅇ 인터넷 민원 서비스 발급(전자민원 G4C) (http://www.egov.go.kr)

      - 주민등록등 ․초본, 개별공시지가 확인원, 토지(임야)대장, 건축물대장 등

2008년도 근로소득 연말정산 세부안내

1. 연말정산 개요

○ 정산대상자 : 년도중 퇴사자를 포함한 2008년 근로소득이 있는 전 근로자

2. 연말정산 흐름도

사용자 삽입 이미지

1. 종합소득세 과표구간 조정

사용자 삽입 이미지

2. 출산 입양시 추가공제 신설
사용자 삽입 이미지

3. 특별공제대상 기간 통일 및 연말정산 시기 조정
사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지
사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

1. 과세대상 근로소득

연간 급여총액 - 비과세소득 = 근로소득

1. 연간 급여총액

◦ 명칭과 명목에 불구하고 연간 지급받은 현금 및 현물의 총소득과 기타 경제적 이익 총액

◦ 기타 경제적 이익

 - 인정상여 : 종업원이 주택의 구입 또는 임차에 소요되는 자금을 저리 또는 무상으로 대여 받음으로써 얻는 이익(주택자금)

 - 기타 고용관계와 근로의 제공으로 인해 받는 모든 과세대상의 대가

    예) 선택적복리후생비, 평가면접수당, 원고료, 포상비, 상품권, 중고학자금 등

       (단, 사내근로복지기금으로부터 받는 장학금 및 선택적복리후생비 등은


2. 비과세 소득

◦ 일숙직료와 여비를 포함한 실비 변상적인 급여액

◦ 월 10만원 한도의 연간 식사대

◦ 자가운전보조금 중 월 20만원 한도의 연간 지급액

◦ 산업재해보상법에 의한 요양, 휴업, 장해 급여 및 유족보상금

◦ 근로자의 업무와 관련하여 정해진 지급기준에 따라 지급하는 교육훈련 학자금

이중근로소득의 합산

□ 재취업자(신규입사자 해당)

◦ 전근무지의 근로소득과 현근무지의 근로소득을 현근무지에서 합산하여 연말정산

◦ 전근무지에서 발급한 근로소득원천징수영수증과 소득자별 근로소득원천징수부 제출

□ 근무처가 2개이상

◦ 주된근무지(소득이 많은 근무처)와 종된근무지(소득이 적은 근무처)의 소득을 합산하여 연말정산

◦ 종된근무지에서 발행한 근로소득원천징수영수증과 근로소득원천징수부를 주된근무지에 제출

 ⇒ 신규입사자 중 '08년도 소득실적이 있는 직원 : 전근무지의 소득영수증 제출. 


총급여액 -   근로소득공제   =   근로소득금액

◦ 공제요건

  - 근로소득이 있는 자는 누구나 공제대상에 해당되며, 별도의 증빙없이 공제 함.

◦ 공제방법


총 급여액 기준

공   제   금   액

500만원 이하


500만원 초과 1,500만원 이하

500만원 + ( 500만원 초과액×50%)

1,500만원 초과 3,000만원 이하

1,000만원 + (1,500만원 초과액×15%)

3,000만원 초과 4,500만원 이하

1,225만원 + (3,000만원 초과액×10%)

4,500만원 초과

1,375만원 + (4,500만원 초과액× 5%)

    * 총 급여액 : 당해년 지급받은 총급여액(근로소득 - 비과세소득)을 말함

Ⅲ. 소득공제 및 과세표준


생계를 같이하는 부양가족

12. 31 현재 근로자의 주민등록상에 등재되어 있어야 함. (직계존비속은 예외)

  * 동거않고 있는 직계존속에 대한 기본공제를 자식간 중복공제 불가능

형제자매반드시 주민등록상에 근로자와 함께 등재되어야 함.

   단, 취학이나 근무상 일시적으로 퇴거해 있을 경우 증빙서류제출 후 기본공제 가능

      (주민등초본 발급 시 퇴거전 동거실적이 확인 되어야 함.)

1) 기본공제

◦ 본인공제 : 근로자 본인

◦ 배우자 공제 : '08년도 중 연간소득금액이 100만원 이하인 배우자

                 (연도 중 이혼한 경우는 소득공제 제외)

소득금액요건의 100만원이란

◦ 2008년동안 발생한 다음의 소득금액을 모두 합계한 금액을 말한다.

 - 퇴직소득금액 : 퇴직시 퇴직금으로 결정된 금액

 - 이자·배당소득 : 1년간의 이자·배당금액이 40백만원 이상인 경우

 - 부동산임대소득·사업소득·기타소득·일시재산소득

 - 근로소득 : 총급여액에서 근로소득공제를 차감한 금액

 - 연금소득(국민, 공무원, 군인, 우체국)

   = 연간 연금총액 * (‘02년이후 불입기간/총불입기간) - 연금소득공제(가중)

* 근로소득금액이 100만원 이하가 될려면 : 연봉(700만원) - 근로소득공제(600만원)

◦ 부양가족공제

  - ‘08년도 중 연간 소득금액이 100만원 이하의 생계를 같이하는 부양가족

    (장애인 포함)

  - 계부․계모 포함 직계존속(배우자의 포함), 근로자 및 배우자의 형제

구 분

성 별


비 고


남 자

만 60세 이상 ('48.12.31. 이전 출생자)

* 장애인

 - 연령제한 없음

 - 소득제한 있음.

여 자

만 55세 이상 ('53.12.31. 이전 출생자)

  - 직계비속, 입양자, 형제자매 : 배우자의 형제자매는 해당되나, 형제자매의

* 인적공제 적용 요건

구    분





본    인




배 우 자

100만원 이하




100만원 이하



자식간 이중공제 불가


100만원 이하

만20세 ↓



100만원 이하

만20세 ↓

등본 상 동거

* 예외사항 참고

* 예외 : 취학, 질병상 거소를 일시퇴거하는 경우 (일시퇴거자동거가족상황표 및 증빙자료 제출)

2) 추가공제


구  분

사   유



만 65세 이상('43.12.31 이전 출생)

만 70세 이상('38.12.31 이전 출생)




연간소득 100만원 미만의 장애인 (연령제한 없음)



① 배우자가 없는 여성으로서 100만원 공제가능 부양가족이 있는 세대주

② 배우자(소득여부와 무관)가 있는 여성



6세 이하(2002.1.1이후출생)의 직계비속이 있는 경우



해당연도(2008년)에 출생한 직계비속 또는 입양신고한

 입양자가 있는 경우


 * 장애인과 경로우대가 중복될 경우 각각 추가공제 가능

 * 장애인의 종류 : 항시치료를 요하는 중증 환자도 장애인 해당

                  (의료기관 증명서 제출)

 * 자녀양육비공제 : 맞벌이부부간 기본공제 공제여부와 연동하지 않아도 됨.

3) 다자녀추가공제

- 공제대상

  근로소득 또는 사업소득이 있는 거주자(일용근로자 제외) 중 기본공제대상자에 해당    하는 자녀가 2인 이상인자


기본공제대상 자녀수


2명인 경우

3명인 경우

4명인 경우

5명인 경우





  *2명의 자녀를 둔 맞벌이 부부가 기본공제를 각1인씩 나누어 받을 경우 다자녀추가공제


2. 연금보험료 공제 : 2008년도 중 본인부담으로 납부한 국민연금 전액

3. 특별공제

◦ 특별공제 및 기타소득공제 중 영수증의 발급명의자에 따른 공제구분


영수증 인정 범위

공 제 항 목

본인 명의로 발급된

 영수증만 인정

주택자금,연금보험료,개인연금저축,연금저축,투자조합출자,우리사주조합출연,조세특례제한법상 기부금

기본공제대상자인 부양가족 명의로 발급된

영수증도 인정

보장성보험료,의료비,교육비,장애인특수교육비,신용카드사용금액,기부금주1 (단, 항목별 요구되는 생계,소득,연령 갖출시)

주1> 2008년 이후 지급하는 분부터는 본인의 기본공제대상자인 배우자․직계비속․동거입양자 등이 지급한 기부금에 한하여 공제대상에 포함한다. 단, 조세특례제한법에 의한 기부금은 본인 지출분에 한함

1) 보험료 공제



공제대상 보험료




국민건강보험법․고용보험법․노인장기요양보험법에 따라 근로자가 부담하는 보험료

전   액

 보장성 보험

 (특별법에 의한 공제회에   납입한 보험료 포함)

기본공제대상자를 피보험자(종 피보험자 포함)로 하는 영109조에 의한 보장성보험로 근로자가 실제로 납입한 금액




 기본공제대상자 중 장애인을  피보험자

 또는 수익자로 하는 보험료로 근로자가

 실제로 납입한 금액



주1> 노인장기요양보험료는 2008.7.1이후 최초 지급분부터 적용한다.

◦ 본인 또는 기본공제 100만원 공제가 가능한 기본공제 대상자를 피보험자로

   해야 함.

ㅇ 공제가능요건

구  분



















◦ 주요 경우의 공제가능 여부


공제 비대상

◦계약자와 피보험자가 모두 본인의

  기본공제 대상자인 경우

◦계약자, 피보험자의 명의 중 한가지 이상이

  본인의 기본공제 대상이 아닐 경우

☞ 계약자, 피보험자 모두 기본공제 대상자

  - 맞벌이 부부 중 아내가 자녀에 대한 기본공제를 받고, 남편이 자녀를 피보험자로

    계약한 경우 부부모두 소득공제 불가능.

2) 의료비 공제

◦ 공제 대상자 : 기본공제 대상자(연령제한, 소득금액 제한없음)

 - 원칙적으로 기본공제대상자를 위하여 지급한 의료비가 공제대상이며, 연령 및 소득요건을 충족하지 못하여 기본공제 받지못한 대상자에 대해서는 공제가 가능.

   예시) 20세를 초과한 자녀를 기본공제 받지 못하나, 의료비공제는 가능. 단,